Isn't Thawfest weird?

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Between the unusual scenarios we find ourselves in for daily quests and the unexpected glitches, there are a lot of quirky moments to showcase this season. For example:


When have you ever heard of a pack of Snow Wraiths flying south in the spring? Valka wanted me to ride a Fireworm Queen I didn't even know to free Snotlout from ice that wasn't even blocking his escape.


Then when Snotlout needed help keeping an iceberg from risking the safety of the Scuttleclaws, he brought a family of fiery Nightmares to their icy island. I enticed them with arctic char and they all fired at the iceberg, but I already had Sparkflare with me and she did most of the work with her powerful flames.


There are many more outlandish situations the Thawfest quest pull us into. Have you captured any?


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  I must admit the Thawfest dailies are strange- I prefer Snoggletog better than Thawfest- But I am just biased. xDDD



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A wild outcast has appeared!

There's a Daily Quest where you need to guide a Baby Scauldron to their family (who's like. on the other side of a *very* small landscape, mind you) and that DQ has 3 mid-quest variants, I got one where you need to clear out the three (3) small ice pieces from its way even though the Baby Scauldron could just turn right/left and go forwards their family.


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  Great reminder. I almost forgot that one. Makes no sense at all. >,>

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Yep, you've got to admit that they're a little strange but I love it. At the end of the day they're just a bit of fun, I enjoy doing them


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Zephyr ate my subject...

Thawfest is pretty fun to do, it sucks there are a lot of infinite health battle event ships, Cold Winds in TRR doesn't work properly, you don't get gems as easily, etc.

Ignoring those issues, Thawfest is a pretty good concept to throw into SoD, not gonna lie (although some of the quests might be strange!)

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I don't have a screenshot of it but apparently we are now fireproof. We can ride Hookfang around the Training Grounds while he's on fire and we don't get a single burn. XD I find this quest pretty funny each time I do it. 


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A wild outcast has appeared!

O god yeah and you can use Flamed-Jacket Hookfang in battles too apparently. xD

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It certainly is odd! I have screenshots ready and I'll get to that. I was very conscious that Gorge wasn't wearing a flight suit to protect him from the flames.

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Nostalgia and a giant candy

Preparations were being made for the Thawfest games, and Astrid informed me that they were following tradition by having the opening ceremony at Old Berk. When I got there and Hiccup welcomed me, the memories of my first visit to Berk flooded back to my mind, and everything around me disappeared as I looked up at the sky and remembered my first flight with Toothless.


I heard the music from the beginning (part of "Test Drive") and the occasional sound effect of the rings. This glitch actually gave me the "Flying with Toothless" achievement on Steam since I hadn't gotten it before! I haven't yet finished the quest because I love seeing all the dragons and their riders together.


Later on, when Hiccup offered to give flying lessons to anyone interested, I went with unruly Globstract to meet him at the Ship Graveyard. After flying through all the rings, Globby made one of her amber "sculptures". This one looked like a lollipop!

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Get grilled!

I'm sure you have received Snotlout's outrageous requests lately, and that, like the "goody two-boots" you are expected to be in this game, you agreed to ride a flaming Hookfang. I feel your pain!


But some weird things happened when I returned him to his rider. In order to put out his flame jacket, he practically exploded in a huge fireball.


Once he had cooled off, I saw that it wasn't Hookfang. The dragon I had thought was Hookfang was more brightly coloured, and I was still riding the flaming Hookflang. What was this trickery? Had Snotlout learned it from the twins?