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Why should you join us?


- Very nice channel UI.


- Professional and well-made!


- Very friendly community and staff!


- Daily dragon voting!


- Often fun events


- Experienced players that can help you with the game!


- SoD help channel! Ask for help there!


We got a pin from the official school of dragons sub-reddit!



Why not join our friendly community today?






Welcome to my signature!


About me:


I started playing in 2014, but my main account is made in 2018.


My name is Kiril.

Pronouns: he/him


Main viking: hdmla


Devices I play on: PC/Mobile


Discord Server (SOD Related):

Please message me if the invite is expired.


Favorite Dragons:

1. Dart - Night Light (she's just a beautiful dragon)

2. Waterman - Seastormer (my battle event dragon)

3. Nightmare - flightmare (my first dragon)

4. Easter - Dramillion (i really like him shooting all the blasts)

5. Johnny - Screaming Death (it might be overrated, but who doesn't like it?)

6. Fates - Scauldron (my old battle event dragon.)

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POUNCER! Don't eat the sub-*burp*-ject...

I would love to join but unfortunately I aint allowed discord. Soz





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Hello! I'm DefenderBryhild (Bryhild for short).





I live in England


I love art


My favourite animals are cats and horses


(and dragons?? xD)


My favourite colour is blue



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About that…

I can confirm that this is not a highly rated disc server as everyone ik who used to be in it agreed that the owner was way to strict and basically wouldnt allow you to speak if they didnt agree with you. Some of us got muted for giving a server suggestion (suggestion was to make a new separate channel for older ppl) that they didnt like and when others agreed with the suggestion they too got muted kek


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Wish I saw this sooner

funnily enough, I saw this thread this morning, and I joined the server. The mods had an art channel, and they would take art they thought was "the best" and put it in a special channel. Mind you, this wasn't an event or anything, it was just a regular channel for sharing art. I explained to them that this can be harmful to artists who don't get their art chosen. After about six hours, someone pinged the mods and told them to look at what I said. The mod who came up with the idea completely ignored what I had said and told me that "this is the way we do it" and "if you don't like it, you can either not post art here or leave the server." ...Is it that hard just to make a different channel? After a heated discussion in which all of my points were repeatedly ignored, I left the server. I really wish I had seen this sooner, cuz that was a thoroughly un-enjoyable experience that I definelty could've done without. To anyone who wants a healthier community, I recommend finding a different server or just staying on the forums.


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Here's some info about me:

Gender/Pronouns: Trigender (he/she/they)

Religion: Christianity

Sexuality: Pansexual + Demisexual

Intrests/Hobbies: I love to read and draw. Some of my favorite series are Warrior Cats, Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, and HTTYD ofc!

Favorite Dragon: My favorite dragon is the Deadly Nadder! I'm working on collecting as many as I can in-game (I have 30 currently.. stable space is becoming an issue...)

Pets: I have a 3 year old apricot pueblan milksnake named Mango, 2 gerbils named Whisker and Fidget, and an 11 year old black labrador named Cali


I have a LOT of dragons so I'm just going to name a few of my favorites <3


Deadly Nadder, Star: LVL 50 and my first ever dragon (titan)

Deadly Nadder, Sun: LVL 21 (titan)

Speed Stinger, Sunset: LVL 22

Scauldron, Lemon: LVL 50 (titan)

Typhoomerang, Flame: LVL 19

Silver Phantom, Cobalt: LVL 10

Tide Glider, Fathom: LVL 18

Flame Whipper, Cherry: LVL 10

Nightterror, Oreo: LVL 15

Stormcutter, Cloudberry: LVL 11

Nightlight, Pouncer: LVL 15



Stargazer, my star-child, done by the incredible Carolinalina!

Bizurian, one of my many nadders, done by the talented WoollyHowlEra!

Oreo, my nightterror, also done by WoollyHowlEra! :D

Hailstorm, my baby dreadstrider done by the amazing AMAZIEing!

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“You are who you choose to be.”

Oh wow, really? Thanks for letting people know. "Friendly community." More like, "Friendly community unless you disagree with me on anything." Sadly, that does seem to be the case in a few places these days, and that Discord server appears to be no different. I'm glad you brought this to people's attention.



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About Me ( in SoD)

Main Viking: nakataGreenThumbs

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Points: Between 200,000 and 300,000

First Dragons: Lightning the titan Shockjaw and Skyhopper the titan Deadly nadder

Most recent dragon: Caelum the Silver Phantom

Main dragon: I use all of them fairly equally (I try to, at least)

Trophies: Between 600 and 700, I'll have to check

First Viking: nakataGreenThumbs (created March 2017)

Favorite place to hang out: Wilderness and Training Grounds


Banner created by the great EmeraldHuntress65! :)


I also like to photograph birds. Here are some bird photos I took in 2020:







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Now for some art generously done for me by some very talented artists!




Credits to the wonderful people who did this lovely artwork (in order of art shown): snowflake12298, WoollyHowlEra, LucinaOfTwilight, Tigerli1y, DyliehIdol1214, WoollyHowlEra again, A lapse, and Blue Kitsune! Thank you all so much! :)


Of course, who could forget the beautiful Starflight? Despite her difficult past, she has found the companionship she had craved for so long, thanks to the help of a kindly group of Nadders. Next to her is her newest friend, Quickflash, whose difficult past mirrors Starflight's, but without the kindness of a mother. Starflight rescued her from drowning and the two became great friends. Both created and given to me by the great DyliehIdol1214! :)


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Yay, you've reached the end (for now :D)! Enjoy my mini army of pixel dragons! Done by the great Chameishida :)



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Scribble Scribble Wiki Scribble

     I'm in the server for a good while (since June on this year) because I was curious and who knows, maybe the server is good. Let me start off to say that while my identity in their server is a mystery, no, I did not join as a spy or anything like it. I really just joined for the sake of curiosity. I wanna throw that out there before anyone of either side begins to crucify me as some Team Fortress 2 Spy looking to throw down the other team - that ain't what I'm doing.

     I also want to give a second context to this, this guy has been advertising the server everywhere as THE best SoD server - on this Forum for the 4th time ever since someone said they can advertise it but forgot to say you shouldn't spam with it, on the SoD Reddit (here [warning for foul language] and here), on HTTYD Reddit, and even a Disboard bot in the server where they can bump the server at any given point. They all have the exact same advertisement method - it's the best SoD server and seemingly use a temporary link on purpose to advertise it in mass. At some point, this gets more annoying than good because what you could've done is create a central post, add a perma-invite, and if you see the central post isn't on the 1st page, you bump it and done. But the guy prefers doing the spam way in spite of been told to do this easier-to-manage, less-buggy-to-people method in the last post.

     So, since they call themselves as the best, you should expect a nice welcome, a proper introduction to the server and their channels, an accessible exploration, you name it. And usually, servers try to be as less busy and channel-heavy as possible, more specifically "is this channel truly needed to be on its own, or can you just merge with x". Well, once you land on #hello and not the #rules, the server channels looks like this.

     For a Welcome & Info category, it's filled with anything of any category - Art Event on top, rules and announcements in two different points, roles and their information are in complete separate channels when there's bots that can both moderate, and display both the role buttons and their information all in one section (then again, with a role information looking like this, no wonder they need a separate channel). From experience as an admin of three servers, Rules, Role Info, Role Get, and Application can all fit inside one channel, either through a Document, Threads, or proper organization from biggest matter to least matter, then followed by announcements, and welcome can be either on top or bottom. Same with the Chit Chat and Art, everything's all over the place and most of them could be merged into one singular channel.

     And yes, you are seeing it right, a face reveal channel in a server heavily themed on a MMORPG game that is highly prone to uncomfortable encounters and all sort of wrong deems like any other MMORPG. Why is there a need for that channel in a MMORPG game themed server? Heck if I know.

     Most of the drama of this server come from the Suggestions and they are not lying - if the suggestion is something they don't really want to do, they'll firstly try to defend themselves/shut you up then if they really have to, they do the suggestion in a begrudging manner. For instance Tiger said "the mod who came up with the idea completely ignored what I had said and told me that "this is the way we do it" and "if you don't like it, you can either not post art here or leave the server." in regard of a channel literally dedicated to admins post what they think it's worth to be on a dedicated channel like a parent grabbing a child's drawing a post it on the fridge. What, you can't find the full argument or the channel? Well, welcome to another step they do with some of the suggestions and it's semi-clear the evidence through deleting replies or a channel purge. Down below is literally what rest of the argument looking somewhat disjointed with the owner begrudgingly accepting in deleting it for the sake of "look, we accepted your suggestion now shut up".

     Another suggestion Storm mentioned and got them muted (though admitedly, the full convo shows why they were muted was not for the suggestion, but yes the ruckus they did so credit where credit is due, imo, they were muted for a good reason) was a +18 channel which by default, should be a requirement considering the game whose server is based on is for children. And it doesn't just apply to pictures, it should apply to what you say - and ironically enough, there is a pin hightlighting another reason why. Considering how they have a rule to follow the guidelines of Discord and advertising the server in mass can likely attract young children into a world of non-moderated swears and jokes - you'd think by this point they'd do the suggestion since the advertisement refuses to highlight how the server is not kid-friendly with the swears getting thrown everywhere.

    Spoiler alert: They did not. They still allow swears (case 1 and case 2, even the rules say it under #13), they still haven't created a +18 channel (go ahead and use BetterDiscord > ShowHiddenChannels plugin which allows you to just see the channels and not what's inside it, and take good look around, no +18 is found). They are willingly aware that the server is not kid-friendly and yet advertise it in mass in a forum for a children game. And just like everything else, there's a high chance they will edit or delete the evidence to clear their names.

     Drama aside, if you don't mind whatever this is, then surely you wouldn't mind the constant use of @everyone over ANYTHING. They have a updates role which gives LESS reason to use it. And yet, they. just. keep. using everyone instead. Literally. Mostly for the most mundane thing you can think of. Imagine getting everyone-ed over some guy's birthday or a joke, or a... public execution like the Middle Ages. With the infamous one seemingly being the owner thinking some random person with a different SoD server who they call it a "ripoff" being the same person that said the cursed word (you know the one). You can say "oh if you don't like the everyone ping then don't join the server/turn them off" and I would be fine if they didn't already have an updates role exactly for what it says on the tin, giving them no excuse to use @everyone over something like a dude's birthday instead of using it for something actually important.

     Oh and did I mentioned that if you want to be a moderator, Gods forbid you for being bilingual or have a faulty grammar or heck, make a typo, because doing it so reduces your chance at being a moderator. And when you do become a mod, you can be payed. Ain't joking about that one.

     And that's my tidbit about this ordeal of a server, if you're looking to be constantly pinged, be in a willing to be a +18 server advertised in a forum for a children game, and have a russian roulette over a suggestion, this server's for you.



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About me:

For a more in-detail Introduction about me, click here.

I'm LPS100, Genderfluid (any pronouns) and I'm a SoD veteran playing since August 15th, 2014. Still playing because "why not?". I consider myself the "Grinch of School of Dragons" due to SoD being the game that received the most negativity out of me (for multiple reasons).


In-Game Info and SoD Wiki:

I'm only in the game mainly for Wikia purposes. I only turn MMO on during battles but don't bother talk with me as I never use the chat as a form of communication. I have trained all the Dragons Species but the Thunderpede and the Scuttleclaw are my biggest favorite - my Dragon List is currently a WIP.

I'm one of the four major admins from the Dreamworks School of Dragons Wikia so, if you need help, I'm Wiki-LPS100. If you want to join us editing and contributing to the wiki:

Please remember that this isn't an official wiki. It was built and edited by players of School of Dragons and it was created to help and inform players and newcomers.


You can also find me on:

  • Tumblr: LPS100 (game blog: Nerd-Breached-Containment)
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Let’s actually set the path straight

Okay- so what actually happened. Now dont take this as an attack Lps after all we are all technically on the same side that this server crappehh. 

the reason we got muted was indeed based off of the suggestion. I suggested an 18+ channel as stated above as a whole ruckus was created when someone said they had cysts they needa removed via surgery. (Yes that was the extent of the convo, there were no details, no 'gore') this in itself caused an uproar, making me suggest an 18+ channel. Mind you, they did have a vent channel which was supposed to technically be the 18+ yet anyone could get in. There were no restrictions. Another person then awhile later backed me up on this suggestion stating why they thought it was a good idea, and thats when the owner got super upset and started yelling at us telling us to shut up. It was from there we made some jokes about how we literally couldnt have opinions in the server (fr tru tho) which ultimately led to our mute. Me, and many other there ofc believe it was uncalled for, as he is the one who started yelling at us for giving suggestions (that he asked for in the first place) and it was harmless joking that everyone (and yes i mean everyone) joined in on, or at least laughed along with us, until the owner came back and only then, did the other mods conviently start scolding us. 

Now whether or not u saw all of that lps (as he deleted a lot, and some of the mods deleted along the way) idk but that is basically what went down, and caused the bulk of us to leave and create our own server.