Last Remnant

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((A fan fic about Stoick's newborn daughter, Stacy.))

"You're as beautiful as the day I lost you," Stoick said softly. A single tear traced its way down Valka's face as he closed the distance between their lips. Gobber tapped Hiccup's arm and they left his parents alone. The reunited pair made love and fooled around twice while catching up on everything. Then they rejoined Gobber and Hiccup in the main room where a fire blazed gleefully in a stone pit.


Flaming arrows sailed through the air like dying Monstrous Nightmares, burning a hole in the night sky. The first arrow hit the pyre and caught quickly. It was swiftly followed by several more arrows. As Valka drew her arrow back, her sorrow and fear transferred, unknown, into the spark that was ignited in her womb. 

"I'm sorry, Dad," Hiccup said. "I'm not the chief you wanted me to be. I'm not the peacekeeper I thought I was. I...don't know..." He couldn't finish his sentence. Valka stroked her son's hair in a loving gesture. 

"You came early into this world. You were such a wee thing. I feared you wouldn't make it, but your father," she pulled in a painful breath, "he never doubted." She put her hands on his shoulder. "You have the heart of a chief, and the soul of a dragon. Only you can bring our worlds together. who you are, son."

Hiccup stepped around her and closer to the water's edge, facing his father's funeral ship. "A chief protects his own," he said turning to face the others. "We're going back."

Valka, Astrid, and Gobber smiled. "Uh, how?" Tuffnut said.

"Yeah," Ruffnut chimed. "He took all our dragons."

A small, slightly mischievous smile played across Hiccup's lips. "Not all of them," he said.


"Now do you see?" Hiccup bellowed at Drago from his perch on Toothless' back. The sound of a thousand wings beating the air filled his enemy with a mild fear. "This is what it is to earn a dragon's loyalty! Let this end, now!"

"Never!" roared Drago. Then, all Helheim broke loose. Dragons that previously were fighting for Drago, began pelting him with their various fire-types. A final blast from Toothless sealed the deal for the black Bewilderbeest. It bowed in submission before fleeing from fear.

After that, Gothi tapped Hiccup's shoulder with her staff and gestured silently to the ground, where a bit of charcoal lay in a charred heap. He took a deep, steadying breath and then got down on a knee. She brushed his forehead, marking the symbol of Chiefs upon his brow. Then she dipped her head respectfully, and he stood up. Sharing a smile with Gobber, the blacksmith bellowed, "The Chief, has come home!"

"Long live the chief! Long live the chief!" everyone cheered. The dragons shot a series of fires into the air, creating a fireworks display the likes of which has never been seen before.

A few days later, Valka felt something strange. She looked down as she flew on Cloudjumper, thinking. Her dragon snorted in curiosity. Suddenly, her mind was snapped back to when she found out she was pregnant with Hiccup. She gasped and staggered slightly with the realization.

I'm pregnant, again, she thought to herself. Tears filled her eyes as she thought of the child in her womb growing up without a father.

((Let me know what you guys think!))


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Valka being pregnant just

Valka being pregnant just scared me XD But cool idea, i would like to see more :D


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This is will be probably the only time I comment on a story (i feel i prob should since you asked me about this idea) and its not that bad XD Keep going :)



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Chapter 1-Ten Years later

I stretched lazily in bed before realizing the time. I didn't hear the resident Terrors on the rooftop singing, so I bolted upright, thinking I had overslept. My brother, Chief Hiccup, was slumbering gently on the bed across the room from me. Toothless snored softly in his own sleep, twitching occasionally. I smiled and lay back down only to sit up again a second later when I realized that I had to pee really badly. I swung my legs out of bed and snuck downstairs, past my mother, and out the door. I went to our outhouse and sat down on the toilet, sighing wth relief as the urgency dropped below ten.

"Stacy! STACY, WHERE ARE YOU?!" my mother screamed. I sighed and cleaned myself up before leaving the outhouse.

"Mom! I'm right here!" I yelled when she and Cloudjumper flew by frantically looking for me. They both rubbernecked to look at me. When they landed, Mom came up to me and hugged me tightly before performing her usual exam. "Mom. Mo-om. MOM!" I ripped my hand out of her grasp and pinned her arms to the side. "I'm fine! I just had to use the toilet." I laughed.

"Oh," she said after a moment. "Well why didn't you tell me? I could have come with you-" I held up a hand, stopping her words.

"You're hovering again, Mom. We've been over this," I said slowly and calmly. She pouted slightly, pulling me in closely for a tight hug.

"I'm your mother, it's my job to worry about you, Stacy," she said quietly. Hiccup yawned massively and greeted us cheerfully.

"Morning, Mom. Morning, sis!" he rubbed his face sleepily. His brown mop was starting to be mirrored on his chin, something that was both a blessing and a curse. When we hugged, as I got taller, his beard began creeping down my face. After a moment Mom released me and I gave my brother a good morning hug, as per our usual. He rubbed my back a bit and squeezed me tight. I gave him a return embrace that was equal to his. "Well I've got a busy day today, so I'll see you two later!" He hugged Mom before getting back on Toothless, who chattered a salutation to me and Mom before they flew off.

Mom checked me over one last time before heading off to do her own self-appointed duties, leaving me free to do whatever I pleased. I went back to the house and grabbed a bag from under my bed. It had a collection of strange, but beautiful shells that I gathered during my explorations. I tied the bag securely to my belt at my right hip and went down to the beach. I removed my shoes and went into the water, diving to get the shock of the cold over with. Then I surfaced and swam to the bottom of the ocean, holding my breath and scouting for any interesting finds. Something caught my eye and I investigated further, finding a belt with a beautiful golden emblem. The symbol of a sun was etched into the center, so I grabbed it and headed for the surface with a pod of dolphins I had befriended. They, along with a group of Thunderdrums, kept me safe while I was swimming and investigating. I had even bonded with one of the Thunderdrums, giving him the name "Titan." We would sit on a rock a fair distance out and he would bring me oysters to eat, and I would also collect the occasional pearl. 

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Chapter 2

I cringed as I sat on the rock with Titan when Mom flew by overhead. I tucked under my Thunderdrum and waited for her to pass. I peeked out and almost jumped out of my skin when Hiccup landed next to us. He stepped back, surprised that I was under a dragon, then he looked at the skies where Mom was circling lazily on Cloudjumper and smiled in understanding. He knelt down next to my hiding place in such a way that made it look like he was fixing something near Titan.

"Hiding from Mom, eh, Sis?" he asked me. I nodded miserably.

"I wish she wasn't so dang protective of me! It's close to suffocating me. When I was littler, it was fine, I didn't mind it, but frankly, it's getting ridiculous! You know it as well as I do," I mumbled.

He chuckled. "She's just looking out for you, that's all," he murmured. He reached under and tousled my hair before turning and getting back on Toothless. "I'll lead her away, you get back to the beach and home before she catches you." Then they flew off.

I lay down and inched forward until I could see under Titan's low chin. Hiccup and Toothless were hovering near Mom and Cloudjumper, then began to lead them away from me. I sighed with relief and slipped back into the water, skimming just below the surface of the waves until I got to the beach. I shook the excess water from my hair and slipped my boots on again. I raced through my trail until I got to the edge of the forest. My deep-sea bag was heavy at my hip. I glanced up from my hideout and saw the statue of my father, the man I never knew. I didn't know much about him, only that he was slain in battle. Mom, Hiccup, and everyone else didn't talk about it, I only learned the little I did know from the engraving at the base. I counted in my mind and sighed with relief when Mom and Hiccup flew off over the forest. I dashed across the clearing from the forest, and snuck in the back door. I darted up the stairs and hid my bag under my bed. I rubbed myself with a towel before retiring downstairs to turn before the fire as I dried off completely. I then dragged a comb through my rat's nest, auburn hair. I was just braiding my hair back when someone came in. I tried to keep a neutral expression, then sighed with relief when I realized it was Astrid. I was always scared she was going to tell Mom about my secret love of diving, but as of yet, she hadn't. She helped me quickly braid my hair back just as Mom and Hiccup came in.

It was all peaches and cream from there. It was lunchtime, and I'd made a stew from a recipe card I had been given for my 8th birthday. After lunch, which was "divine" according to Mom, "good" according to Hiccup and Astrid, my mother and brother each left for their respective duties while Astrid and I went upstairs to go over my finds. She gasped, then growled when I pulled out the belt.

"What? What is it?" I asked alarmed.

"Where did you find this?" she hissed, gripping it tightly.

"Um. I found it off Raven's Point. There's a beach I use to go in and explore the sea," I said quietly, sheepishly. "What's wrong, Astrid?"

"This belt," she said in a trembling voice, "belonged to Berk's greatest enemy: Drago Bludvist."

I gasped. While I didn't know  much about my father, I did know about Drago. My brother and mother explained it to me when I was growing up: A madman who threatened Berk, and only the unbreakable bond Hiccup and Toothless shared was able to stop him and his army of dragons. I stared at the belt in Astrid's fist, a small amount of fear creeping up my back.

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Chapter 4

I hid the belt again and brought out some more of my interesting finds, including some oysters I was certain had pearls in them. I shucked them and was pleased as punch when two of them revealed twin pearls, one set blue the other white. Hiccup came up the stairs with Toothless right behind him. While they marvelled over the pearls I snuck the belt into my hazardous treasures bag, planning on burying it somewhere Mom and my brother couldn't find it.

"Hey, Sis. Where'd you find these oysters?" I heard my brother ask.

"Um. I found them while diving-" I said. Mom's voice rang out clearly.

"You went diving again?!" she screeched like a scalded cat and I cringed. I nodded, knowing the truth would get me in less trouble in the long run. "Stacy! We've been over this! You're not allowed to go diving! Not without Hiccup or I with you! Why do you insist on disobeying the simplest orders?!"

"Mom, please calm down," Hiccup started to say. She silenced him with a glare that could melt ice.

"Mom. Don't limit me like that! You and Hiccup never have time to go diving with me, plus you wouldn't let me go diving like I usually do," I whined. "I have a dragon who keeps me safe anyways. His name's Titan and he's a Thunderdrum. He's kept me safe more often than you and Hiccup ever did!" I regretted the words as soon as I said them. I saw her heart break by watching her face. Hiccup gave me a sympathetic look, but that hurt more than anything I'd ever felt. "Mom. I-I-I'm-" She held up a hand.

"If that's the way you really feel, then fine. Leave," she said in a low voice. Tears sprang to my eyes. I blinked them back, then grabbed my diving bag and ran out the door. Hiccup reached out to me as I went by him, but I brushed his comforting embrace off, not feeling it as I raced from the house.

"T-hi-Titan!" I called. My Thunderdrum met me at the beach and bubbled to me comfortingly. I hugged him for a moment then got on his back and flew off. I don't know where I'm going. But I know I'll be okay. I wish I hadn't said those things to Mom, or Hiccup. But you can't take back what's already been said. I sniffed back the tears, keeping a strong composure. Night was falling, but I wasn't going back to Berk. Twice Titan tried to turn back, but I corrected him each time. He seemed to sense that I felt pain by turning back to the place I'd been raised.

All through the night we flew, never stopping for a rest. At dawn we saw a small island on the horizon, which grew the closer we got to it. It seemed like a lush island that would be ideal for small dragons. We stopped there so he and I could rest. I took the first watch and he slept, snoring like waves crashing during a storm.

As he slept, I looked out over the ocean, and one thought formed in my mind, loudly, I'm completely alone.

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I love this :D

I love this :D


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Chapter 5

I stood up and stretched, lengthening my legs as I trotted up and down the beach. I decided to go exploring a bit, and stumbled upon some wild berries. Because I didn't know much if anything about wildberries, I opted not to eat them. I saw a rabbit, and used a quickly fashioned spear to kill it. Then I used a small dagger I had with me to clean and skin it, preparing it to be cooked. I gathered some wood and sparked up a fire, grateful that I'd at least been allowed to learn that. I brought the wood and rabbit back to the beach where Titan was waiting for me, patiently. I almost screamed when I realized that Hiccup and Toothless had followed us. As it was, I froze as though I'd been caught doing something bad. He wordlessly approached me and handed me a bag, gave me a hug, then got back on Toothless, who came forward and nuzzled me.

"Be careful out there, Stacy," Hiccup advised. "There's a piece of paper in there with Berk's crest on it, so that if you come across Outcasts, show them the slip of paper and tell them that you're the last child of Stoick the Vast and Valka the Valiant. Our father and Alvin made peace years ago, and we've been allies ever since."

"I'm sorry for saying those things, Hiccup. I was just upset, and miserable with the thought of being confined to the house," I blurted. He dismounted and wrapped me in his arms again. "I'm not going back." My voice was muffled significantly, but he seemed to understand.

"I know. That's why I gave you that bag," he said. "It's got a copy of the map Toothless and I made before I became chief, and him Alpha. Mom's not mad at you, she's just scared she's going to lose you. You're her daughter, and the last piece of Dad that she has, aside from me. And since Astrid is practically part of the family, she's scared that she's going to lose you." I felt him give me a kiss on the top of the head. "Now that doesn't mean she should hover, which I agree has gotten a bit excessive, but she does it out of love, and fear. Just take care of yourself and Titan, and the gods will do the rest. Berk will always welcome you two back, sister."

"I might come back for a visit, from time to time, just to check things out, but I'm not moving back, brother, I just can't stand the feeling of being trapped," I said. He sighed then released me, brushing a stray hair out of my face.

"I know," he said before swinging back up into the saddle, and taking off. 

I watched them circle for a bit, then Toothless shot a small plasma blast into my firepit, which had gone out. I put the rabbit on a spit and began to roast it, turning it constantly to keep it cooking evenly.

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Chapter 6

When the rabbit was done, which I checked by cutting into it a few times, I removed it from the spit, and hunkered down to eat. I broke off a leg and cut some of the chest meat off, chewing on them. Aside from being horribly bland, they were deliciously moist, and half-tender. I gave Titan a piece of the chest meat and, when he finished eating, I decided to take inventory of the stuff that Hiccup had given me. Inside the bag were the essentials: a hunting knife, an oil cloth, made from seal hide, a slip of paper (when unrolled it was the image of Berk's crest as he'd promised), some firewood and dry tinder, and a small, leather-bound book. A note was attached to the book.

Open Me! the note read.

I grabbed it and cracked it open. The title read "The Life of Stoick Haddock." My eyes widened. This was the story and the legacy of my father. I began to read while I packed up the leftover bunny, and packed it in some leaves which weren't poisonous. I stuffed it into the bag, and let Titan sniff it before he allowed me to put the bag on his back. I got on with the bag behind me, and, after snuffing out the fire with a sonic blast, we took off, flying Southeast. While Titan took care of the flying, I continued reading. I almost fell off Titan's back when I reached the last chapter.

When he was fifty years of age, Stoick chose his son, Hiccup, to become chief after him. His son was not amused, and often skipped work because of this fact. Not long after his son turned twenty, news came to Berk of a dragon trapper by the name of Eret son of Eret, who worked for Drago Bludvist, the most feared man in the world, even more threatening than Dagur the Deranged, leader of the Berserker tribe. Stoick left Berk on his trusty Rumblehorn, Skullcrusher, and soon caught up with his son and future daughter-in-law, where they were conversing with the dragon trapper. While there he recounted the first time he ever met Drago. It was a somber tale. In spite of the warning, Hiccup still went out in search of Drago, again running from his father's wishes.

In the midst of his searching, he came across his long-lost mother whom everyone believed to be dead, killed by dragons during the Dragon War. When Stoick found Hiccup again, his son tried to explain what he had found, but didn't get the chance, as they rounded a corner and entered a room where Stoick's wife, Valka, was standing proudly. They exchanged words and were happily reunited. Everything seemed perfect, but alas, it was not meant to last.

Not long after being reunited, Drago Bludvist attacked Valka's sanctuary, during which battle Valka's Bewilderbeest was slain by Drago's. The Black Alpha took control of Toothless, Hiccup's trusty and loyal Night Fury, and forced him to attack Hiccup. Stoick pushed his son aside, and took the blast full force, to the chest, killing him instantly. Unbeknownst to anyone, he'd left a fertilized egg in Valka's womb, which would soon turn into his daughter, Stacy Haddock.

Tears flooded my eyes and fell onto Titan's back. He burbled, looking back as best he could. I patted his face reassuringly, smiling as well as I could.

"I'm fine," I whispered. "Just-" I took a deep breath to keep my voice strong. "Fine." A thunderclap startled us both from our thoughts, and when I looked, I saw a thunderhead twice the size of the sky looming overhead. This is the perfect environment for Skrills. Oh, Thor, keep us safe! I thought frantically, looking for an island where Titan and I could shelter and ride out the storm. I was so focused on finding shelter, I didn't notice the rain suddenly begin pouring down, drenching me within moments. Suddenly my eyes lighted on one. "Titan!" I screamed above the storm, leaning over and pointing. "Land there! We can't fly forever in this storm! We'll have to weather it out down there!"

The island I had pointed to looked lush in the flashes of lightning, and had plenty of beaches. We landed, and I made for the trees, sheltering in them with my Thunderdrum. I soon discovered a cave not far from the beach, and when Titan investigated, finding it empty, he nudged me inside, and lay down not far from the cave, keeping an eye on me. I set up camp with numb fingers, trying to spark up a fire to keep warm. It worked after ten tries, and I coaxed the flames into a hungry blaze, which eagerly consumed some wood I dragged in from outside. It was waterlogged, and damp, but the fire still caught. I sat back with a shiver, rainwater dripping from me as though I were a raincloud. I held my frigid hands out to the fire, and sighed with relief when the warmth seeped up my arms into my body. I almost swore, though, when I realized the cave I had chosen was not unoccupied. I breathed out with relief when I what I thought were two eyes boring into me turned into a pair of stalactites that were the same size and equidistant apart. I tucked into a piece of the rabbit, which I heated up, and sent praises sky high for allowing me to find this little sanctuary. I promised that when the weather cleared up I would look over the island and settle on it for a while, resting and learning to survive.

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Chapter 7

The steady dripping of water and hollow moaning sounds of Titan's snoring woke me up the next morning. I sat up quickly and tried to keep from panicking when I didn't remember where I was. Then I caught sight of the bag Hiccup had given me the day before and it all came flooding back: the words exchanged at home, the final goodbye with my brother, and the flight through the thunderstorm. I shivered as the morning dew I was covered in mingled with the rain water that had soaked me. I tried in vain to get the fire going again and suddenly longed for the warmth of the house.

No, Stacy. You can't go back there, I thought to myself firmly. It's a prison, and until Mom learns to not be so clingy, you need to do this by yourself.

A Terrible Terror gave a catcall and I looked outside the cave. I noticed a small flock not far away and decided to befriend them. I dug around in the soggy bag and found five pieces of once-dried meat. I grabbed them and approached the tree.

"Hey, guys, you hungry?" I said softly, soothingly. I held out the meat, which grabbed their attention immediately. I sent a silent prayer to Valhalla as one of them flew to my arm. It sniffed me, then the meat, and kept one bulbous eye on me as it took one of the tempting morsels. They all followed the first one's example, and soon my hand was empty. That's when I realized that the Terrors were quite heavy. My arms gave out and they fluttered around me until they found suitable places to land. One of them chose to land on my head and I tried to suppress a shiver as a finger of wind wound its way through my clothes and up my back. I carried them back to the cave and tried, once again, to start my small fire. I dropped my hands in defeat and the little dragons flew off my body and landed, surrounding the small, pitiful pit. They seemed to talk amongst themselves and then breathed fire at the wood. It caught fairly quickly. I sighed with relief and immediately held my hands out to the fire. "Thank you, guys."

They purred and nuzzled around me, which made Titan a bit jealous. I cooed to him and he came over to get a chin scratch. I stroked each of the dragons on my lap and around my waist hesitantly. They stiffened, but relaxed when they realized that I wasn't going to hurt them.

Once I warmed up sufficiently, I stood up and beckoned for Titan. He came forward and I got up onto his back, then he took off. I pulled out my journal and made note of some major landmarks in my immediate area. I made a mental note to compare my crude drawing to my brother's map. The island I had chosen was quite lush, especially for this far North. I noted that beside the compass bearing. I drew the Sun to the East, and the moon to the West, a trick I had learned while at home.