Jake Chronicles: The Changer - Chapter 22: "Back to the Treacherous."

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Jake Chronicles: The Changer - Chapter 22

"Back to the Treacherous."


            “Well, well, well,” said Alvin. “Isn’t it Stoick’s little embarrassment, and his little apprentice!”

            “Hey!” I shouted. “I am self-taught!”

            “Oh boy, um…” Hiccup puzzled. He then pulled me from eyesight. “All right. You stay here,” Hiccup ran off, and jumped onto the island, where Alvin was.

            “Come here, boy!” Alvin tried grabbing Hiccup, but he dodged him. “Don’t make this hard!”

            “Alvin, why are you looking for that?” Hiccup said. “Isn’t that key worthless?”

            “Not to the right man,” Alvin says. “The guy that hired me offered something that I couldn’t resist!”

            “What? Money?”

            “Freedom…” Alvin says, catching Hiccup off-guard, and knocking him to the floor.

            “Freedom from what?” Hiccup asks.

            “Freedom of the New World Order!” Alvin grabs his harpoon, and shoots at the walls. The arrow catches onto the wall. “When he comes, you’ll be sorry you’d cross me when us Outcasts came to the island.” Hiccup gave a glance at Alvin’s Harpoon. “Oh, you like? Stole it from Berk’s Blacksmith stall! Still can’t believe Gobber is a dentist. Who’d thunk it?” With that, he pressed a trigger, and he was off.

            “Hmm… ‘Freedom of the New World Order… what does that even mean?” Hiccup said. “This doesn’t make any sense.”

            “Well, best we tell the others of this.” I said.

            We left the caves, with Fishlegs, the twins, and the rest of the gang. We’ve headed towards the arena, with The Overseer still at arena. “I see you failed at retrieving the key!”

            “Alvin showed up, and left before we could even stop him.” I said, as I was adjusting the saddle for Switchstorm.

            “Hmm… How odd…” The Overseer said.

            “Indeed.” Stoick said, emerging behind him. “What makes matters worse is that Mildew is gone. I checked his house more than I did the first time he left, and still no show.”

            “Um… yeah, I forgot to tell you.” Switchstorm said. He then transforms himself into Mildew. “That dragon that sacrificed himself for me, well, he was him.”

            “So, Mildew was a dragon… all along?” Stoick said. “That doesn’t explain why he hates dragons.”

            “It kinda does.” Astrid said.

            “Mildew wanted to get rid of the dragons, right?” Snotlout said. “Well, you needed to hate dragons, to want to get rid of them.”

            “And we treated him like an old geezer.” Stoick said shamefully. “Shame, really.”

            “It doesn’t matter,” Hiccup said. “He’s gone now.”

            “The Changer sacrificed himself. End of story.” Switchstorm said. I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it.

            “Switchstorm, you’re no different than you were when you were an egg! I loved you from the beginning, and that hasn’t changed!” I try to assure him. “No matter what, you’ll always be my dragon…”

            Stoick was being talked to by some Viking. He then turned to interrupt us. “Dagur is coming for the yearly Berserker Treaty Sign. And I suspect that he would like a tour.”

            “Well, the good thing is that he hasn’t really picked on me since… you know…” Hiccup said. “Then there is the bad thing.”

            “What bad thing,” I asked.

            “Well, my father had asked me to do the tours last week. Since I had dodged him that time with target practice, he won’t let me refuse.” Hiccup explained.

            “That’s because you need to learn the responsibilities of being a chief.” Stoick said. “You know, I won’t always be here just so you can bail out of heirship duties.”

            “Why not let Jake do the tour.” Hiccup asked. “You did appoint him the Dragon Academy leader when I was back in rome.”

            “He’s hardly a chief, Hiccup!” exclaimed Stoick. “As soon as I appointed him, he literally walked out of the room! Now son, please be careful.”

            Stoick had left the arena, and back to Berk. Rather than heading to the island, Dagur headed towards us, to the arena.

            “Hiccup! Glad to see you!” Dagur said, as he was climbing up the steps from the docks to the arena. “Hmm… I remember the last tour we had… where you tried to fool me about… hunting dragons.”

            “Yeah, uh, funny thing, that day,” Hiccup scratched his head. “I’m glad you could make it last year… you never really showed up the last two years, really.”

            “Yes, I’m afraid I’ve been… claiming islands and what-not.” Dagur said, casually. “I was expecting Stoick. Who’d knew you had some… leadership!”

            This almost got Hiccup mad, but not enough. “Please, allow me to show you the improvements of Berk! I’m sure you’ll love it!” Hiccup said. “At least not in a murderous love, I hope.” He mumbled as we all got on their boat.

            “Savage, take us back to Berk.” Savage was a middle-aged Viking. When I first met Alvin, he told me that Savage was part of his crew, until Dagur took Savage away from him.

            “Will do!” Savage says as he commands Dagur’s soldiers to row the boat. “So, Hiccup! Glad to see you… You’ve changed since last I saw you.”

            “Oh, you have no idea.” Hiccup said. “Why is he here?”

            “Well, you know Alvin, right?” Dagur said. Funny thing you mentioned Alvin, ever since he betrayed us. “He decided he wanted to go solo. Ever since Mildew mysteriously… vanished…” Funny thing you say that, too…

            Once we were at the docks of Berk, the tour began. “Here’s Gobber’s Blacksmith stall. As you know, and surprisingly accepted, we’ve allowed Dragons in our lives, and since then I and Gobber had tag-teamed on the saddles for our 4-legged, sometimes 10-legged, even 0-legged friends.”

            “What about the 1-legged Hiccup,” Dagur laughed, then calmed to his much fiercer town. “So you pretty much had thrown away all the Dragon-killing things?”

            Hiccup was annoyed by that, but kept his cool. “We pretty much had re-fitted the island so that every dragon has it’s needs, so we don’t need to do any Dragon-killing here.”

            “Lame,” Dagur said. “How about we’d skip the tour…”

            “I’d like nothing more,” Hiccup whispered.

            “...and start on a new event that I would like for you to join me in, ‘brother,’” Dagur continued. Brother? How does that make sense?

            “What event?” Heather asked.

            “Well, I’m glad you asked.” Dagur said. “I’m talking treasure hunt! How awesome is that? We’d split it 50/50!”

            “50 for me, and 50 for… me!” Tuffnut said.

            “What treasure are you talking about?” Snotlout asked.

            “I’m talking…” Dagur said. “about a few legendary chests that have been scattered across the island!”

            “I pretty much know the island inside and out,” Fishlegs said. “Last time I checked, we’ve been here for several generations! If there were treasure here, we’d find it.”

            “Hello, don’t you remember about the treasure of Hamish the Second?” Ruffnut asked.

            “She does have a point,” Astrid said. “Even Stoick and Gobber didn’t know where that one was.”

            “So, when do we start the chest hunt?” I ask.

            “We’ll start it soon!” Dagur said. “We’ll start it soon enough! All that treasure will be mine… I mean, ours…”

            Everyone followed Dagur into the forest, everyone except me and Hiccup. “I have a bad feeling about this…” he whispered, then caught up with the group.

            “You and me both…”

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