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Hey everyone! I've been around the SoD forums for very long time (haven't played SoD itself for over a year very actively) but some of you might still know me - doesn't really matter! I just wanted to share here a little and see if perhaps someone plays the same annoying game as I do for the past half year :D I started to get into League of Legends and I play on EU West - if some of you are trying the game as well or even play active, let me know and perhaps we can get more friends around ^^ 

Hope you all will have a nice day and gaming :P















Ossu! ^^

I don't play SoD anymore, used to also play Riders of Icarus and Soulworker but those are my inactive games for now.

Care to play with me? Find me on League of Legends on EUWest under name FireDiamond.
I also happen to play Genshin Impact (EU) and Apex Legends these days.
Want to chat with me? Feel free to ask me for discord!

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