The Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series "Teaser Trailer" for Book 8

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Hello all!


As I said a while back, I would release my "Teaser Trailer" for Book 8 of my series by way of a drawing.  Here is the title for Book 8:


Conquest for the Truth



This is Jarl and Annabeth with their dragons

Anora the Razorwhip and Fredrick the Thunderdrum




This picture depicts the style and mood of Book 8.


This is also my first colored drawing of anything or anybody relating to my series.  I am also working on a digital trace of my drawing through using Adobe Illustrator.  That is an ongoing project that I will keep you guys updated on.  At the moment, I have Annabeth all traced and will be working on Jarl next.


To further explain a little bit more of what Book 8 will be like, listen to my theme music for the book:

Jarl and Annabeth's Theme

Legends Never hide(ft. Against The Current) I Worlds 2017 - League of Legends


Thorgunna Vixxen's Theme
Imagine Dragons: Warriors I Worlds 2014 - League of Legends


(The links are the official music videos.  If you just want to lyric videos, they are below)
Legends Never hide- Lyrics
Warriors - Lyrics


While I was drawing the picture of Jarl and Annabeth, "Legends Never Die" I listened to almost exclusively.


Pay very close attention to the words of each song and compare them to what you know of Jarl and Annabeth and what you know about Thorgunna Vixxen.  There are several lyric lines that match very well with what I have written so far, one reason why I picked these two songs.  Additionally, there are other lyric lines that are very important to Book 8.  Some may be obvious, some may be subtle.  Listen to the words.  The songs as a whole also play into the setting and mood of Book 8.


How do you like the drawing?  How do you like my tease of Book 8?  What questions do you have?


While we are on the subject of questions, are there any questions you might still have from Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain?  I would be glad to answer any.


Before Book 8, Book 7 must come.

But I would like your input.


Any crazy title that you would like me to make a story out of, similar to what I did with my first book?


Are there any types of mysteries that are your favorite?  Have any ideas for a plot?  Have any interesting plot points you would like me to try to portray?  Anything from the last two seasons of Race to the Edge that you want me to reference?  Any characters you would like to add, both good or bad or neutral?


Any suggestions you have, I would be glad to read and consider them.  I may use the full suggestion or parts and then put my own spin on them.  I will use everything to spark an idea to what exactly what I want to do for Book 7.  I do want it to be a shorter book, about the size of The Mysterious Frozen Fire because I want the book to span the rest of Race to the Edge, maybe slightly afterward and leading up to Book 8 and How to Train Your Dragon 2.




I cannot thank you all enough for all your support through this adventure.  Though I already have plans for an eighth book, seems like we just started.  Without your input through pm's or comments, I would have never made it past my first book, let alone the first ten chapters.  Some of you know that if The Clue of Missing Socks did not get commented on before Chapter 10, I would stop posting.  I would have finished the story because I had to do it for a project I was working on, but that probably would the start and the end of The Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series.  The rest is history.  My first book receiving 30,000 reads (times clicked on) in about a year and my second book receiving 25,000 reads in four months fewer.  Before the admins took the "reads" feature out of the forums, my third book was going to surpass even that in still shorter time.


I want to personally thank each of my readers from the bottom of my heart.  Whether you are a silent reader, been here since the beginning, came in somewhere in the middle, or are a first-time reader, thank you!  You all mean the world to me and I am glad you all like my books so much.  Your support keeps me going and striving to be better with each chapter.


While each of my stories I try to have a moral to the story, me writing books has a moral itself:

Whether you are writing stories, creating art, or doing something that you like or love, do not give up.  Keep going.  The time in which you think you are doing a lot of hard work for nothing, that is usually the time that good things happen.  If no one is noticing and if you want to get noticed, then take a step out and talk to people, get them engaged and interested in what you are doing.


But most importantly... Have Fun.


I thought I would never enjoy writing anything, let alone a paper for school.  But when you change it to do something that you would like and enjoy, things change.  It is all a matter of perspective.  Things that you thought were bad, are not really all that bad.  I tried writing something I would enjoy writing... 6 books later... I love writing about as much if more than I do reading books.


And with great friends like you guys, then it is all worth it.  I do this all for you.  I consider each of you a friend.




Thank you very much for reading and supporting my series!


Rest in Peace NarixuZen.  2004-2017

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