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(Sorry I took so long!)

We begin our adventure when they receive their nomination letters. This is sort of like the hunger games if any of you have seen that. But only because the hunger games where also based off of Roman/Greek mythology. We will leave our homes the following morning, for now it is night. Let's begin.



1. Me ~ Zooid Malcaõ ~ 19 ~

2. Queenbossotronio ~  Blayze Ansgar ~ 20 ~

3. Valasari ~ Alvon Amador ~ 22 ~

4. Valasari ~ Orion Halsuis ~ 19 ~


1. Me ~ Zareen Böae ~ 19 ~

2. Wolf and star ~ Legeia ~ 17 ~

3. Valasari ~ Jericho Amador ~ 18 1/2 ~

4. Hestia82 ~ Alyia ~ 17 ~


DNR to the DNR posts. I will post first to start us off.


Hey, welcome to my signature. I don't have much, like to keep it simple.
here are a few links if you want 'em.

(Thunder, by Katarile. TYSM)


Thunderbird is a very strong and fearless character. She sails the skies with her trusted dragon, Smugde, and touches the seas with her heart. Her father was a sailor of the Løken tribe on an island called Kalfa. Boats have always been a big part of Thunder's life and adventuring is natural to her. In fact, she lives to travel and explore. She never stays in one place for to long because she believes there's to much she hasn't seen. She is fierce, intelligent and an excellent strategist. She loves to learn and is quick to learn it. She can find her way out of tight spots with ease. She is also an excellent axemen. She is swift, agile and flexible. You'll most often see her training on a large sea stack while Smugde either plays with any animal or dragon nearby or sleeping in the shade. She is very adaptable and fairly easygoing, yet, she does have a temper and is not afraid to show it. She will storm off or even give you the silent treatment if you make her really angry. She does not trust easily but will be loyal and kind if you earn it. Dragons trust her relatively quickly with the help of her Hobblegrunt who is kind to all species of dragons as long as they are fairly kind to him. But he does not trust people as easily. in fact, he does not trust people at all. It took Thunderbird two years to earn his full trust. Now they are in separable, they fly in the sky and touch the seas with their hearts, as one.


RP's I'm in;


Iron wars: Dissent to bloodshed


The Elven's hope


A muggle's guide to conquering evil sorcerers


Kalelians in Milldrãny


The enhanced (an avengers assemble RP)




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Shibaböae (Golden beast)

(Sorry again for the wait, I had Choir practice)

It was a rainy late night. the humid air, like a nebulizer, was calming to Shiba. She sprinted through the mud in the rain forest, back to her small hut that she shared with her brother. She saw a fallen tree up ahead and leaped over it like a pouncing leapord. She had had wonderfully solitary day and couldn't wait to get home. Despite what she might tell you; she was eager to see her little brother. She loved him more than anything in the world. Faster she sprinted and soon, she slid to a stop in front of a small hut, with green eaves and a wooden door, she walked to the door and pushed it open. There she found her brother; sitting, his back to her, looking out the window of the cliff she had built their house on. The sky was cloud ridden, the rain poured on with all it's might. Shiba walked over to the table, eyes on her brother; he didn't move a muscle, not even when she closed the door. She stepped toward him, she almost put a hand on his shoulder, but thought better of it. "Naahn?" She asked nervously. He gave a start. Then looked at Zar with his big green eyes, then she realized, he had tears streaked across his cheeks. "W-what's the matter?" She asked. He held up a scroll, she unrolled it to find a simple red paint splotch. The sign of nomination for the Milldrãny blood game. She looked up, "I don't want you to go" said Naahn. She pulled him into a hug. "I have to," she told him. "I have no choice. It is law" he hugged her tighter. "I leave tomorrow. To begin training" this was what most Milldrãnites trained for their whole lives. She did not want to go, but had to. She felt bad for all the rest who had to participate. "Now," she told him, letting go from the hug. "You should be in bed" he nodded, rubbing his eyes, and headed to bed. The sky rumbled soothingly in the distance.


(Sorry it was lame, I didn't have much time to finish)

Go ahead and post now.

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​Just in case we need to check our forms...





This Siggy will be stripped of its words and put back up with a COMPLETELY new look!



(if you want to know more about the real me and some funny things...scroll down)

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yoojung_studio (professional Instagram)

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(BY THE AWESOME dogloven)


Hina by BrynneBjornsson ~TYSM~






  Eurus by the amazingly talented, RedHoodJason (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)


Eurus by the Amazing *trumpet sounds* TosiLohi!!!


​Before we go any further....



My name is Valasari, Viking from the Isle of Vanaheim. Home to the sick and elderly dragons who make their final pilgrimage to this sacred land. Not many Vikings have made it past the unblinking Sentinel gaurdians, who have stone-like statue appearances and have the element of surprise upon unsuspecting Vikings. They are actually blind, therefore rely on their hearing & smell. They have better hearing than most dragons because of their blindness.


Before you ask...YES I know that this is a Signature....buuut you know......





Saharii--Adult Rumblehorn

Zeena--Teen Monstrous Nightmare



Role Plays I am In:

I know...I need to get a life.


Messengers of Light


Between Two Worlds


Unsuspected Changes

The SweetWraith


The Elven''s Hope


Kalelians in Milldrany


A Fusion's Will To Live


Dragon Evolution: Rise of the Hybrids


Dragon Evolution: The Treaty


The Enhanced


The Fall of the Elementals


Dark Future 


Modern Riding








I come from the Isle of Vanaheim. So far, the Sentinels have trusted me enough to live among the poor old dragons on this sacred Island. Of course, my Dragons are with me. They had to prove that they were trustworthy, as well as loyal. I have sadly moved away from Vanheim to live in the School. My goal is to become an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and then go back to Vanaheim!! I wish to see the Sentinels again....someday, after I have achieve my goal.




I saved Saharii from a devastating situation. Dragon Hunters had caged him, but Hiccup and I rescued him just in time.

Now, Zeena, on the other talon, has a wonderful life, I am making sure of it. I wish to befriend more dragons. I hatched her from an egg and raised her. With some help from Saharii.


Join me in my quest to save dragons from scum. And as far as dragons are concerned...I wouldn't trade them for anything.....Would You?


Random Note: I'm Dati, btw. I'm in my teens and I'm a weirdo. XD




1. K-POP! (I'm training to become an idol)

2.Dragons!--WHO ON LOKI ISLAND doesn't LOVE dragons.

3.Horses--Beautiful animals

4.Razorwhips--my favourite dragons

5.My animals...'cause...well...just 'cause.

6.Reptiles--Who dosn't like scaly creatures?

7.Lord of the Rings--Obviously 'cause Gandolf is AWESOME and Legalos too

8.School of Dragons--Uh...I don't know what to say but I wish I could play it MORE!



​Favorite Books

Wings of Fire  Tui.T. Sutherland

Pegasus Kate O'hearn

Narnia C.S.Lewis

Shadow Horse Alison Heart

​A Horse of Her Own Annie Wedekind

Menagerie Tui T. Sutherland

Buddy H. M. Herlong

(That's not all....but all my wittle brain could think of)




Funny things


I'm NOT clumsy. It's just that the floor hates me. The tables and chairs are bullies and the Wall Gets In The WAY!!



When someone told me I was in a fantasy, I fell off my Unicorn.


Friend: Did you fall?

Me: No, I attacked the floor.

Friend: Backwards?

Me: I'm freakin' talented!!!!!

The morale of this story. Just believe the cold truth that you're a Klutz. 'Cause I sure am.


If a robber broke into our house to search for money....I would laugh and search with him.


I hate it when people text me and it says "call me". One day, I am going to call someone and say "text me".


I can't dance to save my life, but when I step in dog poo, I can moondance better than Michael Jackson. =)




Dad jokes:


 Dad lookes at me....."You know hon, I couldn't find a single shoe shop today". I breathe in a sigh of relief, knowing that he won't make a bad joke. Dad: "They only sold them in pairs". I bang my head on the wall.


Dad dances around in front of the ATM machine. Me: what are you doing? Dad: Just checking my balance. Me: *walks away to the car*


Dad in the morning: You know I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went....then it dawned on me.


Dad: Yesterday I ate a clock..it was very time consuming...especially when I went back for seconds!!


Dad: What's the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue? Me: I don't know. Dad: You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna. Me: What about the pot of glue? Dad: I knew that you would get stuck on that! Me: OHHHHHHHHHH


Dad: Did you hear about the guy in KC who was addicted to brake fluid? Me: No..... Dad: Good news! He can stop at any time.


Dad and I were at the store and he picks up the velcro: I wouldn't buy anything with velcro....it's a total rip-off.


Mom asks dad at Thanksgiving: How does the turkey smell? Dad: Through its nose, I guess. Me: I'm going to bed.


Dad after a nice hot shower: You know..... Me: Here it comes. Dad: Singing in the shower while washing your hair is all good 'till you get soap in your mouth.....it then it just becomes a soap opera....


That's All Folks!!

for now.....(evil laugh)




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~Jericho Amador, Alvon Amador & Orion Halsuis~


     Jericho ran through the forest along with her friend, Orion. "Where are we going", Jericho asked as she sprinted next to him, bow and quiver over her shoulder. "Your brother has summoned us", Orion said heaving for breath. The night air was getting to him. Jericho shook her head as they ran, "you made me run all the way from the south side of the forest to the north side of the forest...for ALVON", Jericho shouted,"I mean I could have summoned Shiri so I could at least get a ride". Orion ignored her and kept running.

     They eventually made it to the house and Jericho put her hand on the door frame and bent over, catching her breath. She regained her strength and swung the door open to find Alvon sitting at the table with his hand over his face. Immediatly, Jericho knew something was up. "What's wrong, Al", she asked him taking a seat. Orion took a seat on the other side of them and watched as Alvon slowly pulled three scrolls from his bag, "do you know what these are?" Jericho and Orion shook their heads. Alvon sighed, "they are letters saying that we three have been nominated for...the Milldrany Blood Games". Orion fell over in his chair and Jericho just stared at Alvon. Orion picked himself up and began shaking his head profusely, "you have got to be kidding me. Me? In a Milldrany Blood Game. I would never survive". Jericho began smirking, "quick, Alvon, when can we send Orion there". Orion nodded in agreement, "yeah, when can-HEY!".  Orion glared at Jericho with a d.eath glare. Alvon shook his head, "this is SERIOUS. The Kings' Knights will be by soon to take us there", Alvon shouted.  Jericho put her head down in shame, "you are correct, I am sorry. When do we begin practicing?"

"You better get some sleep", Alvon began, staring outside at the trees blowing in the wind, "we start at dawn".

(Yeah yeah, I know it sucks. I'll do it better)

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Ligeia -17- Sirin

((No matter where you go, no matter what culture you go,  there will always be a bar, or some related.))


It was Friday night, Ligeias favorite night.

Not because of the party-goers, nor because of the late nighters, but, becaus it was karaoke night.

Ligeia heard the low whistle as she moved through the crowd, her perfectly sculpted frame standing apart from the town drunks. Sure, it was dangerous but, Ligeia was a big girl now, she could handle herself. She felt unwelcomed hands run down her bare legs, Ligeia paid no mind to this as the crowd parted around her. She found her way to the center, pursing her lips in distaste at the current singer. The man was obviously drunk, belching and croaking oit the lyrics to a hardly understandable song. The "booing" was cut short as Ligeia sauntered into the middle ring, the gathered men stared at her swaying hips with a dumfounded expression. The man previously singing gridded tona hakt, he looked up at her with a toothy smile, rather, what was left of his rotten teeth.

"You wanna do a douette with me baby?" He slurred.

"I would love that." Ligeia giggled, she reached out, grabbing him by the collar and drawing him near her, lips almost touching.

His breath was rancid. He leaned in for the kiss but, Ligeia pulled away before they could make contact with her song.



"Met this girl, late last year," 

Instantly the men were entranced by her heavenly voice. The drunk man fell forward, Ligeia caught him, dipping low tauntingly to his face.

"She said dont you worry if I disappear. "

Ligeia rubbed a hand over his cheek.  The man, thinking he scored, grinned.

"I told her im not really looking for another mistake."

Ligeia turned and heaved him off, he fell to the floor inside tye ring of men dazed and googly eyed. Ligeia winked at him and slipped the money she picked off him into her back pocket.

" I called an old friend thinking that the trouble would wait. But then I jumped right in a week late, to reckon she was only looking for a lover to burn."

Her body move in perfect time with the music. Her hips swayed tauntingly, her limbs flew gracefully, and her blue hair spiraled out from her shoulders, she had everyone enthralled. Ligeia spun right into the arms of a non looking man. He looked delighted, and his arms wrapped around her instantly. She looked up at him with a slight smirk before pecking him on the cheek.

" but I gave her my time for two or three nights then I put it on pause until the moment was right. I went away 4 months."

The man refused to Let Her Go. Ligeia,  after slitting his money into her pocket, pressed his arms into her chest tyen quickly, twirled in a tight circle, forcing him to let her go.



And so, it went on like this. Her voice was so enchanting that it attracted both men and women to stand and gawk. It went on until Ligeia's pockets were heavy with money and the song was over. She couldnt help but notice one regal looking man, sitting alone on the far side of the bar, sword hung casually from a holster. Once the song was over, the room was silent,  awe-struck, until there was a murmur, then a continous of encore! Ligeia shook her head, and began strutting out of the bar. Rough fingers clasped around her arm. Ligeia turned to see a mountain of a man loomin in front of her, eyes glinting micheviously. Ligeia pulled back with a grunt.

"Where dk you think your going little missy?" He barked.

"To your grandmas!" Ligeia snapped, and came down censored his foot.

The man jerked back in pain,  eyes screwed shut. Ligeia mmade a break for it, the huge man folowed with an angry roar. Ligeia flew over the cobble stoned street, nimbly dodging confused pedestrians along her way. The man bulldozed behind her. Ligeia purposefully turned into the alley, feet skidding against the stoned pathways. Suddenly, she came to a dead in and spun on her heels. The man chuckled dangerously as he approached her. Ligeia, satisfied that she had led him far enough away from prying eyes stood tall and began to stalk him.



The man picked up on her drastic change in demenor and  faltered. Ligeia felt the change begin to take hold of her her, her skin tingled with unseen feathers, suddenly,  there was a flash of steel. Ligeia stumbled back and out of the man's grasp fell against the wall, she swallowed the change (not unlike breathing in water) and gasped for breath. In front of her stood the man who did not look atball intrested in ner from eailer. Yet, this close, she saw how young he was. A boy. 

"Unhand the maiden." The boy,  all of 15 challenged,  sword drawn.

The man backed up, recognizing his costuming as one of the kings knights. He had enough legal problems already.

"Uh, she is yours." He muttered before turning and stomping off. 

The biy turned to face Ligeia with a benevolent smile. He offered her a hand to help her off the rain splattered groud.

"Stunning performance  m'lady." He beamed.

Ligeia glared at him and slapped his hand away, hard. The boy jerked it back with an exaggerated,  pained expression. 

"Is that any way to thank me?" He mused.

"I can handle myself, I dont have any time for heroic wanabes like yourself." Ligeia snapped, twisting her hair back, standing up. She turned to stalk past him and he bowed. Slightly suprised that she wasnt wooing over him, like most girls.

"M'lady. 'Tis not the only reason I was sent here." He said smugly and produced a letter from his coat pocket, handing it to Ligeia teasingly. 

Ligeia took ahold of the letter and glared at it. She instantly recognized the sigil and the blood red ink, she slowly turned her eyes upward to meet with the boys cocky brown ones. They held each others gaze for a second, Ligeia dropped the letter snd ran for it. Whatever the boy said was lost in the wind and she full on sprinted away. There was a clear 'ZIIIING' as the sword sliced through the air. Ligeia grinded to a halt and the sword hit its mark, barely skimming the tip of her nose and landing inside the wall. Tye handel wobbled from the force of which it was thrown.



The boy 5 feet behind her, splayed his arms with great bravado. 

"Dint go too soon." He smiled.

Ligeia glared at him. "Ill just run away again. You know I will." 

"Oh, im counting on it." He rapped on his temples. "Although,  i seem to remember YOU STEALING from those men back there. What is that? A level 10 offense?" He shook his head, tsking disappointedly. "I dont know man. Youd be out of the fire but your famiky? I cant promise the same for them. They were housing a fugitive! " 

Ligeia stared at him, unimpressed. 

"Of course,  I could keep this underwraps. You can even keep the money, if you hand yourself over willingly. " he bargained.

Ligeia stared at him blankly. What else couod she do?

"Locked inna cage with murderous monsters?" She tilted her head. "Sounds fun!"

"Ffun?" The boy blinked, not expecting that.


((Sorry for the quality.  I typed this up an an exetremely old, exetremely glitchy tablet.))



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