..the last season of race to the edge.

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okay, i may sound calm from the subject but OH MY THOR IT'S THE LAST SEASON OF RACE TO THE EDGE!




WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER THAT? I DONT WANT IT TO END! NO PLS NO. *curls up in a corner slowly rocking back and forth*

Okkay-y-y may-maybe it wont e-end m-may-be they'll change the s-s-eries name. R-right? RIGHT?! 

Okay wow, I need to calm down. It's not like it'll actually end. Right?

Pft, im probs overthinking. 

Oh, who am I kidding?




^you know what that's not a bad idea..



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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

We've known that for awhile now.

Btw, that last image is sad to me, because that's currently what I'm doing with Ultimate Spider-Man. I can't bring myself to press the play button on the last few episodes, because when the show ends, I will never see my friends again. No new adventures, no new ideas to explore, no new friends. It's just all gone. So I just can't keep watching.
So instead I'm watching Voltron, and I am happy;)


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Wish I knew that fact before finishing Teen Titans. It was a bad place to end the series.

Anyway, back to RttE! People knew about this for some time, I'm ready for the end, really.

We're going to find out what ended everything between Heather and Fishlegs, something is gonna happen to the dragon hunters. For some reason they will go back to Berk. Yeah, it I hope we see a series that comes after How to Train your Dragon 2.


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Yeah, but after that season

Yeah, but after that season comes.... HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3!!!!! (i actually just watched Cars 3 last night with my family and let me say, it was better than the last 2). Anyway, back to dragons. After we see HTTYD 3, they SHOULD make a series that occurs after HTTYD 2. They've been living in the past way too much. The only thing that we know happens after the second movie are the SoD expansions and the comics! COME ON, PEOPLE QUIT LIVING IN THE PAST!



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sPaCe DaD

Yes, unfortunately Race to the Edge Season 6 is our last season. But we're actually very lucky! Originally, Dreamworks had only planned to do 4 seasons in total. But because of the popularity of the show and the positive feedback, they extended it to six! It's almost hard to believe that in just a few months we'll be at the very end of it. As someone who's been watching it since the S1 release, it's kind of like a friend moving away for a short time. We'll get to see HTTYD 3, of course, but it's just not the same. (And HTTYD 3 will be notably absent of my two favorite characters. RIP me.)

It'll make me cry, I absolutely know it. And it's been such a wild ride so far. So I say, hold on to the four or so months we have left, and then we can all cry together at the end!

*blows into a tissue*






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wait what? Who are we losing

wait what? Who are we losing in httyd3???


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what is life

Dagur is my favorite character, alongside Viggo. Both won't be there in HTTYD 3 ;)

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A wild post appeared!!!

Uh potential spoilers warning ahead! I tried to keep it as vague as possible.





Hate to break it to you but, word has it that we will be losing a lot more characters in HTTYD 3, a lot more than we bargined for. It's gonna be sad.



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Ikr. I know I'm gonna cry, but at the same time, the film is going to be awesome

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Time is the security blanket of the human race.

Potential spoilers ahead!

Lmao I know that ;) Don't worry, I keep good track of the information on HTTYD 3. I was pointing out that two of my favorite characters who won't ever be present in the films wouldn't be present, of course, in this one. Also, I'd like to note that one of the creators once mentioned that the ending of HTTYD 3 would have a tied ending with the final HTTYD book, or at least be similar. The dragons actually didn't leave in the final book. The wilder species, led by Luna the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, went to the far reaches of the earth to hide. But all the riding dragons, and tamer species, all stayed with their Riders, and even by the time Hiccup was an old man and had many countless adventures alongside his dragons and exploring the seas as King of the Wilderwest, his dragon, Toothless, still had not left his side, and we know that after Hiccup died, Toothless and Hiccup's other riding dragon, the Windwalker, left Berk, which we can estimate was around 80-90 years. Now, wouldn't be that just the right ending?

I just hope that's what they give us.

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Who are we losing??!!!  =-(

Who are we losing??!!!  =-(

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NOOOOOOOO!!!! I didnt know

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I didnt know that! WHY dreamworks, why!?!? You just gave us a new great villan, and a cool villian alliance! (ish...;) you just told us that dragon hunters have dragons! You havn't done much on heather and fishlegs (meh tho for me...) This is a bigger plot than before, and it only gets 1.5 seasons! NOOOO! ='((  also...I NEED MORE CHICKEN MOMENTS! (lol) I know we get more episodes after httyd 3, but that doesnt come out for 2 years! (and i cant say im looking forward to it either...=-(  ) AUGGGG!!!

Did anyone else think it was coming out in January?!? NOOO! 3. extra. months. =-(


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Is there actually a comfirmed series after HTTYD 3? And is yes, where can I see the announcement?????? I need dragons. :|

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Taco cat is...taco cat spelled backwards.

There isn't. It's unlikely if it'll ever happen. However, it was word on the street several months ago. 

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Darn. Wait, are you sure?

Darn. Wait, are you sure? 'Cause one of my friends, who is also crazy about rtte, said that there would be another, and i think i saw it somewhere...

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"Cows live in herds, you unyielding maniac."

The possibility of another show is altogether as improbable as it is probable. We can't know for sure if there will be another, really, until after HTTYD 3. That's technically the only thing that might give us hints as to what happens after. I can't remember where I heard that there might be another show (for the life of me, I wish I did), but for now we can run off the assumption that HTTYD 3 is ending at HTTYD 3. Of course, there's always a possibility for more- we've all seen things that maybe should have ended start up again. (I'm looking at you, Star Wars.) 

So, really, there's no way to know unless there's been media that says something about it.

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'Tis the season to be jolly! Falalalala, lalalala~

XD that gif, I love it.


Yeah, I only recently started thinking about the show ending, and yikes. I can't say I'll miss a lot, since we will always be able to rewatch, but not having new episodes to look forward to will certainly be a downer. I think we'll make it though. Sobbing, staring pointlessly into the horizon, but we'll make it. XD

And as for the show coming after HTTYD 3, I did read about it somewhere, so I'm pretty sure it's a thing.


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Dragon and rider together

As one”

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Mmmmmmmmmmm if you find it again, lemme see.

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Sure, I'll go through and check.

I'm not sure if I will be able to find it though, I'm pretty sure I didn't track that thread.

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I'm going to miss RTTE so

I'm going to miss RTTE so much :'(


A lover of HTTYD.

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