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Hello again! resident TNR enjoyer here, and here I am with another review, this time for the game Legend of the nine realms that just got released today. Instead of the full review hoever. I will dedicate this thread to the sort of liveblogging/liveposting/diary format because I will not play the game in one go. This way I can post my impression as I play the game, maybe post a funny screencap or something along the way. I don't know how that will go becaue liveblogging the game will likely be harder than livebloggin a movie but we will see. So sit back, relax. This thread is mostly for me to post my thought but you're also welcome to read and/or post. and who knows maybe this thread might help some indecisive mind make up if they should spend their money on the game or not. We will see.


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Protip: if you play the game,
Protip: if you play the game, turn off Tom’s narration. You can do that by turning the voice volume all the way down. Improve the game by 90%
I was actually pretty excited for this game because I’ve been wanting a “Dragon alone” httyd game for forever. Then feel the sense of dread when Tom keeps talking. Then see the cutscene and was like “The animation and the music convey everything perfectly. i would want to see it without Tom’s voice” then was happy to found out that you can just turn him off lol
But yeah, without Tom’s voice the game still function perfectly, even better in fact. Now it’s a game you control dragon through the pretty crystaly eviroment with the pretty Ori-esque soundtrack. I really like that. with that the story doesn’t need to be complicate to, and can just be dragon trying to survive the hidden world. (No grudge to Tom VA, I just think it would have been a better game without the voice. Honestly maybe the little kid needs that but I'm here instead. My bad)
Now the gameplay, I play only first two level so far and I actually really like it. I play the previous game dawn of the dragon rider which is similary a top down and one problem I have with that game is the control is pretty slow. This is not a problem here. Thunder moves feel surprisingly nice from the get go. You’d thought. oh I’m a dragon but I’m confine to just walking jumping and hit stuff with the tail but no actually, you can fly and shoot light from the get go and it’s pretty fun and smooth to nevigate and uterlize it in battle. Fly over enemy, shoot them etc. I have fun. That is, this is still the first 2 level and I don’t know if it’d going to get repeatative soon or not.
Thunder profile here is nice. I think his overall movement is nice too. Might be the same effect of seeing him in movemnet vs see him stand still in the default post (I don't like the later)
I think on other platform it’s pretty overprice, but the PC steam price is fine.
I really really like the soundtrack! very Ori-y
Will keep posting!


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Ooo and when i thought "okay

Ooo and when i thought "okay these three levels are kinda samemy it's gonna get repeatative real quick" they throw in an escape sequence. This game really is like Ori!

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Finishing the first realm +

Finishing the first realm + Fault ripper boss fight

Is actually pretty intense and challenging! I wasn't expect it to be a video game boss boss fight with phases and everything .underestimating it and got the first few gameovers(Thunder is kind of a glass cannon too). Kinda like when you go from normal pokemon to having an actual boss fight in legend arceus and got blindedside. It has normal phase where you both kinda dance around each other, either swipe or long range shoot. You'd basically barrel dodge like crazy but you can also dodge into fireball and walls which isn't good. Then there's this "Hades boss beem" where you need to find cover in time for duration. Then there's phase where Fault ripper go into hiding and health up and you have to shoot at it les it got it health all the way back. Pretty fun and challenging! It make me looking forward to the future bosses!

Clear render of the Fault ripper, Wiki get your stuff!

Thunder sleeping animation when you left him on idle. Make me realise that having thunder so small on the screen is actually  a good decision on the game part?

Afterward you unlock Plowhorn the gembreaker, Plowhorn's dodge is also charge attack meaning you can attack enemy with invisible frame make her superior to Thunder in the instant.

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All thing consider, I think

All thing consider, I think the cutscene animation are quite nice

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Tracking! This seems incredibly interesting


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Tracking    I have



I have the game, but won't be able to attempt playing for a week or two. I stink at games like this, so cross your fingers for me (got thru DoNR tho!) 


Watched one segment of a play through on YouTube - it does look very nice!  Does Tom say things that are different than the sub-titles? Hearing what he says might be useful for Wiki folks ;)


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I'm not sure...Idk if it line

I'm not sure...Idk if it line up with the voice. I actually do have the sub turn off as well but I can turn it back on for reserach purpose. He did said some lore related stuff like how Nightlight and Skrill are rival for thousand of years and fighting over turf. Unfortunately there's no way to revisit the cutscene at all and I'm not sure if i would be a fitting document for wiki information compare to watching the playthrough.

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Oh sorry, I wasn't meaning

Oh sorry, I wasn't meaning for you to get that information, just saying the narration might be useful for bits of information, if nothing else. When I get to play, I'm going to *try* to get screenshots (if I can figure out how, and assuming I can play through the game myself ...)


btw, is there a pause button or something?

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That's the part I want to

That's the part I want to criticize, you can't pause during the cutscene *skull emoji* Making taking screenshot kind of very hard I missed quite a few cool screenshot for this thread and like I said, you can't really revisit it unless you start with the new save file. youtube seems to be your only friend in this case

You can pause regularly during the game (esc) there's instant where I can't thought but I'm not sure if my keyboard just stuck or is it a bug or what.


Don't worry about the info thing I was kinda teasing you! XD It did seems useful! Since most of when Tom step in is when introducing new dragons.

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Ending ice realm - Ice realm

Ending ice realm

- Ice realm has no escape sequence but the peniultimate level has the long corridor with harsh non turn off enviroment

- Overall Ice realm spice thing up from the first realm and it's reflect in the ost, the enviroment is harsh, slowly chipping your health awaya giving a good incense to switch dragons. The enemy is also unique now instead of just attacking, Speed stinger can paralyze and Snow wraith can camoflage.

- Now screaming death time

- Screaming death boss is basically a bullet he.ll lite. Raining the fire down the entire map. It has less distinct phase and more so different attack style, burrow, charge, rain fire etc. It's easier than fault ripper(I didn't di.e once at least) but take longer and use more stretegize. She keeps flying so you really need Thunder to get to her. Switching between him and plowhorn to keep from freezing to dea,th. The ost is epic

Realm ending cutscene

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I like Wu wei's Icon I think

I like Wu wei's Icon

I think it's cool that Wu Wei is the only one in the team who can pull this.

It's hard to land unfortunately but satisfying when it did. Wu Wei is kinda hard to play and I find myself switch back to Plowhorn often but I think it's nice that within the team they kinda are this fancy attack characters, make it rains storm the entire map, shooting beem. it's fun to use them to show off all the fancy trick but then having to switch because you get your censored kicked XD

Wu Wei animation appreciation. I've mentioned this before but while their design is not my favourite I do like the body and wings, and seeing it display while flying like this is cool.

There's Eruptodon in this game too? I didn't know that. I like that if you hit it with fire it actually heal the dragon.

There're deathgrippers in this level too, and whispering death. I like that they kind of a regular enemy version of the screaming death boss you just fought. With Deathgripper shooting beem and rain down acid while Whispering death pulled the flying burrowing trick. (need Thunder to fight them :()

(I turn the subtitle back off because It's kinda more fun to not know right away what is happening XD)

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I'll put this on my reading list. I want to read it after I finish the game, dont have it yet, so I can go in completely blind. Unlike Dawn of new riders where I spoiled everything for myself :\.



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Titan-Adult male deadly nadder

Callisto-Adult male whispering d.eath

Pluto- Adult female armourwing

Diamond-Adult male monstrous nightmare 

Sirius-Adult female monstrous nightmare

Ganymede-Adult male monstrous nightmare

Mimas-Adult male hobgobbler

Carme-Adult female shockjaw

Aladfar-Adult male gronkle

Capella-Teen female whispering death

Arche-Adult monstrus nightmare

Major & Minor-Adult Zipplewraith

Good youtubers I watch(AKA:the only youtubers I watch):Jaiden Animations, the Odd1sout, The Dodo.

Welcome to the IRL info section. (lol)


Pets:2 yr old dog, yorkie russel, Joy

1 yr old hedgehog, 4 toed hedgehog, Rozzy Ross Roznick

Other games I play:Minecraft, Super Kirby Clash, MarioKart.



We are now entering the Art Sector. Please watch out for escaped

dragons , and please report if you find one. Please watch small children and dont feed the dragons. Art may or may not load.


T.W. Snow Wraith, Screaming D.eath, T.W. Monstrous Nightmare, Bewilderbeast, Hideous Heatwing, Tide Glider, Unknown Dragon #1, Slobber Smelter

Pixel Dragons by Chameishida

My baby Mercury by Tigerli1y

P-nut the scarlet macaw by Dravas

Picante and Decan the Brawler strykes, Scrappy the night fury, Crybro the Synth Fury by ZestyDragonWing

Typhoon the Aquatic Fury by Slargvarg

Flicker the Skyfire by Toothless0603

Stormsky, Morganite(Morgan), and Azra the Night Furies by WoollyHowlEra

Shimmer the Venemous Golden Dragon by TigerLily

Hawkeye the royal Nadder and Jasper the night fury by Sundoo

Titan(My in-game nadder) by LikyLake



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Learn what life is like for a dagon living in a lab with a crazy mad scientist (me) and over 400 genetically made creatures.


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If you find anything weird is my art request forms or fanfics to not be afraid to pm me for further explanation.


If you are reading this than that means you took the time out of your day to read my siggy. In that case thank you.



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You have Dawn of new riders too?!

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Yeeeessss, have you completed it yet?

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I have!!! The Crimson Goregutter was hardddd

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Finishing Fire realms-The

Finishing Fire realms

-The escape sequence of Fire realm is lava raising up, as expected


- Quaken boss time

Unfortunately, Quaken boss is kinda underwhelming. It does do the iconic roll but you can brute force it pretty easily unlike the previous two bosses. I finished it in no time without much problem :/

On to the Dark realm!

I love the dark realm atmosphere. the music is kinda meh but if you pause the the music stop and the ambience keep going you can just hear the screaming. I'm sucker for dark (lighting not genre) level. It's the realm you can tell right away too who you'll likely have as the boss (death song) and I like that the dragons the background in the level just fly toward the song

I didn't know this game has the flightmare! (unfortunately like quaken they're kinda lackluster too. Unlike deathgripper and whispering death, the flightmare doesn't add any new mechanic)

Ominous stingers are ominous

off topic but seeing all these crystal really fuel my story idea I've been having. First we have Alpha stone from RR now we have this; the stone that can store, resonate broadcast and redirect sound that the death song uses which is more or less the same as Alpha stone concept. And then look at the crystal Toothless stand on and the way dragons kinda got addict to these dragons stone. *rub hand* Toothless fr alphaed those stone to keep the dragon lock up-----(< the main plot of my story)

(I turned Tom off so I have no idea about the actual lore dump in this scene here :/)

End this section with me gushing over feather because LOOK At HER!!!!!!

My babyyyy

I like her icon too

So far she's isn't that much different from Thunder gameplay vice. A bit worrying, we have a lot of not so diffferent stuff in this post :/

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There's dramillion too!? I

There's dramillion too!? I thought you're docile species!!

Random screencap of the gang(tm)

Something something harry potter dont know dont care

Nightlights spot!

Over all dark realm is atmospheric but not really super stand out. On to Death song boss

Death song main mechanic is summoning enemies during boss fight which is to be expected, unfortunately Death song itself is not so different from normal enemy so this fight is really underwhelming

Family founded!

The scene without Tom is really nice,  just a touching family reunion with a triumph music. Thunder's happiness is contagious I can't help but smiling seeing him this happy.

Now that the objective is complete but there's still one realm to go, now what?

Thunder: I want a throne

me: oh...

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Weekday isn't really a good

Weekday isn't really a good time for me to play plus stuff happened that put this game at the back of my mind (good stuff don't worry) so I just got back to game. Anyway here's King's realm + ending + verdict/final review

King realm's ost is pretty but get kinda dull after a while, it's the Elsa's voice sound/ Hidden world opera without much of background instrument so after a while it feels a little empty. I would say that bio realm ost is my favourite.

Sadly, not much to say on the level itself. It's pretty and I guess the main gimmic of it is the overshard stone meaning you have to becareful not to set stuff off, kinda confusing. I think the novelty's kinda fade after a while so these last few level would feel kinds stale. I'm more interested in the lore itself because apparently this is the best realm to stay in the hidden world, like an oasis.

The incense to change character is kind of forced tbh via breakable crystal and king realms you switch character like every 2 step because of it.  :/

Skrill boss

Skrill boss is the reasonable evolution of the bosses; being all the combination of everything, healing phase of faul ripper, AOE bullet he,ll, Beam, Brawl and calling other enemies. But alas it's not as challenging as the first few bosses because it's hard to be challenging when you can just switch up to heal at any moment, the reason the first two bosses are kinda challenging because you essentially has one/two life so the stake is a bit higher.

Once the boss is done there's the ending. The ICARUS drone is a surprise, it kinda throw me off guard that I initially thought the series and the game are own seperate universe but now I'm not so sure anymore if that appearant of the drone is the sequel bait for the game universe or the implication that the event in the game is the canon prequel to the show and that Thunder lose his family again and secretly know all the gang.

I got distracted during the final cutscene and only took pictures of my daugther, the ost is nice though

Look at her!!

After you done the game you got the special skin unlock and


This make me curious whether if unlock the beat all the challenge mode would unlock anything else. on top of already curios if challenge mode boss would make the boss more fun but I'm not at the hurry to try it yet so I might be come back to this game after a while with the bonus content but for now it's done


- While it is a Nine realms game, I think it's one of the best HTTYD SERIES game in term of like the dragons and the world. not that there's a lot of competition. Most of the movie tie in game are tie in to the movie after all and mostly is just fighting game/ flying simulator(With exceptiong of DotR) but if you like say, want to fight Razorwhip, screaming death, speed stinger etc. this is the only game you can do it. And cutting Tom out and ignoring the Original dragons playable character, you could see this as the HTTYD series game.

- Compare to Dawn of the riders, while I definitely enjoy the faster pace gameplay here more, DotR is definitely a lot more charming, with the strong narative, the charming kidish art style that reminds of children picture book or zelda game contrast to this game with harsh edgly shade and straight forward story for the sake of gameplay this feel... How should I put it...corporate. like passable action corporate-made game. With some charm as I said but a lot less compare to DotR

- As hint at in the level review, the game definitely feel repeatitive and lost its momentum after a while, after the incent to unlock the playable dragon with kind of make the game very easy. and the pattern of three normal level-one unique escape sequence level-boss fight. It becomes predictable and lose the novelty after like 3 realms in

- I like Bio realm the most despite being the tutorial level, while I don't like the tutorial aspect of it, the ost and the enviroments are just my absolute favourite of the five. Fire and Ice is opposite element that convey the same tone of this is harsh. Dark realm is okay I will say it, Dark realm is disappointing consider its potential, it could has embrace the darkness of it all, I think I just like the concept of the realm itself, much like the King's realm, rather than what's playable in the game.

- Plowhorn best playable character BUT I do use others often too 

- One of the greatest feed of the game that I must give it to them is making Thunder likable. He's my less favourite in the series but in here his animation is just charming and expressive and give him so much characters. I think because Tom isn't here to that make him be something other than just "Tom's ride dragon". With his animation (and model) being a lot more high quality you just kinda like him better and his smile is very cute. The "search for family" plot while still similar to toothless is kinda give a different light in this game too. In the show it's similar to Toothless in the way that
"I'm alone and I must look for other nightlights" while in here you see him with his family, see him got seperated, see the glimpse of his family every so often, see his urgency and hope and despair and when you reunited it's with his family, his siblings which is a lot more personal than "other of my own kind"

- I like the simple story, and with it being so simple it's hard to think that it will offend anyone (other than the fact that this is nine realms)The only way I could think of is that if they're the skrill fanboy becaue boy are they painted as the villain in this game, quite different from the show too, in the show skrill is potray as the solitute lone rare strong species while in here they're just kinda like bats, live in groups, is everywhere, is kind of a nuisance, terrorizing everybody, the ending is basically Thunder kicking skrill out of the "best realm in the hidden world" Suck to be skrills I guess.

- Repeating what I said on my first post, the game is short and easy, if you buy it's on pc the price is reasonable but I do think it's a little expensive for a game this size for the ps5, switch, xbox prices


Anyway ost except, wish I can find main menu on youtube as I really like that song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCgIVWmlOQ4


Thank you for those who stick around and read my...commentary? anyway I have entertain the idea of making any thread like this that is relate to another httyd game that is not the nine realms, we will see ;)



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I enjoyed reading your

I enjoyed reading your commentary:)

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&nbsp; Yo! &nbsp;Just


Yo!  Just finished reading your posts on the game.  Sounds like it was...acceptable.  I'm not going to rush out to buy it, but it seems like it is an okay addition to the HTTYD universe.


Thanks for sharing.