Invisible Viking Mode Not Working

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  Okay so issues I've noticed since Thawfest up until Now. So what I noticed during Thawfest (issues that are still going on) is when you got on the dragon and turned invisible you could see the Vikings eyelids and when you get on and off the dragon your Vikings eyes would be closed which didn't happen before. The issue now is you can see your Vikings hair when invisible after the new update. I've deleted my game and redownloaded it and logged outta my account. I will add screenshots in a bit- As I'm on mobile. This has effected PC and Mobile. Please fix this! I love the wild dragon/ invisible Viking Mode!



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Quite annoying


(not the glitch skin. I love that and hope it stays)


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  Yeah it is. Very annoying. (I get it. The skin is very nice!)

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You can find a way around this by putting a helmet that hides your hair. I did that by putting the Bewilderbeast helmet from DT and it hide my hair when I turn invisible.




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Nice to know there is at least a workaround.



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  I mean that's good but I would like it completely fixed. I don't like my Viking wearing helmets but if I can ride Hypnos without the hair appearing then it's worth it!

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There's only one thing I have to say...



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I just posted a thread on

I just posted a thread on this exact thing! It's really annoying to have to work around random lil glitches like this. I feel like this game has really gone down hill. I've been playing since the start and like, there were other issues but I feel like SoD actually fixed them I guess. I dunno.


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