Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors Recruitment

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Joined: 07/22/2022

Hello Fellow Vikings!


I am Defendersuzfangtooth and I started the Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors clan about a year and a half ago.


Below are some highlights:


  • Currently top 16 clan in overall clan standings
  • Currently the top battle clan for the past 14 months in over battle points per month
  • Currently the youngest clan to take on the top clans
  • Active, fun, fierce and competitive vikings
  • Multi-cultural, young and old members
  • Legendary players to new players are welcome
  • No minimum trophy count required but we do want you to play and participate
  • Only rule is "no drama"

If you are interested, please friend me.  My friend code is:  G74DGP.  


I love our viking team and am looking for someone who is interested in bringing us to the top!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you :)




Leader - Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors

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Rune the Viking
Joined: 06/07/2021

hold up

isnt your clan 20th , not 16th lol




lets begin

Name: Rune the Viking 

gender: male

fav dragon: stormcutter 

hobbies: listening to music, watching movies, reading, playing badminton/tennis, chatting(ok that sounds very cringe) 

fav books: percy jackson, heroes of olympus

instagram: @runetheviking_

age: teen

clan: UnConquerable

join our community SoD discord server, for photoshoots and normal game pics and chat


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Dragon Trainer
Joined: 07/12/2021
It changes

We have quite a few players with a lot of trophies who come and go, the clan rank shifts a lot.


She/Her. ALWAYS FANTASTIC. Proud Elder of Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors (we're at 27th place in top clans or so, look us up, we're always looking for new and amazing players!) I have 6100 and some trophies, working on 7000. My favourite dragons to zoop around on is Sharpshot, my loyal and lovable dragon from the days of old... and I mean OLD. I can be found hanging around Thunder Run, Mudraker, Training Grounds and Stables, and also Glacier Island and Dragon Island at times. I'm always (like it's one of the things I do) keeping an eye on people, so don't be a bully or I'll have to tell the SoD peeps.


As you probably know, my name is Gala Windi (either for short) and I'm very sociable.. most of the time lol. I'm very experienced in all forms of competition in SoD, and most things in general. If an event is going on, I won't be seen often because I'll be doing event stuff. I have workarounds for almost every major glitch, so if you have a problem I may be able to help you. My close friends are those in Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors, and a few others who I'm frequently seen with. I'm working on a huge SoD project, with tons of OC's based off friends and other players, artwork, maps, and stories, and it's constantly being updated. My unrealistic dream is animating it to be a webseries or something. I also play Rise of Berk and Titan Uprising, so my project combines stuff from those games as well.




Fiercefuzz my woolly howl

Seastar my thunderdrum

Treefriend my Zippleback

Sunspark my whispering death

Morningglory my Shockjaw

Swiftswing my speed stinger

Coldcrest my Snow Wraith

Ragestorm my Skrill

Windslinger my stormcutter

Blazefire my Monstrous Nightmare

Sky song my Death Song (it censored the name without a space lol)

Icetwice my Zipplewraith

Poisonpierce my Deathgripper

Loveydove my Triple Stryke

Hunterblur my Silver Phantom

Sharpshot my D.eadly Nadder

Brokensoul my Flightmare




Mordecay my Boneknapper

C.orpsemire my Boneknapper

Axh.acker my Armourwing

Flowerpower my Sliquifier

Trenchfin my Sliquifier

Bellflower my Snaptrapper

B.loodbreath my Snaptrapper

Voiletmaw my Snaptrapper

Gentlehorn my Buffalord

Wildmoon my Woolly Howl

Smallshriek my Screaming D.eath

Sawspike my Whispering D.eath

Dandelion my Whispering D.eath

Crystalcrunch my Snafflefang

Rockfirm my G.oregripper

Luckyfoot my Hushbogle

Fastfright my Dreadstrider

Sillystrike my Galesl.ash

Dart, Pouncer, And Ruffrunner my Night Lights

Bugbrawler my Thunderpede

Antlersmasher my G.oregutter

Thistlespine my D.eadly Nadder

Rollingthunder my Quaken

Freedomwing my Dramillion

Magmamama my Eruptadon

Lavalord my Eruptadon

Bluebl.ood my Fireworm Queen

Brightaura my Flightmare

Greenfire my Flamewhipper

Mudflopper my Grapple Grounder

Darkstorm my Groncicle

Rosethorn my Gronckle

Rockspitter my Gronckle (essentially Burple from Rescue Riders)

Sun and Rise my Hideous Zippleback

Fireball my Monstrous Nightmare

Cagecruncher my Monstrous Nightmare (it's a subspecies on Rise on Berk)

Swamptooth my Mudraker

Chromewing my R.azorw.hip

Fearfang my Rumblehorn

Furyprince my Sand Wraith

Iceclaw my Elder Sentinel

Electricwing my Shockjaw

Heatstroke my Singetail

Dawnchaser my Skrill

Thundercloud my Skrill

Sunspot my Stormcutter

Chonkmaster my Sweet D.eath

Doodlebug my Sweet D.eath

Perfectpoison my Threadtail

Moodmother my Threadtail (it's a Hobblegrunt y'all)

Noriwarrior my Thunderdrum

Wildfire my Typhoomerang

Pyroglider my Typhoomerang

Ghostflight my Typhoomerang

Slobberball my Smitten Hobgobbler

Lemonlime my Raincutter

Cacophony my Screaming D.eath

Fireflight my Bonestormer

Spinechiller my Gravenapper

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Joined: 07/22/2022
Top 16 for Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors :)

Hey Rune the Viking,


Actually, if you type our clan name "Legendaary Carpe Diem Warriors" in the "Search" you will see that we are actually top 16!


Due to the two hacker clans and SOD missing several numbers in the ratings it reflects us at 19.


If you need help with the math, please let me know.


If you are interested in joining our really cool team, let me know more about you!


Thank you,



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Rune the Viking
Joined: 06/07/2021

ohhh alright

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Joined: 07/22/2022
Hi Rune the Viking :)

Thanks for your input and I really wish SOD would fix the clan rankings!


Hopefully they will remove the two hacker clans.


They also need to add the missing clan numbers back in, I think it is 2, 15 and 16 that have just disappeared.


The only way to check the real clan ranking is to do the "Search" in clans.


I see that you are in Unconquerable.  Have you been in this clan for a long time?


If you have any interest in joining our clan (or) just being friends, my friend code is:  G74DGP.


I am a racer and am at about 55,000 with a goal to get to 100,000 but that is if they get the racing bug fixed!




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Rune the Viking
Joined: 06/07/2021

yep i hope they fix the rankings


and yes ive been in unconquerable for quite a while


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Joined: 12/11/2021
Just your friendly neighbourhood Dragon Lady

I'm interested, as my old clan is quite lax on the charts and more importantly, a few weird ppl have joined more recently. I'm looking for a good community and a committed clan.




okay, that was WAAY too enthusiastic. Sorry. Let's try that again...


I'm brilliantSammythegreat, but you can call me Sammy, Brilliant, or Liberty! (None of these are my real names. I'm not dumb.)

I'm pretty sarcastic sometimes, and i can come off a bit weird... But i have a good reason for that. You see, I have mental health issues, and trouble with my emotions. So please, please try not to talk about gory, upsetting etc. Stuff when I'm around. Please.

I can have horrible grammar, but that's not my fault, it's my tablet. I am known as 'the smart kid' in my entire school, so...

I'm obsessed with dragons.... A lot. Like, the biggest dragon fan in the universe...

I like some other things too! (Duh) I love fantasy, art, writing, singing, and... a lot of other stuff, but you don't wanna be here all day.


I have two in-game accounts, 

One has only one viking (championlunamoonthegreat)

And the other has two:



Moon, flightmare

Nightflare, deadly nadder

Whisperedsong, whispering death

Snowstorm, groncicle

Lapis lazuli, gronckle

Silverstreak, armourwing

Copper, razorwhip

Lotus, daisy, rose and oleander , snaptrapper

Ocean, thunderdrum

Shimmer, woolly howl

Supernova, singetail

Toothless, night fury

Light Fury, light fury


And Dragonempressofberk


Shadow, flightmare

NeapolitanChoc, hideous zippleback

Toothless, night fury

Light Fury, light fury

Opal, Hobgobbler

Oilslick, deathgripper


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Joined: 07/22/2022
Hi Brillian Sammy!



Yay :)  We have one spot left in the "Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors" and would love to have you join as you sound like you are a fun viking!


You can submit an invite and I will approve (or) you can friend me (my friend code is: G74DGP).  I can invite you.


We are super active and competitive but also kind and we have a sense of humor and we love to chat in our clan messages and share tips, information, etc.


We have a discord account under "Carpe Diem Warriors" as well.


Super excited to have you join and look forward to you playing on our team!


Thank you,