The legend of the.. Sun Fury!!

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(Adallia narrating


It was a wonderful summer day on Berk. Not one viking noticed a yellow glow flying around. You see, this was the warmest and longest day on Berk, it was very special. Let me tell you the whole story. Feel yourself as the vikings on Berk, feel the warm summer glow on your face. Not noticing the Sunfury flying around.Picture yourself as the main character. Picture that YOU are the one to discover the Sun fury and TRAIN it.Picture that you become famous for training a sun fury, that you have a more powerful dragon than a Night Fury, picture yourself telling everyone its in stoker class, and the shock on everyones face when you train it! and picture that you are a dragon master. A master of dragons and only YOU can train a sun fury. No- picture that you can train thousands of them! They are attracted to you, not because your caring, kind, and love the sun as much as they do, but because your special. You have a magical power. You are not just an ordinary viking my friend.. you have the Spirit of the Sun Fury.Your best friend in this story is a girl named Adallia, (my viking) and she will take you on a journey you'd never imagine!



Chapter 1: The Sun Fury.


A girl named Adallia skipped by you. "Oh, Hello." you said as she twirled around. "Hi, my names Adallia, you must be the new student?" Adallia said to you. "Yes, I am." you said. "My name is Sun," you shyly played with your hair and pushed around at the dirt with your boot. "Nice to meet you Sun! you can call me Ad." Your new friend said to you "Hey, do you have a dragon yet?" Ad asked you. "no," you said "which breed should I get?" you asked Ad. "Oh, I have a deadly nadder named Thalis, shes a great dragon, shes kind, swift, and loves a good race! Her soul reflects my own, its like I got lucky and found the perfect dragon! Maybe you'll find one that loves the sun too?" Ad asked you. You nodded. "Well Sun, wanna head over to the great hall with me? I only got here a few weeks before you, so I'm newer too. Maybe we can train dragons together?" You happily said "Okay, I'd like that




editing soon guys! just want this chapter in the forum.


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chapter 2: Ad's friends

When you and Adallia get to the great hall, you talk about dragons with her. "One time I faced a Monsterous Nightmare, and got a scar," Adallia said, and then waved over another girl. "Hey! over here Jaguari!" Jaguari sat down at the table, and a boy came over as well. "Mr Jeffy, Jaguari, this is my friend Sun." They waved at you and you waved shyly back while glancing away for a second. "Shy huh?" the boy sitting next to Jaguari said. He rolled his eyes, only to get a painful elbow-to-side from Jaguari- whom he called Jag. another friend came over, and Ad introduced you to her. "This is Bes, but we call her Ash. These are my friends, some are old friends, that I've known since I watched Toothless" Adallia said, tilting her head quickly  towards Jag. "and some are newer, like Mr Jeffy, I met him when the flightmare pack came to Berk, and Bes is a newer friend too, I met her earlier though, when Jag and I were being chased by a wild monsterous nightmare." Adallia said smiling. You knew at that moment Ad and her friends would be your new best friends, and this was only the start of a brand new adventure. You got lost in thought and were very startled when Mr Jeffy said "hellooooooooooo?" while waving his hand in front of you. Despite the mask that was, eternally on fire he wore, it didnt feel very hot, and all Ad's friends were in the same clan as she. "Hey Jag, you know who'd make a great new addition????????" She asked. "No, who?" Adallia smacked her palm against her forehead. "Sun would!" Ad said. You got to know Tiki, and Phantom, who were Jags nadders, Thalis, who was Ad's, and Ash's dragons and Mr Jeffy's as well. You and your new friends talked about dragons, training them, and the hard parts, such as making sure not to fall off in flight, cleaning the stables, and --- suddenly there was a roar outside. You ran out with your friends. Adallia's long wavy blonde hair blew from the wind that a yellow-orange winged thing was making. It landed by you, and somewhat looked like a night fury, only yellow, with orange tips on its wings and orange fire. Its wings had a pattern of gold (the color) and its fire was of silver with the faintest streaks of red. You somehow knew what it was. You reached your hand out, and he put his snout into your palm, which made Mr Jeffy laugh as he thought it looked somewhat like the face-palm Adallia had done earlier, but knew it was time to stop laughing when he recieved a glare from Ad that looked like she thought she was a wild dragon.... it made him laugh again, and Adallia just ignored the laughter. You named your new friend Phoenix, and called him Nix for short (note: if you want it to be a girl, just read the hims and hes as her and she, and we'll call her Nixie for short, but the name will still be Phoenix)


Chapter 3________________Phoenix

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Very nice Ad! It is a tiny bit confusing at times, but quite good overall. A few errors were made in spelling and some other thngs, but if you write something and leave it, then come back later and read it over, you can probably catch most of your mistakes. I bet soon you will be a very good writer. Keep practicing and keep up with these awesome stories :)



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Yeah its pretty good, the

Yeah its pretty good, the only thing i would say is she finds the dragon pretty quick, yeah she has the sun spirit and all but did it finds her , and if so why didn't it come years ago, why did it just decide to come now? Everthing else is pretty good, Keep up the great work ;)


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Good Job Fluffy! You are such a good writer.


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thanks guys, i noticed mistakes but edit button is not there to
  • it didn't come sooner because it draws its power from the sun. At night, Phoenix is vulnerable, and cannot fly, swim, shoot fire, or run away from danger. Without sun-power, Phoenix and his/her kind can't fly to get away, and are easily trapped without the sun power. Much like a skrill, it (as said above) draws power from the sun, though it can't store the power like a skrill. The Sun fury only is seen at night, as its yellow glowing skin (like a fireworm) shines brightly through the darkness of the night. it came soon in the chapter because it was in need of help.
  • ''Sun'' couldn't find it because he/she were away from the island, and without sun-power Phoenix can't fly and he/she is stuck on the ground without protection.


  • Chapter time

Your new friends stared at you in amazement. "Wow!" Adallia said. "Thats a sun fury. A Night fury mixed with a fireworm. You've TRAINED one!" Mr Jeffy looked confused. "Toothless is the only night fury. He didn't have eggs with a fireworm did he?? Was it the fireworm queen? how'd he fly to find her? shes on fireworm island, and toothless cant fly. Did Hiccup--" You motion for him to be quiet, and Adallia pointed at the fury. "His color, its fading." (or her) The fury fell to the ground. "Oh no! Phoenix!" you shout as you drop onto your knees beside the dragon and comfort him (or her :D) "We need fireworms-fast!"'



sorry for short chapter: updating Ashlyn The Berserkian. Have not read Ashlyn the Berskerkian yet? check out the link in my signature!


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Chapter time!!!

Wow, it's been a LOOOOONG time since I edited this story!!! sorry!!




"We need fireworms!" you said. "Phoenix's sun power is running out!" Ad whistled. "I may be new to Berk, but I have a few dragons up my sleeve..." everyone looked confused. "No, not really!!" Adallia said, shaking her head. A fireworm landed. "This," Adallia said, while pointing at the dark green fireworm queen, "Is Lady." Lady started to glow, and she wrapped her long tail around Phoenix, giving him more energy. Mr Jeffy decided to touch Lady. "Ouch!" he said pulling his hand back. "Yeah.." Adallia said while nodding slowly. "She's a fireworm." You slowly get up as Phoenix does. "He's okay! Oh Nix!" you wrap your arms around Phoenix's neck, and he wraps his wings around you. You see Phoenix is getting fired up, (literally) about something. "He wants to tell me something." you say. "Oh, you speak dragon?" Ash asks. "How do you know?" Jaguari chimed in. "Well actually.. I" you start you say. "You speak dragon? whats mine saying? is he saying how great of an owner I am?" Mr Jeffy asked you. "Guys!" Ad shouts. "Let Sun talk!" You smile. "go ahead, how do you know?" Adallia asks you. "Well, I, just do." Ad turns around to her friends. "Guys, Sun's dragon needs help." she says. "I'll go" You say. Ad looks back at you. "No." Adallia turns back to look at her friends. "Guys... Lets saddle up." Adallia says, her eyes gleaming with joy of a new adventure.


_______Editing new chapter soon________

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It was confusing at first, why did she find the dragon so fast? Why couldn't she find it after weeks of searching for the right dragon. She could have found it in a cave or forest when it was injured, you need to learn how to add spice to it and make it last longer. And choose your words correctly, the things you said were very confusing until I got the idea of what you meant. You need to work on it and make another story, one that is improved. Other than that, good job.


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i have many fanfictions.

i have many stories, most in my signature.

Sun didnt find it, it found sun. In my next chapter, you'll see that Nix needs help, so he or she had to go right away. Being a Sun fury, Phoenix can ONLY travel during day, and is weak, and vulnerable at night.


Thanks for reading Legend of the sunfury