level 10 and no more quests

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Hey im new to this game. I only started about a week or so ago but this is whats going on. I had an account DragonStar90 and I got to the quest where I have to talk to bucket about a wheel. My dragon was level 10. Well it glitched and all of a sudden I couldnt do that quest because the exclamation point was gone. I waited several days (im on a samsung mega cell phone) and finished all other quests and the nothing. So I decided to start another account and went with RaveBabii90 and now im on level 10 with dragon bonding 12. I was in the middle of a quest for astrid collecting the gold and had just found the last piece when again my game glitched and the quest disapeared. Also for a few of the quests I didnt even get paid. I absolutly love this game and I am aware you are still working on it but after that glitch all the exclamation points above everyone disapeared and now I can't do anymore quests except buy a saddle. Can you please help?

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I have no quests too. I am at

I have no quests too. I am at level 1 and my dragon at level 14.


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Thanks for reporting this...

There have been a few recent reports from players regarding quest progress not saving properly, which is an issue that our server team is already working to resolve. However, to assure that this is not related to any other issues in the game, could you let us know if you received any kind of error messages when the game "glitched"? Also what exactly happened on your screen at that time - did your game freeze or crash? Please let us know a few more details, so that we can review this further.

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The screen kind of twitched,

The screen kind of twitched, I guess that would be the right word, and the quest disapeared. I was supposed to talk to fishlegs and I had just talked to Astrid. There was no error message. Also all the exclamation points for other quests eent away and I haven't been able to do anything on the game except farm.

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I reached level 10 as well and stopped getting quests. I'm not sure if this is just the fact that there is no new quests or not. I think the last quest I did was the cloud/weather one.

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Most Vikings find no more quests to do by level 10 or 11--it's pretty normal though. Those wanting to gain a higher level should try completing Johann's EXP quests. Any higher than that is kind of difficult to reach. I use Trader Johann's EXP quests and eventually got to lvl. 15 (I keep refreshing the job board, basically). 


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