Level push back and falling through the earth!?

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Two new glitches have arose since the Dreadfall update.


The first one is that my level, which was previously at 50 has dropped to 10. I know this isn't such a big deal but I put so much time and effort into reaching the top, and its dissapointing have to restart almost all over again! Not to mention its going to be much harder to gain XP this time because I have none of the regular ingame quests to do, only two expansions.


The second glitch is on my sister's account. She can't do anything at all because when she even takes a few steps she falls through the earth. This happens in every location. She can fly on her dragon to prevent this but it means she can't access her farm or stables. Its very difficult for her to do anything, let alone earn candies.


I don't think anything can be done to fix these glitches, just wondering why they happened and what could be done to prevent them happeing to others.



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Both things have been

Both things have been happening to me, except instead of 10, mine dropped to 7. And while i can walk on some places, there are still spots where I fall through


i have a snow wraith i guess, nothing important about my character 

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i lost my level too like i

i lost my level too like i was level 38 and now i'm level 9 hopefully all the bugs that came with the updaye gets fixed soon


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The level glitch has been

The level glitch has been happening to a lot of people, myself included. :(


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The level fall happened to me

The level fall happened to me as well. Mine dropped from 50 to 7, but unlike others i have 0 quests to do except for the dreadfall ones right now. I completed everything all expansions and all regular quests. I checked my other vikings and thankfully it only seems to have happened to my main viking.

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My Levels

Yeah, it happened to me, as well. and I went from 50 to 9. I didn't even notice it until I was in the middle of the 1st Icestorm Island Level in Dragon Tactics, which I do think is main source of everyone getting their levels reduced, unless the glitch has spread to other sources. 



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