I've finally arrived

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Urano Metria
Viking Warrior
Joined: 02/02/2016

I hope it's ok to post this here, since I'm not new to the game, just the forum.


Hello! Like I mentioned before, I'm an old player who has just joined the forums! I have four dragons, two whispering deaths named Driller and Willowshade, one thunderdrum named Seasplash, and one scauldron named Swimfly. While I forget the exact date, I joined sometime in between the first ever Harvest Haunt, and Thornadoe's arrival in Flight Club. Even though half my dragons are whispering deaths, I have to say my favorite class is Tidal and my favorite dragon is none other than the scauldron.

        Sorry, I'm bad at introductions but hopefully this small amount of random information will suffice. I look forward to my time on the forums!