Let’s Talk About Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon no spoilers page)

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I haven't seen it yet but each clip I spy on YouTube I'm enjoying her more: (I plan to name my next dragon after her whatever comes next, maybe for the future hybrid release.)


Original concept (I think):



I think the new design looks cuter, especially her face. She looks like she has a lion's mane.



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My ideal Sisu would be the one in the actual movie, but with a white mane like in the concept art. (And during the climax of the movie she has a upgraded version with all the frills/fins, idk haven't seen the movie so I don't know if that even happens.



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I dont like her, im sorry i

I dont like her, im sorry i dont like to come rain on the thread made by people who like her like this but i just dont really like her.

Obviously there is an Elsa face which every one talk about already. But the main reason i dislike her is a little different.Shorter answer; i hate that she look like East Asian Dragon more than Sotheast Asian dragon, a dragon this movie was supposed to base it on and was severely under represent under East Asian Dragon already. For reference These are Eastern dragons and Eastern inspired dragon from the media and actual depictions plus a Kirins

And these are the the South east Asian (Mainly just Thai, Cambodia, Myanmar) Naga/Heyra (or dragon as the movie called them)

I'm actually in the minority who like her final design more than that pink concept art one(not other older concept art which i mourn the lost of) because of that snout and whiskers and mane shouldn't really be on south east asian dragon :( i mean the final design still got it wrong but at least its simpler enough the serpent like shape and the horn stood out and look good in sillouhete instead of hidihng behind all thise extra coral like frills i dont recognize like that .

These older concept art...on the other hand...*Chef kisses* The Nagas I'm familiar with, with clear big front horns  and Orge fangs and Oarfish-like quality(A Common belief that Naga was based off of people seeing Oarfish and mistaken it as magical creatures). oh how I wish they'd go with them




Sad how these concepts arts and those Statues and Blades decorations in the movie got in right but not the actual dragons :(


The movie is actually really good and i love it. But Sisu is the thing that took out a solid 1 score from me. Amoung the other things. I think none of my friends and familys coming out of the theater liking the dragons because we got all the cool representation of our culture they all recognize and the the dragon sticking out like the sorethumb and they all like "the heck was that suppose to be? Eastern dragon?"


Again sorry for the rant

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Shiver me timbers!

I sailed on a pirate ship to watch this movie and I must say. It was not as bad as a lot of the reviews on YT are saying. But it wasn't their best. I don't know much about the culture that is represented here so i cannot speak for any problematic and or potentially harmful representation. As for Sisu herself... Hmm. I found her to be a tad bit grating in terms of personality. And by a tad bit, I mean a lot.


As for her design.... I like the old concept art a lot better. So much prettier and more detailed!


I liked Raya a lot. She was very different from the typical Disney princess personalities we see. She was a lot more down to earth, pessimistic, and grounded. But she is just as motivated to do the right thing and fix her world. I actually really liked Raya and she is a breath of fresh air.


One thing I will say that surprised me is this: there was absolutely no romantic plot line in the movie. Not even a subplot. Besides Moana and this movie, I cannot recall a single movie that did not have a single romantic plot or subplot for a supporting character. And it's... it's really nice to see media cultures normalizing not having a romantic relationship and being just as fulfilled and happy.


Even more, there are a lot of themes of women supporting women that I absolutely adore. Especially since society has kinda conditioned us to be "not like other girls" because girls are "vapid and shallow". The central theme of the movie (which I won't spoil) is incredibly relevant to today's time.

And to think that that made the whole thing by collaborating entirely on Zoom!!!



So, I am going to put this next bit in white text. Not because it is a spoiler, it is really open to the audience interpretation, but because it could be a bit controversial. Even though it really shouldn't be be and we need to stop trying to please everyone and make a stand. But at the end of the day, Disney is a company which needs to turn a profit. Still, I have been on the forum long enough to know this demographic and a lot of you would feel... "uncomfortable" reading this. In the interest of not starting any conflicts,  I am going to keep my exact opinions to myself. 

So read at your own discretion.  No, it's not inappropriate or anything. Highlight the text below to read it if you wish to. 


There is a LOT of q.ueer-coding in this movie. The actor who voiced the character even confirmed that they read into it that way as well and portrayed it as such. Even though it is "up to audience interpretation". I am just a little mad that the gestures exchanged between these two characters would have been perceived as inherently romantic if they were the opposite gender to one another. No questions asked. But since they are both of the same gender it is "open to audience interpretation". It's annoying that two characters of the opposite gender on screen cannot exchange these types of affections without it being considered romantic. Why can't a male and female just be friends? Furthermore,  the EXACT same exchanges between two same-gender characters is perceived as exclusively platonic. Anyone could agree that this is hypocritical. 



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A sligthy more spoilery

A sligthy more spoilery response than Wolf:

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm willing to give disney a benefit of a doubt on the fact that well they've just start to trust each other after all the 6 years of resentment and betrayal so they probably wouldn't jump right to lovers and have to work up that enemies to friends to lovers first. But something tells me that thet wouldnt't be much of the issue if it was a heterosexual pair seeing a lot of animated movie work out with something less *cough* Movie 1 Hictrisd *cough* compare to this *squint at lists* first meeting as young children with innocent soft and sweet score playing, the nervous hair tugs,  constant flirting during battle, depla, know how to push each other buttons, follow each other trail for 6 years, their relationship being essential to the theme, that whole third acts, yearning looks, hand holding, that picture at end credits scene.

Well let hope that if Raya ever get a sequel Disney will no longer have an excuse to play chicken, go.d forbid they give these two a male love interest >:/  For now we can enjoy in your word; Movie with no romanctic subplots

On the diffirent note, big agree on Raya herself. Not so often we see a disney princess going all rage mode and in for a k,ill

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Same amount of spoilers in this one.



Oh, yeah. Those two were undeniably attracted to each other. You don't keep the necklace someone who betrayed you gave you for SIX YEARS unless there are incredibly powerful sentimental emotions attached to said necklace. You dont regift someone the necklace they gave to you to betray you with just because you are gals being pals.  If one of those two were a male character there would without a doubt be a romantic plot in that movie. The necklace would have been seen as romantic. 

The actress even said "“I’m obsessed with Namaari and I’m obsessed with Gemma Chan. So I’m really excited you brought this up. If you think if you’re a person watching this movie and you see representation in a way that feels really real and authentic to you, then it is real and authentic. I think it might get me in trouble for saying that, but whatever."

She is still tip-toeing around it because she does not want to get blacklisted but still. She clearly intentionally saw their relationship that way! 

But, yeah. I guess we just have to take whatever measly scraps we are given. There is a whole TV Series on Disney+ featuring a bise.xual main character and her les.bian love interest. Which is.... good I guess. Everything up until this point has been easily-edited out cameos of q.ueer characters that can quickly be censored for the movie market in less-accepting cultures.

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I'm pretty shocked that disney was going for that route, I never knew :o


Though, may I suggest to make a spoiler-filled RatLD thread to continue discussions? This blue highlight and white text's hard to read x'D

And I got soooooooo much I want to discuss about that movie. (*0* )


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Go ahead! I would love to discuss as well

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I watched that movie 3 times and I think its awesome. The cats from in it are hard to draw. My favorite chaecter is Took Took(not sure how you spell it).


I won't be posting as much due to school.


I'm sorry if I never end up doing requests. I don't end up doing some because i am no longer interested in that.

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As an actual southeast asian, all I can say is... It's actually rather hard to depict dragons from southeast asia.


Like, from the myths, it's always a "A large serpent". I think it could be that other countries depicted theirs better? But if I remember correctly, some of those southeast asian dragons are actually from India, based from the naga? (And if you guys remember what a naga is, they're basically huge serpents with human faces, so HUE they got the human-face part right XDDD)


And then there's the serpent/dragon I remember from my country, which battled a god, and what I know is... From their bodies, became the first coconut tree. "The large fronds remind me of the god's wings, while the tree's trunk remind me of the serpent's scaley body".


There's also bakunawa, the moon-eater. It's always depicted as a large serpent, though I saw some fans making bakunawa as a dragon with a catfish head, and two wings that goes down its back.

You can't even see much of that dragon there X'D


I think the movie itself is largely inspired from Thailand though, so I think the Thai dragon/serpent design would work best for Sisu.


Okay now for Sisu's design.


I like the body, I love the ripple patterns on her body, and the colors. But the face... Could use a little work? It's just so barbie-like. The mascara, the killer eyebrows. SHE HAS BETTER EYEBROWS THAN ME. When one part of the movie where she was acting dragon-like, growling at someone? She didn't feel dragon. She felt like a puppy trying to scare me. If she maybe is... Like... Less pretty and more dragon-y or unique like her human form, she could've been better. And yes, I prefer the concept art. Especialyl the betta-like fins on her :'3


I did try make a redesign of her, but like I said. It's hard to design something that's rarely depicted, even from the real stories and myths themselves.

And then there's some from tumblr that I loved :D

(Image source: https://palossssssand.tumblr.com/post/641618788936269824/yes-i-wish-she-looked-more-like-an-actual-naga-we)


(Image source: https://painted-bees.tumblr.com/post/632908490802888704/raya-and-the-last-dragon-felt-like-a-bit-of-a)

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I don't like the design. I'm sure she's created by the same people who make the human women because the face is pretty much identical. It's a very uncreative design I would not expect any pro to come up with. Anyway, Elsa Dragon has crazy eyes and looks like she smells like a wet dog. 


Her concept was soo much better, the face and huge horn aside. It's pretty majestic looking and it has nice colour contrast. I know that final designs never end up looking like the concept art, and yeah that's a shame.


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I don't like the design, and I also don't like how the southeast Asian dragons were represented. sry  :p

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I watched this movie a few minutes ago and it's very nice, I recommend it, but it doesn't have on HTTYD,
As far as I know, these dragons had more colors, including names, of course I also plan to name my new dragon Sisu.
In my opinion, it's a good name for Flightmare, the Dreadstrider, they're glowing dragons.
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Elsa’s lost dragon child

Take away her legs and she will look like a fuzzy worm with Elsa's face






















































































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Sisu's design is meh..

I saw some of the original concepts, and I Think they look great, much better than what they showed in the film.. (I know that Studio Ghibli could design a dragon much better looking than her design in the movie.)


Disney basically took everything cool about the design of Lung Dragons, and tossed it out the door for the sake of 'I'm cute and merchendisable, love me." Another simple case of Disney caring more about their own merch than they do their own storytelling.


Here's an edit I made a few days ago.



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Hi there! :)

Your edit of Sisu with teeth is amazing! I wasn't much of a fan of the design either and wish Sisu had more dragon-y features like amber eyes and scales.



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Rate 4/5 Stars

I know there's some less than estatic reviews surrounding the film. But I think it was a good film overall and would watch it again. It does have a very good setup for a great film and some of the symbolism in and out of the film as simple as name meanings show how much potiential it has. :)


Example the dragon's name:

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I find it odd her name's based on Finnish origins when the movie revolves around Southeast asian culture o3o

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isn't her full name

isn't her full name Sisudatu?

Sisu is pretty SEA sounding name to me I think. There were named Nagas in thai myth that sound pretty similar (Sisutona...Sisujitta Sisunatta Sisuwana... Sisuda is pretty common name too I think, Means good woman)


as for the other...I'm not sure if they have any other meaning in other SEAsian language but in Thai these are the name meaning

(Some are hilariously straight forward)


Raya: Lord of land

Tong: Gold

Boun: Blessing

Noi: Small/Little

Tuk Tuk: the name of the trademark Thai Taxi

ฺBenja: Five

Pranee: Mercy

Druun: Young


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I don't know if this is the

I don't know if this is the right place to post these (probably not) but seeing that some that threw in their take here and I just got done with the naga inspired dragon/hera/kumandrian or sisu redesign I figure I might throw my hat into the ring here as well, a complilation of all that I've done so far;


After <> Before

Simple edit with the attempt to keep as much similarity to the original as possible, as such I'd only shorten the snout, loose the lion mane and make the horn bigger. Editionally adding Goatee, fang and make her eyebrows the same color as her hair

Art ver.

Attempt 2, not actually Sisu but entire different dragon in a different design but try to keep the sassy feminine energy Sisu has. I like her, think I'm gonna call her Moraganakrut.


Verious tries and designs, including Sisa takes two (again, only loose her mane, make her snout shorter and her horn bigger) 


Lastly, just go full on HTTYD style...gonna turn it into a fan dragon lol