Just Introduce My Self XD

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I just want introduce my self

My name is Casterix ( On Game Not REAL!!! ) I am an Indonesian, i play this game since 2 week 6 day ago my friend suggest me to play this and sorry for my bad english languange In Game i like farming, fishing, racing, meet other viking, and etc. in real life i like reading drawing ( iam a secret person so i will not give lot of info about me ).  

You can meet me in game i use black hair and ride a nadder, or skrill, or scauldron. 

i like to adding  a new friend in game so feel free to add me as friend in game. 
i like this game cause i like Dragon and feel free to know more about me Just Don't ask my Religion before Conflict on Gaza Attacked by Israel is DONE!!!!!!



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Nice to meet you! I am Des.

Nice to meet you! I am Des. So glad you are playing School of Dragons! If you have any questions or problems feel free to send my a PM. Your skrill is very pretty!! 




(if you want the above dragon, go here)

  Friend Code: 






    RAZOR WHIP                      WOOLLY HOW



Deadly Nadder, Gronkle, Deadly Nadder, Scauldron, Whispering Death, Deadly Nadder, Rumblehorn. Flightmare, Hideous Zippleback, Hobblegrunt, Prickleboggle, Rumblehorn, Smothering Smokebreath, Typhoomerang, Boneknapper, Fireworm Queen, Screaming Death, Tide Glider, Changewing, Raincutter, Tide Glider, Scuttleclaw, Sand Wraith, Snafflefang, Shivertooth, Death Song, Grapple Grounder, Sentinal, Death Song, Flame Whipper, Triple Stryke, Devilsh Dervish, Flame Whipper, Windwalker, Silver Phantom, Singetail, Eruptodon, Gronicle, Armorwing, Snaptrapper, Thunderdrum






and my lineart


Kita is shy and distant when meeting someone new, but once she gets to know you she is super friendly and loyal to her friends!



The Twins


Azel   &   Ryna

Azel is a fierce and aggresive male & Ryna is a gentle and playful female



Jasiri         &          Nalina

Hunted to near extinction by Dragon Hunters for their skins, these two beautiful Tiger Furies are all that are left of their kind. Jasiri and Nalina traveled West, fleeing from Dragon Hunters that were determined to have them. I, DesDragonn, found them starving and near death while exploring one day. It has taken me years to gain thier full trust, but now we are inseperable! Thanks to Hiccup and the School of Dragons, these two beautiful Tiger Furies are safe from Dragon Hunters forever!



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Nice to meet you too and Thanks :D

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Hey Welcome to SOD Have fun if you need any help just PM us


*Thanks For Making This For Me ^_^

Invite code : AGoGIP

Clan :Saber Tooth Tiger

Dragons :

1. Nadder,DarkFire

2. Skrill,Lightning Bolt

3. Flightmare,Blue Mist

4. Thunderdrum,Wind Storm

5. Whispering Death,GroundSpitter

6.Storm Cutter,

7.Typhoomerang,Mystery Wings



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Nice to meet you to :D