LIST OF HACKERS- 2014 ~ Autumn

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okay Admins.


a list of hackers i found, JUST IN DECEMBER.


i am posting this because i know you MIGHT see this, probably not, because it is MLKJ day today.


all of these hackers have either


A.) colored toothlesses


B.) timberjacks.


HERE we go...

1. e o que tem- Timberhacker

2. melindda- White Toothless

3. xXDarkLindaXx- Timberhacker, (and giant hobblegrunt)

4. Hiferia- Like, 4 different colored toothlesses, and a timberjack

5. Nalatala Natalka- White Toothless

6. Viking-77363979- White Toothless

7. Ejerhha EyitmeniXD- LIKe, 5,000 gronkles, and 6 different colored Toothlesses



that last one had way too many toothlesses, she probably had a timberjack buried beneath all of those gronkles XD


Helloooo and Welcome :)