The Lego Movie! :D

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hey, so did anyone watch it? I watched it yesterday, and I LOVED IT!!!!! I was surprised because I thought it would be lame or just ok. but boy was I wrong! if anybody saw it tell me what you thogutb of it. oh and what's your favorite part? mine was when the bunk bed couch thing was the only thing that held together XD and when the master builder guy (I can't remember his name even though I just watched it last night how lame is that) died and then was a ghost and went "ooooooooooo" like a ghost. and I also liked the part in the start where the master builder said the prophecy was true because it rhymed! :P




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I've been wanting to see this movie for some time now to be honest. But we're having to wait until it hits the cheap theaters for the time being.


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LOL I saw it today and LOVED

LOL I saw it today and LOVED it!!! My favorite character is Princess Unikitty, she is just soooo cute! ^_^ I loved the whole thing honestly... man I don't know if I could pick a favorite part. XD I did love the part where Emmet and the gang are introduced to Cloud Cukoo Land by Unikitty. Haha that part was so funny. XD