A little assistance please?

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OK, so as I understand it, every part of the game works except for Icestorm Island.  So, if one of the Admins could just recode me over to The Lookout, it would be much obliged.  I'm currently on Icestorm Island, and can't seem to get the game to load, so if I understand this game correctly, I should be able to get this game to load by going somewhere else.  So, if you admins would be so kind as to code me over to The Lookout, it would be much obliged.

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This might work

You can wait until it fully loads or you can wait until it is less busy.This is probaly the problem you are incountering.


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Try teleporting

Have you tried teleporting out of the Icestrom Island? I had that problem where I wasn't able to leave the Island without getting stuck on an infinite loading screen but teleporting worked for me. I got out of the Island. I can't get back in though. Still get the loading screen and it has been a while since then. Still can't get in. =/