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This is a Hidden World setting AU, will contain fighting/gore and other violent scenes, themes of fictitious gods and deities, and ignores/reinterprets quite a bit of cannon lore.

It was no accident that the Light Fury wandered to the surface just in time for Grimmel to wage war on Berk. It was not happenstance that she took a shine to this crippled, saddled, immature boy of a dragon of a different race than her own. And there was no coincidence that she beckoned him under the ocean rather than stay in the big wide world with endless glittering skies and vast plentiful waters.

She, a child of lightning, was sent to find and bring back the last Night Fury to the home of their ancestors and gods. His presence would be the catalyst to awaken them and begin the campaign to return the name of the Furies to glory and terror.

The offspring of Lightning and De.ath; this was no poetic metaphor for the Night Furies’ origins, for waiting below the sea was the draconic manifestation of those very forces themselves. The two dragon gods were comparable to the men gods of Odin and Freya; their power was unmatched, their word was undisputed, and their anger was apocalyptic.

You can imagine neither were very happy when they discovered some weaselly little man had offed all but one of their favourite children during their slumber. It was more than enough to draw them out of the great crystal and take physical form, but even gods need time to wake up properly, and they were limited to the sanctuary for now.

Their power over the world above was limited, and even if they did manifest above there was little more they could do than summon a hurricane and turn the local sea to blood. Even now, they would have to rely on their children to enact their will, but this time they were willing to bend the rules a little bit.



  • Reserves/WIP forms are infinite, even after the RP has started; new people can join any time
  • 1 character per person (or things get very confusing very fast)
  • NPC’s can be controlled and created by anyone, with the exception of gods
  • You can be any age, but di.ed no more than 50-ish years ago, and either by or in the name of Grimmel
  • No Light Furies (yet) but Nightlights are allowed



  • This is an open plot RP; meaning that I’ve done minimal preparation and plot will arise entirely from player actions. There are no premade locations, very few NPC’s, and no planned events (yet); the only time I’ll step in will be for the setup stuff and potentially game-changing decisions.
  • One of the whole points of this RP is having a bunch of insanely and terrifyingly overpowered characters running around so don’t come into this expecting underdog/against-the-odds type characters
  • There may be some special character slots put up later on, that can be reserved in advance (if you’re already playing but want a special position, you can trade your character into an NPC for it)
  • You can put as little or as much detail in your form as you like, update it as you go, or remain an unknown enigma for all of eternity- your form will be considered complete when you put ‘mom said its my turn to be the chosen one’ in the subject line. (It helps to think of the form as what others know about you rather than a bio)
  • Inactive characters will be assumed dormant somewhere. You can come back into the RP and reclaim them but others have to come across you in the world and revive the character first.



You will awaken where your skull is. You will not know how or why you are alive again until a day afterwards; during this time, you are confused and aggressive, stuck in overcharge (alpha mode) and any wounds you suffer heal rapidly.

All resurrected have the following abilities;

  • You can be kil.led but do not di.e, instead entering a ‘dormant’ state until someone can revive you; you are vaguely aware of your surroundings in this state, can sense the presence of others and hear loud/nearby sounds. (revival method depends on alignment)
  • You do not need food or water, and do not feel the effects of thirst or hunger; however, you can feel tired but are incapable of sleep.
  • You have no shot limit, but you cannot cloak
  • You can briefly commune with either Lightning or De.ath once per night; how responsive they are depends on your recent actions.

In addition to these, you will also align to one of the gods and be granted special powers. You can choose an alignment now but do not gain access to abilities until you have visited the Hidden World and spoken to them.

Some are passive, out of your direct control and automatically occurring under specific conditions. Others are active and require an action to occur, lasting a limited specified amount of time. Each active ability can be invoked once per day.

Alignment; The Night. You take after your father, De.ath, and have been granted the following abilities

  • No Pain No Gain; your body can take an unimaginable beating in battle, allowing you to ignore all wounds until you’ve been basically dismembered. The more damage you suffer, the more fear you induce in enemies as they face down a rampaging corpse that refuses to fall.
  • Return to Earth; you are comforted and healed by soil, recovering even your most grievous wounds when in direct contact with dirt. The more buried you are, the faster you heal, and can regrow your body entirely if your skull is buried deep enough.
  • Silent As The Grave; taking the form of shadows, your body becomes incorporeal. You move silently, can pass through non-solid barriers such as cage bars, and are hard to perceive for up to an hour.
  • Niflheim Obeys; when grounded, you can raise all nearby animal remains to fight for you. They only obey your commands, last for five minutes, and cannot be animated again (what is summoned is up to you)
  • Free Slot; optional extra ability of your own, should fit with the theme!


Alignment; The Fury. You take after your mother, Lightning, and have been granted the following abilities

  • Plasma Within; any wounds you suffer result in a burst of blue fire from it, with a greater discharge the more severe the injury. Upon de.ath your entire body detonates, leaving behind a charred skeleton frozen in place.
  • Storm Phoenix; sustained heat heals your wounds and sharpens your senses, and a strong enough blaze can reform your body. It must be a constant heat, however, meaning blasts do nothing and explosions are merely disorienting but harmless.
  • Rage of the Sapphire Star; when you overcharge, it’s not just your spine and maw that glow; it’s your entire body, essentially turning yourself into a living plasma ball. Projectiles are incinerated before they can touch you, and anything flammable around you ignites. The effect lasts for five minutes.
  • Where There Is Thunder; with a deafening roar that echoes for miles, you summon a powerful twisting storm. It is of random size and strength, lasts for 1 hour, and is stationary (size and strength are up to you)
  • Free Slot; optional extra ability of your own, should fit with the theme!



FORM (Lines marked with ‘*’ are essential, anything left intentionally blank should be filled with ‘<unknown>’)

Name, Gender, *Age of De.ath:



*Location of Resurrection:





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PLAYER CHARACTERS (Names link to their respective forms)

Escolis [ZestyDragonWing]  |  Starflinger (WIP) [Stormshear57]  |  Bellowflare [InkiDigiWing]

Reaper [toothless0603]



Aspect of Lightning

A diluted fragment of Lightning, deriving her appearance from her pure child, the Light Fury. Twice the size of an ordinary Light, with pale blue scales and white eyes, her body covered in white cracks evoking electricity. Certain details of this form differ from a true Light Fury, such as a single pair of ear plates, larger neck fin, and shark-like teeth. The Aspect is incorporeal and cannot be touched by others, projectiles passing through her body as if it did not exist.

Lightning (God NPC- cannot be controlled by others)

The divine mother of Furies, appearing as a dark beastly dragon whose body is made of boiling black clouds and wings of brilliant blue fire. Their domain is that of rage and unyielding hate, the iconic plasma flame within the throats of Furies, all of their raw brutal strength. They are seething anger, the uncontrollable flare, the rushing blood overcoming sense and compassion. To stand in defiance before the incoming storm is to welcome a spectacular end.


Aspect of Death

A diluted fragment of Death, deriving his appearance from his pure child, the Blight Fury. Twice the size of an ordinary Blight, with dark red scales and black eyes, his body splattered with pink, red, black, and white. Certain details of this form differ from a true Blight Fury, such as longer thorns, larger eyes, and broader fins. The Aspect form is incorporeal and cannot be touched by others, projectiles passing through his body as if it did not exist.

Death (God NPC- cannot be controlled by others)

The divine father of Furies, appearing as a ghostly lich dragon whose pale bones show beneath spectral crimson, pink and black scales. His domain is over the stalking shadow, the unstoppable and inevitable end, that which allows Furies to go unseen while seeing all. He is patience and certainty, the cunning and planning, days spent in hiding to await the perfect moment to strike. Fear not what monsters you can see, fear the ones you cannot.




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Oh my gosh, this looks AWESOME!!!!!! I just entered a huge Fury phase, and have two NF OCs, and two NL OCs so far.


Name Starflinger


Gender female


*Age of De.ath: 3



black with white dorsal plates and light blue-green eyes.


Personality: kind, selfless, loyal, and occasionally vindictive.


*Location of Resurrection: at the base of a mountain on Glacier Island


Alignment: Fury

her free slot is that she can light her wings on fire for up to three hours, either all or just a small part, depending on the situation. This helps her to boost her speed, making her one of the fastest dragons alive, though when she does this, her energy is used up quickly, so she cannot keep up  for more than an hour and a half total, depending on her flight pace.


Other: nothing


Credit goes to Aussie the second



credit for these two goes to Lady fighter


gif by WoollyHowlEra




and now that that's out of the way. . . 



Hey all, and welcome to my








Blackfyre, my Signature Guardian (and Night Fury OC), drawn by AMAZIEing




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I am a teenage girl, a HUGE Loki fan, a bit of a Tom Hiddleston fan, ProLife, and Christian. I have two rabbits, and am a little. . . *clears throat* . . . obsessed with dragons. I enjoy creative writing and a little bit of drawing in my spare time. I have accounts on FanFiction.net, Wattpad, FictionPress, and MessagInk under the same username as here, but so far, all I've posted on any of them is my Wings of War fanfic trilogy on my FanFiction.net. Considering putting it on Wattpad as well. . . idk


My main movie fandoms are HTTYD (obviously), LOTR, Star Trek (remakes), and Marvel. My main book fandoms are The Green Ember Series, by S. D. Smith, and The Ashtown Burials, by N. D. Wilson, although The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, is also good.






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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pp0G8MxC014 (Loki ---- I Won't Be Silenced [Speechless])


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqiOBQfnNM (Marvel --- Unstoppable)


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zQQNq3WtSv0 (LOTR --- This Is War)


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1SktUhGeMNo (Thor: Ragnarok Humor)



Art by AMAZIEing


Loki as a rabbit


Lash, my Deadly Razortail OC


Emberstone, my Lycanwing OC


Leaper, Night Light OC


Winter Wildflower, Night Light OC, Leaper's sister


Ocean Dawn, Night Light OC, Leaper's other sister


Art by Others


Myria the Manticore, by the very skilled Speedyleaf :) I love her!


Speckle the Night Light, made by the amazing AndreaEaston :D she's brilliant!


Stormkeeper the Blight Fury, by ZestyDragonWing :D thank you so much!



Davion the Deathly Singflyer(top) and Skyfire the Piercing Shriekscale (bottom) by Chameishida :) TYSM!!!


Stormcloud the Alpine Squaller, by Featheronfire :D she looks great!


Hilan and Leaper, made by TosiLohi :D TYSM!!!!!!


Moon Raider, my Light Fury OC (top), and Flaming Honesty, my first Night Light OC (bottom), both drawn beautifully by Iamthesenate! They're awesome!!




Ocean Dawn drawn by the amazing InkyDigiWing!! she looks amazing!!


Ocean Dawn, Leaper, and Winter Wildflower, drawn by Tigerli1y!! tysm!


Reisu the Sand Wraith, by the amazing Madoka Miyazono!!



Hilan, my main OC, in her Lycanwing form (top), and Amaroq the Aleution (bottom), both drawn by the amazing Dylieh!! TYSM!!!


Hilan in her farm at Dreadfall, drawn by the amazing Silver Phantom!! tysm!!!

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mom said its my turn to be the chosen one

Name, Gender, *Age of De.ath: BellowFlare, male, 46 *







Personality: Only a little reserved, Calm, Wise, Occasionally aggressive, brave, protective, hot headed, Patient, trusting, reliable, encouraging, he's quick, tough and agile despite his age, he's always however willing to show his emotions to Harper though and voices his emotions if he feels it's necessary, father like figure



*Location of Resurrection: Berk



Alignment: Fury




Other: ( he was k.illed protecting his rider from a vicious titan monstrous nightmare that was controlled by Grimmel









This siggy is guarded by the KING OF THE DIGITAL WORLD!


( made by AndreaEaston! )


Name: InkyDigiWing or Harper (FORMERLY ApertureNightFury12345)



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Forum Request + Inkling by ImDerpySheyla




Inkling the Ink Demon Yoshi done by ImDerpySheylaYT




Inky by Tigerli1y



Flightmare 4 by FlittIngermanShotMist



Flightmare 10 by FlittIngermanRevin




Flightmare 13 by FlittIngermanShoutBlitz


my Flightmares are by Flitt




Binky by ImDerpySheyla


Binky by ImDerpySheylaYT



Marshrunner-8Digi by Speedyleaf



INKYDIGIWING - FBQ by AndyArtworks


by AndreaEaston



Inky done by the famous WoollyHowlEra



art of the Digimon's king and princess by Frugal




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Am I in?

Am I in?

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Yay! I'm so excited!

Yay! I'm so excited!

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But MOOOOM! It's my turn to be the chosen one! You said so!

I've been looking at this thread off and on wondering wether to join and well... Here I am :D


Name, Gender, *Age of De.ath: Reaper, Female, 21 (in human years) and that was around 47 years ago


Personality: Thoughtful, cautious, enjoys the silence, reliable, will put other's health before her's

*Location of Resurrection: somewhere on a small island in the middle of the ocean 

Alignment: The Night. Her extra power is that she grows extra spikes and horns all over her body, her spikes can eject like a porcupine and her horns can be used like a bull's

Other: I changed her a little to fit the plot

Also she died when fighting her rival, very intense and bloodridden battle so I won't get into details. Long story short they're both d.ead

Her heart won't revive with her body, it was lost to the sea long ago...


“When the skies cascade and the stars align, that is where we find eachother.

A loving talent has grown within the soul, one that must take flight elsewhere.

Dragons of this world. Do not forget what I have done, for who I might become is not the same as you once knew.

For I am no longer a dragon bound to earth, but bound to stars and the treading expanse."

-Erin's farewell

A Dragon&#39;s Trust | Book 1 - Chapter 40 - Wattpad

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Name, Gender, *Age of Death:

Name, Gender, *Age of Death: Escolis, Male, 65 (mature adult)

*Appearance: Dark purple scales with gold and black striping and spots across his body, and a silvery grey eye- the right eye is missing, faint scars over the closed and sunken lid. His features are sharp and angular, particularly his frills which grow longer down the jaw, apart from his ‘age’ frills. The tips of his frill, nose, top of the head, back, and belly are black.

Personality: A bitter and indifferent creature who cares little for the gods war, willing to outright defy and reject their biddings. While he doesn’t mind indulging in a little bit of revenge for personal reasons, he thinks that any obligation he had to this cause ended with his first life. He had already come to terms with his fate when he fell, and finds being forced into fighting once more an insulting and worthless endeavour.

*Location of Resurrection: Hunters Base on the south edge of the Archipelago

Alignment: The Night

Other: The missing eye does not regrow when he is revived or healed. Kil.led 30~ years ago, used as a training tool for some time.

Escolis counts as an NPC when I'm offline, which will certainly happen as my tafe course has started 2nd semester and the workload is already pretty hefty!

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