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I really am sorry to keep bugging about this, but I really need some help.

I've sent in three emails about my invalid code, two to and one to I bought my Riders of Berk DVD on December 1st and sent my first email about the code not working, and it's now December 5th, and I still haven't heard back about the problem.


Just to make sure, I created a character on my account and went into the hatchery, but can't access the Thunderdrum egg.

I'm not sure if it usually takes this long, but it's been five days, almost six, and I'd really like to start playing with my Thunderdrum. Especially now that it's Snoggletog!


I'm not sure if my email's aren't being recieved or what, but I've sent in the code, my username, and my forum name.


Please respond quickly!


Thank you.


◄ R O W A N



◄ Voltage  Grumpy and temperamental Skrill. [Level 20

◄ Nimbus  Clumsy and enthused Night Fury. [Level 20] 

 Northwhisper  Well-meaning, trouble-making Woolly Howl. [Level 15



◄ Snaplash  The cuddly Whispering Death. [Level 20

 Mudsneeze   Mud-bathing Gronckle. [Level 20] 

◄ Smudge ♂  Eager-to-please Snafflefang. [Level 20] 

 Tempest  The cowardly Screaming Death. [Level 19

 Ulfric   The adventurous Groncicle. [Level 5] 

◄ Hunk ♂  Boastful and hot-headed Thunderpede. [Level 5] 



◄ Halfpitch  The cheerful, singing Thunderdrum. [Level 20] ►

◄ Riptide ♂ The mischevious Scauldron. [Level 20] 

 Chrome Fiercely loyal Sand Wraith. [Level 19] 

◄ Patch  The gentle Tide Glider. [Level 12] ►

◄ Sangha  Pranking master-mind Sliquifier. [Level 5] 



 Nettle  Food-loving Hobblegrunt. [Level 20

◄ Firedrake ♂  Insistant and energetic Typhoomerang. [Level 18] 

◄ Sunwatch  Maternal, protective Fireworm Queen. [Level 5] 

 Hotspot  The paranoid Singetail. [Level 5



 Alluna ♀  Shy and sweet-natured Flightmare. [Level 20] 

◄ Twist & Quibble ♀ Squabbling Hideous Zippleback. [Level 20] 

 Grimm ♀ The sock-stealing Boneknapper. [Level 17] 

◄ Echo  Haughty big sister Deathsong. [Level 14] 

◄ Nyroc ♂  Goofball little brother Deathsong. [Level 13] 

◄ Honeybite  The quiet, contemplative Sweet Death. [Level 5] 

◄ Lancelot ♂  Sleepy-eyed Armorwing. [Level 5] 



◄ Sif  Curious and easily-impressed Stormcutter. [Level 20

 Puddlestep ♂ The relaxed and laid-back Raincutter. [Level 20] 

◄ Sheerside ♂  Quick-thinking, clever Razorwhip. [Level 12] 

◄ Delta  Aggressive and excitable Speed Stinger. [Level 5] 



◄ Flashstrike  The clean-freak Deadly Nadder. [Level 10

 Hitch ♂ Proud and brawny Rumblehorn. [Level 5] 


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Six days now... :( no

Six days now... :( no email...

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Seven days now... please, I

Seven days now... please, I just want an email acknowledging that mine were recieved and that the problem is being worked on.

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We're sorry for the delay.

We're sorry for the delay. If you received a confirmation email after contacting Customer Support, then our team would have received your request and they are in the process of looking to help you resolve it. Thanks for your patience.


However, we'd also be happy to follow up on your request directly. Could you please privately message us the email address that you've been using to try and contact our team? Just so you know they will need a photo of your codes, your username, and the type of dragon that you were trying to unlock, inorder to proccess the request. From there, we'll be able to locate your email and make sure that this issue is resolved as soon as possible.