Limited Snoggletog Decorations

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Joined: 01/07/2014

I'm having issues with decorations clipping through other decorations/buildings.

Most of the limited winter decorations for that matter. 

I don't know if the Object Collision is the issue here or not, but it's like the objects aren't there at all. I'm able to place my decorations and buildings over them, and even walk through them like they're not there.

I'm also unable to move them, or click on them at all. I accidentally placed them on my farm and am no longer able to move them, which is a problem. I had to use barns to hide them which is kind of annoying. 



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Hi, yeah I have that too. I think it may be a glitch in that game area. You can try reseting the game or reloading the page. Also, in the forum you can report this bug and more people including the SoD team will fix it.

I hope that helped.