Lazy dragon. :')

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So my dragon, Thunderstorm, decided to take the taxi.



Some of these glitches can be hilariouss. xD



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Like owner, like dragon :3 ^^

Like owner, like dragon :3 ^^


~AJayy (:


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It's Butter.
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hahaha funny. -.-

hahaha funny. -.-

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No offence! The glitch is

No offence! The glitch is funny! :D :P

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This is hilarious!!!!

I think someone should start collecting them!^_^


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I have found more than a few glitches

I've never seen a dragon riding a dragon before, except in the TV episode Zippleback Down. And actually, I have collected a LOT of them, on Funny Glitches! I'm also going to start posting glitches I found on Wild Skies soon. Watch out for blue men on Berk!


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Piggy back ride! This is

Piggy back ride!


This is hilarious!








be in






to be 




so take












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Im going to hidewhen they add changewings and go spend my money XD       



They are the best dragons <3<3   


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