List of words not allowed in the forums?

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I recently typed what I thought to be a fairly innocuous word in a post, but after posting found it had been replaced with the word "censored." While I find it somewhat amusing to pictured myself being bleeped out like a cartoon, I don't want to give the impression that I'm running around spewing profanities everywhere. Is there a list available that I can glance through to see which terms I need to avoid?

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 no, I don't think so, at


no, I don't think so, at least none to my knowledge. I think the reason it replaces it with "censored" is just the programming for censoring words on the forum is not quite proper.


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I don't think that list exists...

Because it would have some pretty foul things on it! :)


But I wouldn't worry about it if something you write is censored. It doesn't seem like it does anything to hurt you -- I don't think they'll kick you off if a certain amount of words you write have to be censored or anything.


If you write something that is "censored," you can always edit the post and try to replace the censored term with a synonym that won't trip the "bad word" alarms. :)


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