Let's Talk about: Dexter's Laboratory!

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This year, I've gotten super interested in the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory and I'm wondering if there are any fans of the show out there in the forums?

You may recognize this classic line: "DEE DEE! GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!"

Anyone who likes the show, or grew up with it can talk out it here! :)


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I used to watch it a lot! Although Dee Dee was very annoying, I've always liked how she knows her brother has a secret lab but never blackmailed him about it XD


These used to be my favorite episodes.


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Get out of my la-bor-a-tory!

I think one of my favorite episodes of Dexter's Lab is 'Monstory'!, Where Dexter and Dee Dee turn into giant monsters, and since then I can't stop drawing their monster forms.. XD

I have a couple other favorite episodes.. including 'Aye Aye eyes', 'No Power Trip', and 'Poetic injustice'.