Introducing the Slitherwing- Customize bases

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Hello again after the long Hiatus! Although it was still unlikely that this thing is going to come out more often given everything I got in my hand right now. Still! Decide to drop by and let this old thing out, it has been a while after all. Hopefully you will like this one





Class: Sharp

Stats icon attack Attack: 18

 Speed: 18

Stats icon armor  Armor: 19

Stats icon fire Firepower: 7

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 15

Stats icon venom Venom: 8

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:6

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 6


There's more than beauty in these peacock-like dragons, The slitherwings are packed with deathly ways to battle any dragon or viking coming their way

These dragons are no different from the lone warrior, strike precisely and stand their ground in battle. Everything from tails, wings, horns, spines and claws of these dragons are razor sharp, made these dragons extremely dangerous if you've gotten on their bad side,  however once gaining the dragons' trust, they can be very loyal and obidient enough to be your personal bodyguard too

Personality: proud fighter, would hunt down their target relentestly until it is eliminated, unpredictable, discreet and intelligent to find the opinion's weakness before strike

Fire type: volley of flames

Hidden Abilities: Slitherwings are very flexible and agile on land, their scales allow them to bend in almost impossible way not different from the Stormcutters which these dragons would use this ability to manuever in fight, be it rolling around or swing the wings while doing so, make these dragons as deathly as the unpredictable swordman



A fearsome warrior match a brave and bold rider alike, do you have what it takes to train this giant angry firebreathing turkey? Come now for there will be 10 spots available, first come first serve! You can choose between two version, the baby or the adult:



Then tell me the color

Main color: (Currently light brownish orange(pumpkin?))

secondary color: (Currently light gold)

Marking: (currently red)


Then tell me a little about your new companion






1.First come first serve!

2.Only one dragon per user!

2.Please credit my dragon or link it back here, you don't have to keep it in your signature all the time but you can't put it on other sites or post it elsewhere, blogspot is the exception (please ask first too)

3.Don't reply to the second post since I will post the spots and tracking

4.Please respect the other and do not fight if you are too late for the spots

5.Please wait until I post the tracking comment to post

6.Check if the spot is still available before you post

7.Read the rules


You can heck out my fan dragon thread and let me know what dragon would you like to see next in that thread or this either way are fine. Also there're a couple spot open again for the icecrusher do if you haven't check that out yet be sure to do so. No promise when will the next one come out but hopefully not too long! Will see you again in the next one, cheers!


!!Look at my daugther now!!!


+++++ Dragons and Hybrids enthusiastic, TNR RR enjoyer, RP addict, Fan dragon artist +++++

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the spot might be reopen

the spot might be reopen again if there is popular demand

-also I just realize there's a huge typo in Slitheriwing's stat. The speed should be 8 instead of 18, Slitherwing's actually not a fast flyer, should let you all know in case it effet the dragon's history



Status: Closed

1.Archery and dragons(Finished)













Post the form again just in case

Version(baby or adult):

Color (You can ask for default color and you will get this one you see below(is different from the example colors))

Main color:

Secondary col0r:





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Main color: (Currently light

Main color: (Currently light brownish orange(pumpkin?)) dark dark dark grey

secondary color: (Currently light gold) dark grey

Marking: (currently red) black


Then tell me a little about your new companion

Name: Slate

Gender: female

history: I found this Slitherwing at Melody Island, trapped in Death Song Amber. I freed it using Heather's concoction, and tried to fly back to berk on my own. However, when i got back to my hut, it had flown with us silently for the entire time. "Well, you, i guess you want me to keep you. You have the colors of slate so thats your name. Slate."



oh and adult please





All links are purple and should open in a new tab.



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I'm not sure if each shade of greys are as dark as you want it to be so hopefully this is alright.

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Adult Please!   Main color:

Adult Please!


Main color: White

Secondary col0r: Dark Blue

Marking: If possible a galaxy design, if not then black is good

Name: Galaxy

Gender: Female

History: She was raised in the stars and once roamed with nightfuries till years later they disapeared. Galaxy was alone till she found refuge in a stable far away. Ever since she has been best friends with the neighboring dragons. She is fun-loving and extremely adventurous!!


If I am missing something let me know!! Thanks and have a great day!!




Viking: AthenaClaire

Clan: The Dragon Racers

Dragon Count: 63

Main Dragons: Nightglow, Flightmare (Titan Wing); Rory, Deadly Nadder (Titan Wing); Willowing, Timberjack; Alexios, Skrill (Titan Wing); Lucrest Slick; Slithersong




*Proud Elder of The Dragon Racers*



A little bit about my Viking:


Name: AthenaClaire

Age: 17

Gender: Female

First Dragon: Rory

Birthplace: On an island far far away.

Birthday: May 6




A little bit about my main Dragon:


Name: Slick Lucrest (Slick)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Slitherwing

Rider: AthenaClaire

Birthplace: -Icestorm Island-

Birthday: March 21 



"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."












Art by Jada:




Art by xxPhinaxx:





Art by Witcherforever:


Art by Linkwolf:




Art by chameishida:



Art by Bavelly:













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Sorry I couldn't give her a galaxy design! Interesting color combination though, hope you like her like this!

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so cool thank you!

so cool thank you!

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Floop de doop

The Slitherwing looks awesome!



Main color: Silver

secondary color: Dark brown

Marking: Blue, similar to the glow of this dagger ---> 

Name: Sting

Gender: Male

History: I found Sting abandoned as an egg. Not sure what happened to his parents. Once the egg hatched, the dragon was very vulnerable and weak. I was careful with him and took care of him. We've grown a strong bond since then.

(Sorry, not too good at coming up with stories XD) 





In game:

Name: Skynut


   My Speed Stinger, King


                                                                 By: Nessie                                                                                               



Sting the Slitherwing

By: chameishida


^^^ Thanks so much, guys! ^^^


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Hope I get the color right and everything. The backstory is fine, not every bond has to be overly epic and can simply start from a hatchling!

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Floop de doop

Thanks so much! It looks amazing!! :D

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If you are accepting

If you are accepting reserves, please add me!!

(at work)

thank you!!


EDIT: Going to be working on this very slowly, sorry. If its a problem, please let me know!!




(I'm going to try for a Pheasant look ... let's see how these colors turn out ...)


Main color: Slightly Reddish Brown #663300

secondary color: Goldish color #CC9900

Marking: Dark Green #333300


Name: CleaverClaw

Gender: Female


(coming ... will probably end up being a story summary, which I will write out fully at a later time. She'll live in my siggies with other dragons until then, then be transferred to the HTTYD Fanon Wiki site with a story and full credit to you.)


EDIT again:


(Here's something, a story synopsis. If this is unacceptable, please let me know!)


Arnhallr went out to a nearby marshy island to hunt fowl with his six year old daughter, Ashilda, or Ash for short. They were hunting with bow and arrow for gadwalls, widgeons, teals, and other duck species. Ashilda is still learning with the bow, and about hunting and preparing meat for consumption. At one point Ash wanders off while Arnhallr is cleaning a kill to find some Cloudberries to eat. He calls and looks for her, not very worried, until he comes upon her with a bird-like dragon hovering over her. The dragon has many long dangerous spines. She is clucking and pecking at something mangled and bloody on the ground, then lifts something that looks like a liver and holds it out to Ash. Ash makes a digusted face and holds up her hands to ward off either the dragon or the offending bit of offal, Arnhallr isn't sure which, but it doesn't much matter as his little girl is nearly in the clutches of a dangerous wild dragon that could end her life in the blink of an eye.

  The Viking father grabs up his axe (because what Viking leaves home without a weapon?) and stalks forward in a crouched position and tries to queitly get Ash's attention. He tells her to move away slowly, but the girl waves and greets her father loudly. The dragon spies the advancing, dangerous-looking Viking with his sharp weapon and screeches and fluffs up all her spines and splays out her wings and looks even larger and more menacing, just as a mother hen does. Arnhallr yells for his daughter to run, and rushes forward at the dragon. The dragon snaps her wings forward and knocks back the axe leaving a scrape along it and a cut in her wing. Arnhallr staggers back and rushes forwward again and this time the dragon snaps her wings and slices through the handle of the axe and grazing  Arnhallr on the cheek.

Just then, Ash screams and wails at the violence as any child would, because she doesn't want either to fight. Both dragon and father are surprised at the loud outburst and stop. Ash runs to her father and jumps into his arms and wails for them to stop. The dragon hovers, unsure of what is going on, clucking worriedly. The dragon does, however, understand that the menacing Viking was actually not trying to harm the juvenile creature, and may in fact, be his offspring. Ash jumps down again and runs back to the dragon and pats her on the nose. Arnhallr brings a killed duck to the dragon as a gesture of peace. The two species part ways.

Arnhallr and Ash return home early with just a few fowl. However, the dragon's curiousity is pricked and she follows them back to Berk.


Visit the Earthguard Clan Forum Thread!



~ OC HTTYD Characters and their Adopted Fan-Dragon Species ~


* VISIT: Hertha the Honey-Maid and her HoneyBumble Littl-Rus

(Honeybumble dragons created by SpaceyQueen)

and her Pygmy Dragon Rosehip

(Pygmy Dragons created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Storsik Fiskrspordr and his Shadowing Wyvern KnotFish

(Shadowing Wyverns created by Spy GIrl)

*VISIT: Bogbert Margrkind and his Swamp Scrape Quagmire

(Swamp Scrape species created by Grumpyforlife2)

*VISIT: Solfrid the Splendid and her GlowWorm Foxfire

(GlowWorm dragons created by mesaprncss)

*VISIT: Ichor the Impossible and his Septic Fury Mid-Mon

(Septic Furies are created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Marit the Mother and her Oceanic SeaSong Lyric

(Oceanic Seasong species created by Adopto66)

*VISIT: Finngeirr Margrkind and his Gill Grunter Gilly

(Gill Grunters created by Infinity12356 and drawn by 1Flower)

*VISIT: Tawnylda the Dyesmith and her Noelani Dragon WeldWing

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*VISIT: Tarvald the Trader and his Thorny Sea Hound Arni

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*VISIT: Birgr the Brash and his Cave Runner DappleLeaf

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*VISIT: Diggr Margrkind and his Spike Roller SmashSnout

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This flashy guy is BriskBeak the Blazing Firemaw. 

These dragons are from the imagination of Zikta,

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<------- This is a Night Trap, a dragon created

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Lady Brasa's BLUE-SCALE Stables

Selected Dragons:


Bluet the Deadly Nadder

Aster the Tide Glider

Teasel the Flightmare

Thistle the Scuttleclaw

Tigerlily the Monstrous Nightmare

Trillium the Fireworm Queen

Chicory the Hobblegrunt

Laurel the Gronckle

Henbit the Screaming Death

Foxglove the Sand Wraith

Salsify the Scauldron

Skullcap the Typhoomerang

Maypop the Thunderdrum

Nettle the Screaming Death

Honeysuckle the Changewing

                         Germander the Hideous Zippleback                       

Violet the Skrill

Periwinkle the Raincutter

Bergamot the Sweet Death

Clover the Rumblehorn

Vervain the Woolly Howl

Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath 

Skullcap the Boneknapper

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed th

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Very interesting story! also I love your writing, looking forward for the full version, but this is already well done! 


I remember having a short story involving father-viking, daugther-viking and a didn't end well at all. But I love your take on having it involved family, most story I saw only about one individual viking and a dragon. Even Cleaverclaw strikes me as a motherly type. I like it


this is how your codes turn out btw, hope you like it

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Hmmm, the green turned out

Hmmm, the green turned out darker than I was thinking, but she looks nice!

As for the story, I'll get to it, it'll just take awhile :(  I'm still trying to write something for Wuntend's Solarflare Skrill adoptable from weeks ago :(   Seems I've lost my umph and creativity, and am perhaps distracted by other things at the moment.

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Slitherwing just slitherin' away...

Would you mind saving me a spot for this beauty?


Oh dear, I haven't touched this in weeks...

Well, consider a picture of Silhouette tripping Gruffnut as an offering for not working on this sig

Made by ShiroKageFox



Proud member of the School of Dragons Fanfiction Club!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my siggy! ^w^

Let's start off nice and simple. Up ahead is art made by talented artists! (And myself)

Silhouette my Skrill by the amazing ScarfyWings! :D

Silhouette and Frisk walking in the spooky dark night... Made by TosiLohi!


Silvertalon the Thunderthief by the amazing Wutend Bonfire!

Swifter the Icecrusher by chameishida!

Legend the Uktena by Canus8!

Bea the Gribtuk by Bavelly!

Moonwish the Night Fury by NeverendingSilver!

Dreamless by the talented Okamisusi!

Svarlsæta by ZestyDragonWing!

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Baby or Adult: Both? x3 Main

Baby or Adult: Both? x3

Main color: Fall themed :D

secondary color: Fall themed :D

Marking: Fall themed :D

(not halloween though ;D)


Name: Casper

Gender: Female

history: Vamp was glad that fall had finally came around, and she started to adventure in a forest that she had never been in before, and heard growling and purring coming from what sounded like a dragon. She grew curious and got closer to the sound, and found out that it was indeed a dragon rolling around in the leaves. "Aweee." Vamp said and laughed a little admiring how much fun this dragon was having. The dragons eyes then popped open, looking over to Vamp wondering if it should consider her a threat. The dragon jumped up and Vamp took a deep breath, calming herself and standing her ground. Vamp has never been afraid of dragons, and she looked at every detail that covered the dragon as it got closer to her. The dragon then stopped for a second and tilted its head wondering why the viking before it wasn't afraid, since it had never had that type of reaction from a viking before. It then continued to get closer and still, the viking stuck her ground. Vamp then held her hand up to see if the dragon trusts her enough, and showed her trust in it as she did that. Ever since then they have been helping the dragon riders take down the dragon hunters, making sure that there will be no trace of them in the future.


DarkVampireRider & Dark Snow made by Aeral


Art Stuff: ^-^

Vamp's Chibi Dragons (Taking Requests) ~ Custom Dragons!!! :D ~ Dark-Snow-Heartland ~ Vamp's Dargons Edits (Taking Requests)


Dark Snow!!! :D




(from left to right)

by Reiraku, by wildfire78 (me x3), by ToasterBunny

by kimbenoso, by Nessie (^^), edits by wildfire78 (me), Pixel Viking by KMonstr, by Candyblast, by dragonrider34, by FloofQueen, by TosiLohi, by TosiLohi



Dark Snow's Back Story

Dark Snow was captured by Dagur in her early days when she was just learning to fly so it was easy for him to catch her. Dagur made Dark Snow a slave to pull things that an adult should pull... not a juvenile. Vamp, a viking from Berk, had been flying on her Stormcutter, Xyafizz Dreamer, to scope out where Dagur had been keeping Dark Snow. Then one day when she felt was the right time, snuck out to go rescue Dark Snow. Instead of letting Dark Snow out of the cage she was kept in, Vamp took Dark Snow to an unknown island, far from Berk, and let Dark Snow out there. She was bind-folded so Snow didn't know who it was rescuing her. Vamp didn't see Dark Snow for 2 years, when finally she visited the island again, not expecting Dark Snow to be there. To her surprise, Snow was there. She was very hard to get close to, and Vamp had noticed that there was scared tissue over her eyes, from Dagur. Vamp decided she was going to train Snow, so the dragon wouldn't have to be afraid of all humans anymore. Vamp knew how it was for Hiccup to train Toothless which was pretty easy considering that a tail fin was gone, so all she had to do was get Snow's attention with fish and hope for the best. She flew over to the island and brought a couple fish, and made sure she had no weapons on her. Vamp knew how Toothless had coloration to his eyes and could see the pupil for his expresions. Dark Snow is different, her eyes are completely black so Vamp doesn't know what emotion Snow is feeling which made it difficult for her to train Snow. She then got an idea that if Snow shows her teeth and/or growls it is dangerous, and if the teeth are retracted and makes a coo sound it is good. Dark Snow's training took 6 months because of all of the stuff Dark Snow had to go through because of Dagur. Now that Vamp had trained Dark Snow, she has one mission... to keep Dark Snow away from Berk, and Berk away from Dark Snow. They believe that Toothless may be the very last of his kind, and Vamp is going to let them think that.


Casper the Slitherwing, made by chameishida

Name: Casper

Gender: Female

History: Vamp was glad that fall had finally came around, and she started to adventure in a forest that she had never been in before, and heard growling and purring coming from what sounded like a dragon. She grew curious and got closer to the sound, and found out that it was indeed a dragon rolling around in the leaves. "Aweee." Vamp said and laughed a little admiring how much fun this dragon was having. The dragons eyes then popped open, looking over to Vamp wondering if it should consider her a threat. The dragon jumped up and Vamp took a deep breath, calming herself and standing her ground. Vamp has never been afraid of dragons, and she looked at every detail that covered the dragon as it got closer to her. The dragon then stopped for a second and tilted its head wondering why the viking before it wasn't afraid, since it had never had that type of reaction from a viking before. It then continued to get closer and still, the viking stuck her ground. Vamp then held her hand up to see if the dragon trusts her enough, and showed her trust in it as she did that. Ever since then they have been helping the dragon riders take down the dragon hunters, making sure that there will be no trace of them in the future.

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Sorry I could not give you

Sorry I could not give you both version ;) you have to choose.

as for the color combination I would  prefer it to be more clear. Googling autumn/falls color palette shown more than one combinations and even if I am to stick with the classic brown and orange ones it would still make a big differences between ligther main color with darker underbelly or the other way round. If you still insist however I will try my best picking what I feel right

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Lol okay x3 I think I'll go

Lol okay x3 I think I'll go with the adult ^-^


Alrighty ^-^

Either the Light Pumpkin pallet from this, or

either autumn leaves - 2, or pure autumn from this one :D

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In the end I decided to used Light Pumpkin palere, hopw my combination suit your taste ^^" Oh and sorry for the long wait!

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Absolute perfection!!! Thank

Absolute perfection!!! Thank you so much!!

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May the Purple be with you ;)

YES!  These are gorgeous!  Save spot while i find a nice color sceme & concoct an awesome story! :D  ((Thinking a peacock kind of coloring would look pretty....))


"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

~Quote from A. J. Lawless






Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

~Poem i made for Pearl & Snowdust 








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(Pearl by my Bff Frytha <3)                  (drawing of Snowdust by DatOneTrumpet)




Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





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(Adorable ship pictures by the talented Tosilohi)


Snowdust X Blitz

(Picture of me, Snowdust, my friend, & her Snow Wraith, Blitz taken by me)


(By me XD)



Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



I'm currently writing a fanfic called The Winter Rider.  Check it out >Here<

(Special thanks to Infinity12356 for the cover)


Short stories


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"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."






(Mountain Sun by 1flower)



i have WAY to many adopted dragons to put in my siggy.  because of that,

i've posted all of them here:








Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






Hackers, we are coming!












((By me))

If you believe in the real meaning  of the rainbow, put this in your siggy through the month of June!  #RememberTheRainbowReason!



And remember.....

(By Megaboltphoenix XD)





Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

(Edited Snowdust gif by AlicornBrodie)


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Edited Form :D

Save spot!


Thank you so much for the spot save! Sorry my post was kinda brief I saw this on the way out of my house but I knew how fast your spots go so I had to try ^_^


Version: Adult

Main: Crimson Red

Secondary: Lightish Gold (Slightly darker than the example gold)

Marking: Brown

Name: Redwing

Gender: Female


     "Behemoth! What's gotten into you?" Channey called as she struggled to navigate the forest to catch up to her beloved Timberjack.

     Behemoth ignored her completely as he investigated some odd slashes and clean-cut branches that littered the surrounding trees and earth. It almost looked like a berserker with a very sharp axe took out their frustration on the forest. In Channey's opinion they should have been traveling away from the razor sharp death marks that were everywhere but her dragon seemed deadset on following them instead.

     He ignored her shout and instead slid deaper into the forest, following the apparent trail of slices, quickly disappearing from Channey's line of sight. Muttering curses, she struggled to follow her dragon, feeling incredibley uneasy being left alone in a forest with such threatening scars everywhere. Minutes past by with neither scale nor hide of her dragon, and Channey began to panic as she bacame more lost.

     She was saved, or maybe cursed when she heard the bellowing roar of her companion dragon a ways away and to her right. She quickly took off in that direction, torn between worry for her partner and blind panic for here situation. After running further than she thought herself capable of, she burst into a clearing adorned with the familiar slashes she had been tracking where Behemoth and a myseterious bird-like dragon (kinda similar to a really scary, sleek turkey) were facing off. The mystery dragon spread out it's fan-like wings and tail and made a threatening roar, it's bright markings spread out in full display. It was more than enough to make Channey want to go packing but Behemoth just roared back and spread out his own massive wings and sending a gust of air out, buffeting the opposing dragon. The opposing dragon shrieked as its fanned wings took it back a few length, and Channey watched in partial horror as it's apparantly razor sharp wings slashed at nearby trees to slow it's movement.

     Behemoth seeing the other dragon slashing it's way out of the branches and bramble backed up a bit with his head cocked. Then with no preamble whatsoever he too began slashing at his surroundings until he had amassed a larger pile of tree cuttings. The bird dragon watched then squaked and again began to shred at branches, throwing in a few whirling, flashing moves as it spun around the trees, slipping around tree tops and sending them into it's pile. Behemoth not to be outdone, took off with a few powerful flaps until he was airborne before wheeling around and slicing a large pine tree clean in half.

     Channey looked at the destruction the pair of sharp class dragons had wrought, Behemoth with his felled tree and split logs, and the fan-dragon with it's neatly sheared branches and tree tops. Both were preening proudly over their piles. The two had just had a slice off. Was it like a sharp class pride thing? Like who had the sharper wings and better style. Confused but not to be left out, Channey pointed at the mystery dragon pile, before declaring

"She wins Bee, she was prettier and fancier while chopping up stuff, even if you can chop up more. Sorry."

     Both dragons were apparently smart enough to know who Channey deemed the winner because Behemoth grumbled gloomily at the pair while the pretty dragon squaked and preened it's feathers, it even shot a flashy volley of fire in the sky in apparent victory.

     Glad that the dangerous situation was diffused with only a few casualties to the nearby vegetation, Channey and Behemoth were able to go home. One with an exciting new aquaintance and the other with a bruised ego. Many more 'slice and dice offs' would occur between the two in the coming months eventually giving rise to a close, if a little competitive friendship between the two sharp class dragons.


The End. Sorry not my best story ;-; but I had no ideas. I'm tired. Ooh and I vote Woodreapers for the next fandragon! Like always XD


Warning, long signature

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Beautiful Dreadfall Image of Behemoth by Arrowalker, thank you so much ^^




Profile pic by me, Happy Dreadfall Icon by me, spinning clan crests by Nyet. Vamps by me


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Card by Zero the Ruthless


Hand drawn Behemoth by RedWind the Blue! Holida Behemoth by 1flower, Bouncies same as above.


 Viking Name: Channey

My Dragons:


Drake-Montrous Nightmare (male) Flightburn-Sand Wraith (male) Frostfire-Wooly Howl (female) Wyrm-Whispering Death (male) Icky Thump-Gronckle (female) Wintertooth-Groncicle (male) *MIA Ragefire-Monstrous Nightmare (male) Lazybones-Snafflefang (female) DuskHeart-Grapple Grounder (female) Theologian-Stormcutter (male) Ricochet-Skrill (female) Midsummers Eve-Prickleboggle (female) Pieholden-Hotburple (male) Sgt Pepper-Snow Wraith (male) Cherry Ghost- Deathsong (female) Lazaretto- Razorwhip (male) Metarie-Suttleclaw (female) More Like The Moon-Snaptrapper (female) Gnik Nus-Shockjaw (male) Sonny Feeling-Hobblegrunt (male) Vagabond-Armor Wing (male) Behemoth-Timberjack (male) Chickadee-Deadly Nadder (female) Wonderwall-Slither Song (male) Scrap-Stormcutter (male) Bronn-Shovelhelm (male) Heavy Soul-Scauldron (male) Desertbell-Speedstinger (female) Scrimshaw-Windwalker (male)) Firebelly-Singetail (female) Grimbelly-Eruptadon (male) Blodgram-Terrible Terror (male) Valkyrie-Silver Phantom (femaleSummerteeth-Flame Whipper (female) Jotun-Triple Stryke (male) Bertha-Crimson Goregutter (female)




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The End!

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I wasn't so sure about the color at all, if I made an mistake, I'm sorry. also sorry to keep you waitng as well.

I always love your story, man. Not only the narrative itself but how you made uses of the information I given and the characters in it. It totally make sense for these two to have a tree slice-off XD oh you competitive and proud Sharp classes. Though, this doesn't sounds like a good news to the newby forest or someone's garden unfortunately XD

Keep voting Woodreaper! Someday they will come X'D just saying that I have my reason it took so long but don't let that discourage you!


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She's perfect!

Thank you so much! :D I love her! Her colors came out great actually, I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted her to look so I'm happy how it came out! And thank you for saying that ^^ I always try my best to write a good story for the adoptables and requests I get. I feel like it's only fair that I give something back (even if it's small) for the artists hard work.


And I believe! Woodreapers shall come eventually! My spooky Timberjacks shall prevail!

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Age: Adult

Primary Color: Lemon Yellow

Secondary Color: White

Marking: Red

Name: Skylark

Gender: Female

History:  After a long period of time, I came back from a long deserved vacation, to find a big fat demon turkey causing a ruckus in my dragons' stables. In the course of the next 24 hours, we (all of my dragons and I) captured the turkey, threw out the turkey, ate a sandwich, almost got killed by the turkey, transported the turkey to an island, had to fight the turkey again because it now has a really bad grudge against me, then had to speed stinger it and fly back home to sleep. In the morning, you could guess that both parties weren't happy. A few days later, we ran into the turkey again, who was under attack by a pair of thunderdrums. Seeing the unfair fight, my stormcutter decided to charge in to save the turkey, and after the thunderdrums were dealt with, the turkey turned to me with a respectful glance, then took off flying. I then knew what my next mission was. Tame the turkey.


Mission Success.



Meet Feng Yuhuang, or the Phoenix Jade Emperor. The Year of the Rooster is here! THANKS SO MUCH NIGHTMARE! =D

Greenstreak, a Chiropan pip, and Hoarfrost, the blizzard Chiropan. This is actually a creative species, and really has the potential to grow into something amazing. Thanks to NightmareRebuff! =D

Keldia, Backbiter, Smothershawl, Soulreaper, Blackout, Paladin, Crossbones, Bloodcry, Panicdash, Mimicscale, Helreaper, Ispy, Jin Jundao, and Emberpride.

(All dragons above are made by NightmareRebuff!) 

My Wocky Jabberjaw from chameishida! His name is Bloodhound! Thanks!

Daredevil the Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon by xXHallaXx. Thanks!

Tealrammer by RaxForax. Kudos to you my friend!

My Windsong, Timelaspe, or in other words, "Blue". 

Toxinrage, my Insectoid Scythelimb


Neontaze and Nightshredder,

my Alien Luminglows


my Siren Flashbang


Clan: The Phantom Family

Gender: Male


Nadder: The Golden Nadder (Aka: Sun Rose) - Female -


  Sun Rose was my first dragon in the academy. She was actually from the Golden Isles, collected by Johan when he saw her (in egg form), hanging off a cliff. He caught her, and took her to Berk. She was my main dragon, and still is, in the races. She also helped out in leveling up the others, by helping them do the quests untill the very end, so they would get the XP.


Really Playful, Loyal, Doesn't like night time.

Likes to Eat:

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs.

Favorite thing to Do:

Play with the other Dragons, her favorite game is Fetch the Chicken!

Intresting Fact:

Every year, she flies away for 1 month, as she also likes to spend time on her own.

The Golden Nadder/Sun Rose by AniuRavenwolf! Thanks!

Thunderdrum: Sonarus (Aka: Sonus) - Male - 


  My second dragon, Sonarus was sorta of a pain. Since from when he was born, he was very wild and crazy, and even more hyper. He loved to jump on people's shoulders and roar in their ears, then run away for me to apolagize. Sonus now loves to steal my sheep, and hide them in the forest, but he is always there where I need him to be. He's BFFs with Thunder Quake, and, oh yeah, he is protective of me.


Wild, Crazy, Protective, and Loyal (Most of the time).

Likes to Eat:

Perch (I still don't understand why.)

Favorite thing to do:

Hide my sheep and pretend he didn't do it.

Intresting Fact:

He said he hates to play Thunder Run...but I can tell he's faking. How? I just know. :)

Whispering Death: Thunder Quake (Aka: Da King, Da Racing Champ) - Male -


  I found his egg in the tunnels, and Hiccup let me keep him. When he hatched, he looked at me for one second, and then, well, decided he wanted to be free. He jumped out of the stables, and started slithering to the forest. I chased him, freeing him from bushes, rescuing him from drowning, and TRYING to feed him when he was hungry. One day, a wild smokebreath appeared, and for some reason, Da King thought he was, "The King", and decided to take him on. He started dealing blows to it, but the smokebreath won in the end. Before it laid the final blow, though. I jumped and used myself as a human sheild. It hurt, but I was fine. I called in Sonarus, and he saved us. He put his trust in me, and I have helped him ever since.


Brave, doesn't know his limits...yet.

Likes to eat:

Sheep Steak.

Favorite thing to do:

Drill underground, and camp there, with me trying to find him. Also, play fighting with Sonarus.

Intresting Fact:

Well, he's trying to become a titian wing, but it ain't going to well so far.

By Wutend Bonfire. Thanks!

Scauldron: Waterspout (Aka: Spouty, The Heir of Frost and Pyra) - Female -


  One day, I went to Johan's ship. There, I found an egg with a burn and ice on it. This was Frost and Pyra's lost egg! I quickly traded it with Johan, and then I found out that she was sick. I ran home, and placed her on the hearth. 3 days passed. Nothing. Thinking she was dead, I sadly sighed, and put my hand on her egg. Suddenly, a bright golden glow spread around her, and she was born!


Likes to act cute, loyal, and sometimes very overprotective.

Likes to eat:


Favorite thing to do:

Spit at my face, and act innocent.

Intresting fact:

She is my main dragon when it comes to quests and Fan-Fics.

Waterspout by TildenWolfGirl, themasterplan47 and Dustydaybreak. She looks really awesome! =D

Gronkle: Meatball (Aka: Tomato, Cheese Head, Ball Boy) - Male -


  I found him in the forest, as a baby. He was crying and whimpering, but I picked him up. He looked at me, and tried to smile. He then yawned, and fell to sleep. I figured he was lost or abandoned, so I took him in. He is addicted to any red or yellow rocks, and will do anything to get them.


Friendly and Playful

Favorite Food:

Yellow and Red Rocks

Favorite Thing to do:

Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat...

Intresting Fact:

He has a quartz tooth in the way back, for he broke it while trying to eat my diamonds.

Nightmare: Greek Fire (Aka: Greek Flame, Comet) - Male -


  A relative of Hookfang, with all his personalities. Need I say more?


Aggressive, sometimes a Bully, and secretly cares for us.

Favorite Food:


Favorite thing to do:

Disobey me...

Intresting fact:

He is Hookfang's mother's brother's son.

Thunderdrum: Eagle Ray (Aka: Booma, Sea Dream, Pearl) - Female -


  On new year's eve, I found out that Sonarus was missing! I asked the others to search for him, but he was not found! Depressed, I sadly went home, hoping that he was safe. In the morning, I set out with Waterspout, hoping to find Sonarus. After 5 hours of searching, I spotted something green, and something blue side by side. I patted Waterspout on the side, and we dove in. To my suprise, it was Sonarus and another Thunderdrum! Studying them for a bit, I found out that the blue one was Sonarus's mate! I tamed her, and since then, we had a new addition to my family.


Playful, Loyal to Sonarus and Me

Favorite Food:

Grilled perch with tomato toppings

Favorite thing to do:

Stick with Sonarus

Intresting Fact:

Some say she's a relative of Thornado...

Zippleback: Sunrise and Sunset (Aka: Dawn and Dusk, Pimp and Pump)

- Male -


  Kinda weird... Ok, so, I went to trader Johan's eggs, and found a dragon egg chest. I asked him could I buy it, since I had just enough gems. So, he said yes, and I got a rumblehorn! Yay! One of my most favorite dragons! Excitedly, I took it home, and put it in the hearth. Later on, I checked on it, and hatched it... then, to my surprise, a baby zippleback popped out! What?! I looked at it, it looked at me, and it was silent for a few minutes. Ok... weirdness attack. Whatever, he's still a baby dragon. I held it, and it's left head turned toward the sunrise in the distance. So I called the left one Sunrise. We played for a bit, then the sun was setting! This time, the right head turned toward it, and I named it Sunset.


Playful, Shy, Obedient

Favorite Food:

Sunrise: Squid, Sunset: Octopi

Favorite thing to do:

Turn toward the sunrise/sunset, depending on the head

Intresting fact:

Some people call him Pinky or Purple Butt. He tends to kill people like that... so DON'T!

Nadder: The Silver Nadder (Aka: Moonstone, Silverstar, Diana) - Female -


  So that's why Sun Rose leaves one a year, she's going to visit her sister, Mooonstone. How did I know this? I saw it myself. When she left, me and Thunderquake went to she where she went every year (Yeah, kinda like a stalker, but who knows if she goes mental and starts killing everything? Actually, TMI), she flew into a cave. I waited until night, and suddenly, a silver nadder appeared, and flew out. It came back at dawn, and after it went in, Sun Rose went out. They did this, then I couldn't take it anymore. I need to find out who this dragon is. I crept in, and the Silver Nadder shreiked, then flashed it's wings at my face. Startled, I stepped back. It snarled, and backed away. I decided another plan. When I saw Sun Rose, I signaled her to come to me. She first, well, was startled, then frightned. After face-palming myself, I tossed a fish on teh ground. She ate it, and after gaining her trust, I stepped in the cave with Sun Rose, and soon enough, I found out that this new dragon was Sun Rose's sister, and I took her home.


Quiet and silent, Doesn't go along with others apart from Sun Rose and me, Hardly makes a sound, Doesn't like day time, Doesn't like to play, Really Independent (not really loyal)

Favorite Food:


Favorite thing to do:

Stay at home and sleep in the day, flies out at night to do stuff

Intresting Fact:

Is Sun Rose's alter-ego, everything is almost 100% different. Can't beleive she's Sun Rose's sister...

Chilling Horror: Backbiter (Aka: Backstab, Nightmare, Geostar) - Male - 


Eh... might write it, might not. Depends on my mood. XD


Loyal, Feirce, Sometimes playful, Jealous of Waterspout

Favorite Food:

Roasted Lamb

Favorite thing to do:

Fight me

Intresting Fact:

My first fan dragon...

Base by NightmareRebuff


Typhoomerang: Topspin (Aka: Big guy, Wirlwind, FOOOM) - Male -


  This one is a sad one... So there was this typhoomerang that I knew very well. We met in a forest, and even though we were friends, I didn't tame him. Dunno why I didn't, he was awesome. So, a few months late, he found a mate and they had a baby typhoomerang. Then suddenly, his mate died. I felt very sorry for him, and because he had to feed the baby, he left the baby typhoomerang with me. We formed a bond, but in the Chilling Horror month, he went to get some fish... and never came back. I waited for days, and I fed the baby myself with some perch. My friend never came back, so I chose to adopt the baby myself. At night, he would have terrible nightmares, and he would go to my room and sleep with me. He had a serios fear of Backbiter, and I was sorta heartbroken that even though Backbiter wanted to play with Topspin and wanted to stick with him, Topspin always was scared of him and either attacked or flew away. But I know, that one day, the nightmares will pass, and the two dragons will grow to respect each other. My typhoomerang... my Topspin.


Always cautious, Defensive, Always on the lookout, Active

Favorite Food:

Eel... I can finally use them!

Favorite thing to do:

Just anything that doesn't involve Backbiter or sitting around

Intresting Fact:

He kills eels for sport... I hate that.

Sandwraith: Sandstorm (Aka: Puppy Dragon, He-who-burrows) - Male -


  It's funny how a fishing trip can befriend a dragon. So I was spending some time on my own (Raising a ton of dragons is tough, I need a break), and I was fishing and camping out on the beach. I just caught a bunch of halbut and salmon, and I was frying a salmon. *Growl* Huh? I looked up, then left and right. I then felt the ground move, and I looked down. Two eyes stared back up... "YAH! WHAT ON EARTH?!" I jumped back. At that time, I never knew what a sandwraith was. I'm new here, ok? The sandwraith exploded form the sand, and looked at me. Silence for a few seconds... then he wadled to my basket of fish and started eating everything like he didn't care. "Hey! That's my fish!" He didn't listen, and ate all of it. He then turned, and studied me. He looked like a nightfury, so I was intrigued. He then jumped and flopped on me and started licking my face. "You're like toothless!" I laughed, and he licked some more. "Hey, boy! Stop it!" He kept on licking me, and he soon decided that follow me was a better option than chilling in the sand waiting for who-knows-what to go over him. Smart kid.


Playful, Smart, Seems to always be hungry

Favorite Food:

Salmon (DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FISH FOR ONE?! *shouts at Sandstorm, he licks me and wadles away.)

Favorite thing to do:

Act majestic

Intresting fact:

First dragon I knew nothing about in the beginning.

Seashocker: Aquashock and Waterskiz (Aka: Zapduo) - Male - 


  So, a few days ago, I received a present. Not sure who sent it, or why, but I got it. It was wraped in colored leather, and when I opened it, I found an egg. I couldn't tell the species though. It was colored in multicolors, with "Thanks Hyrith" written in bright yellow paint. I shrugged. The only way to find out the species is to hatch it. When I picked it up, I was shocked. No, not the suprised shock. The lightning shock. I fumbled with it, and Telsabeam jumped from the roof. I think she sensed it was a skirll, so I shuddered. I don't have anything against skrills, just after Telsabeam almost burned down my house becasue she saw a fly, I've been a bit careful with her. I do not need another crazy lightning-maniac shooting around my house. I ploped it down on the hearth, and after a few minutes, it shook. I picked it up, and took it to the lavepit for it to hatch. It never did. It just shook, but it never came out. Just before Telsabeam was about to crack it open, Waterspout stared at the egg, and shot a small stream of water. The water touched it, then it cracked. Puzzled, I dipped my hand in water, and touched the egg. Where I touched, it cracked. Then, I actually figured out something. I took the egg to the sea, and placed it under the water. It shuddered, then a seashocker was born. I was extremly happy, and I thought all my dragon were too. Well, except Telsabeam. She grumbled a sign of disappointment, and wadled away. XD


Aquashock is agressive and fierce. Extremly loyal, and will attack anything that he thinks is harming me.

Waterskiz is playful and wild. He loves doing tricks, and is usually the reason why they have so much scars. For some reason, he's addicted to shrimp.

They both work together as a team, probabily because they know that if they argue, they won't go anywhere.

Favorite Food:

Aquashock: Squid

Waterskiz: Shrimp :\

Favorite thing to do:

Bounce on the waves, SO FUN WHEN RIDING THEM!!!

Intresting Fact:

Read the Bio


Serpentfang: Ispy (Aka: Mr. See it all, Rare Jewel, Allseer) - Male -


Find here:

Personality: He is a wise dragon, but extremly curious as well. He also is trying to find the ones like him... (PUTTING HIM IN A FAN-FIC!!! "We Are Not Alone." Trailer in sig.)

Favorite Food:

Tea leaves. ???

Favorite thing to do:

Look at far away things

Intresting Fact:

He can see anything, as long as there is nothing blocking the thing from his sight. 

And a bunch more. Mostly cause I'm to lazy to put them in my sig. XD


- Areslam

- Cazi the Conqueror

- typhoomerangmaster338

- Storm

- httyyd

- Sleepyraccoon

- NightmareRebuff

- SefarWarrior

- themasterplan47

- Frostfire Markson

(Neospark is originally black, but he was war paint all over his body. He is the oldest of the bunch, and is the only Titianwing in the team.)

(Snowspear is the second oldest, and she is an albino. She has one red and one blue eye, but no one knows why.)


(Emerald's color comes after his dad, who is a wooly howl. He doesn't really love to show himself, since he doesn't really "fit in" to anywhere, since he's bright green.)

Emerald by Scorpio Kardia! Thanks! So cute!

The Guardian of Berk by Hattori. Thanks! It's EPIC!

Sea Splitter, by DragonLover43, a Snoggletog gift. Have a merry Snoggletog! =D


Alpha and Shadow

  "Hyrith and his friends set off embark on a quest to save Berk from the upcoming evil that threatens the destruction of Berk. They face challenges, death, loss, rage, and fear, but do they have what it takes to win in the end?"


  Areslam as Wolf Hofferson

  Skrilltheskrill as Jasmine

  Cazi the Conqueror as Axtar

  typhoomerangmaster338 as Ak the Insane

  Diamond Racer as Diamond Rider

~The Dragons:

~Part 1:

~Part 2:

~Part 3:

~Part 4:

~Part 5:

~Part 6:

~Part 7:

~Part 8:

~Part 9:

~ Part 10:

Journey to Berk (Not out Yet)

  "A flashback from the past, Hyrith tells the Aplha Riders about his journey from The Golden Isles to Berk. He, alone, with no dragon, sets out to find a home, where he can safely live. Along the way, he creates friendships, but also enemies. This is his story..."



  "You took everything I have... and now let me return the favor."

  "Drago, I might not be the one you are looking for, but I bet you will find me equally amusing."

  "If the chicken lady is gonna kill stuff, let her be. If big guy wants to break mountains, let him be. If the sword gal wants to fight, let her be. If I want to shoot stuff, let me be. If Hyrith wants to kill stuff... well, don't let him."







~ Part 1:

~ Part 2:

~ Part 3:

~ Part 4:

The Elements Are Against Us (Later on)

  "After the defeat of Nexus, her brothers and sisters are arroused by her death. After being locked in slumber for thousands of years, Huo Lin is the first to wake and sends messengers to his sibiling, and soon, all of the elements on earth is against Hyrith and his friends..."


  I live to see the world of vikings burn, and all who stand in my way shall perish...

  "We're the final Valkyries left. Valrora... she was shot down. She never made it."

  Xeon. Choose wisely. Give me the orb, or your friends will suffer. Slowly, so I can see them crumble under my shadow.









  Xeon (The Guardian of Berk)

We Are Not Alone, A Chinese and Western Crossover (Later on)

5 months after Hyrith disappeared...

  "Who's there?" Jin sat up on his bed. It was 12 in the night, and most of the academy was asleep. The footsteps sounded louder this time. Jin pushed away the covers, and put on his combat glove. As soon as his hand slipped in, a small flame sparked in his palm. The footsteps stopped, and a creaking sound was heard. Silence. He waited for a while, and figuring that there was nothing, slipped off his glove and pulled the covers over his head.

  "AHHHHHHH!" A scream peirced the cold air, and Jin fell out of his bed. In a hurry, he shoved the glove over his hand, and opened the door. He lit his glove, and the flame ignited in his hand. Across the balcony, a hooded dark figure stepped out of a room. Jin stood in a battle stance. The flame in his palm grew into a fireball, and Jin shouted to the figure.

  "Who are you? Take off the hood!"

  The hooded man turned to Jin, and removed his hood, revealing an old man with a long white, whispy beard. The fireball died down. "Master Zhang?"

  "Yes, my young student. Why are you here? You should be in your room sleeping, not outside watching the snow fall."

  "I woke up because of the scream. Did you hear it too? Did someone get hurt?"

  "That was the reason I came, young one. Go to bed, the final practices starts tomorrow. Do you want to get the blade or not?"

  "Yes master, but safety is more important. Mind if I investigate with you?"

  JIn bowed, and the old master smiled. "Jin, investigate this floor. I'll take the top and bottom floors. Meet after 5 minutes." Jin looked at his old master. He was not usually that kind, but Jin shook that thought out of his mind. He needed to see if someone was hurt.


  "Found anything yet?" Master Zhang glared at Jin, and he looked into the final room. Another sleeping student. "Nothing, master." Master Zhang looked at him, and smiled. "Well, I think it's settled. Let's have a seat, shall we?" Jin shrugged. The master jumped, and sat on the railing. Jin climed up to him.

 "Anything, Master?"

 "Nothing yet, child. Forget this. It's a good night to be alive, is it?"

 "Yes, I agree. You checked every room?"

 "Every room, youngling. How about you-" A howl penetrated the air. A Howler flew towards Master Zhang, and the yellow and black dragon growled. Wait. Jin looked at the Howler, and noticed something. That was Dai Pow, Icarus's dragon. He never submitted to anyone, not even the master, except Icarus. Dai Pow circled Master Zhang. He glared at him, and then glared at Zhang.  He kneeled, and Zhang grumbled under his breath. "Curses. Stupid howler." He then looekd at Jin. "Let me see Dai Pow first." He jumped off the railing, and Jin looked as he kneeled and clasped the wingless dragon's head, speaking some words. JIn nudged myself over, then he felt something. JIn looked down, and he saw blood on the railing, where the master's hand was. Sticky, freash blood. 

   The last room...

  Jin shoved past the master, and to the final room. He didn't check it, since it was the room the master came out of. Jin ran past, and saw a stream of blood running from under the door. He slammed it open, and he gasped in shock. 

 Mei Hua layed dead in her bed, a large bloody gash in the middle of her chest. Her mouth was open in shock. Jin ran to her, and noticed that the blood was freash. Impossible! The master just was in here! Master Zhang would never commit such a crime! A hand then went over Jin's shoulder, sending a chill up his spine. The master glared at him, his mouth curing into a evil grin. Shocked, Jin tried to speak. "What? How? WHY?!" The master smiled. "Yes, Jin. I am the one. Sorry, but I can't have any witnesses." Suddenly, Master Zhang's form flickered, and instead of the Master from before, a red haired boy, stood in his place. He suddenly jabbed his palm at Jin's chest. A blade then shot out, coming out of Jin's back. Jin gasped, and he fell to the ground. His vision slowly filled with black dots, and he thought his last thought.











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I was snickering he whole way reading your story XD truth to be told, I wasn't sure about adding turkey to the bits at the end because it doesn't sound 'official' (then again I wasn't sure what I was trying to accomplish doing that) but on the other hand I feel like it is what best describe this dragon. and seeing how well you captured the characteristic of this dragon, I feel no regret XD

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*boops turkey on the nose*

Thanks so much! I feel like if she was going to have a personality, it would probably be "Squaks and runs around like she owns the place. Needs help.". XD

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Please save me a spot! I will post my form as soon as possible.


StormcutterStar's Signature


- - • - -



This viking enrolled at the School of Dragons on the 28th of October 2015.

The first dragon she trained was Zaphiro the Deadly Nadder.




The Dragon Racers



  • Adalinda (Female, Devilish Dervish)
  • Alastor (Male, Silver Phantom)
  • Ance, Ence, Tice, and Tude (Male, Snaptrapper)
  • Apollo (Male, Death Song)
  • Cloudclaw (Male, Windwalker)
  • Criomen (Male, Woolly Howl)
  • Dart (Female, Night Light)
  • Dorcha (Male, Deathgripper)
  • Etherea (Female, Dreadstrider)
  • Evergrand (Male, Timberjack)
  • Fluvial (Male, Sand Wraith)
  • Glorian (Female, Flame Whipper)
  • Hailstones (Male, Groncicle)
  • Lafolgore (Female, Skrill)
  • Lucky (Male, Raincutter)
  • Magnus (Male, Gronckle)
  • Melterror (Female, Changewing)
  • Nimbreeze (Female, Deathly Galeslash)
  • Pebble (Male, Hobgobbler)
  • Pouncer (Male, Night Light)
  • Pumpkin (Female, Hobblegrunt)
  • Razorwing (Male, Timberjack)
  • Ruffrunner (Male, Night Light)
  • Sage and Thyme (Female, Ghastly Zapplejack)
  • Sear and Singe (Male, Hideous Zippleback)
  • Serpent (Male, Whispering Death)
  • Shard (Male, Armorwing)
  • Skydancer (Male, Stormcutter)
  • Snowflake (Male, Shivertooth)
  • Solare (Female, Fireworm Queen)
  • Sparkoda (Male, Singetail)
  • Sungleam (Male, Razorwhip)
  • Tambu (Male, Thunderdrum)
  • Tempest (Female, Raincutter)
  • Tiamat (Female, Scauldron)
  • Trucy (Female, Slithersong)
  • Vigilance (Female, Sentinel)
  • Vitorm (Male, Screaming Death)
  • Zaphiro (Male, Deadly Nadder)
  • Zodiac (Male, Triple Stryke)
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'So pretty *-*   I'd love one

'So pretty *-*


I'd love one an adult one ^^ 


Main color- Deep purple

secondary color- Much lighter purple

Marking- Scarlet


Name: Kyrselda

Gender: Female

History- in progress 



                                       DA / Blog    


Bouncies by Defy!

Names of Bouncie dragons in order: Gaara, Yato



Adopted Dragons

To save space I'm only keeping a few at a time in my signature, all other dragons I've adopted can be found in my blog ^^

Namine, by Witcherforever!


Art of my in-game dragons


Gaara, my Sand Wraith by SatsuAyaka!


Currently mainly into Fire Emblem!

Favs are Sacred Stones, Three Houses, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and Awakening.


"You work so hard, but I want you to know that–if you need to–it's OK to cry. Nobody here knows what you've been through but you" – Lyon, FEH



Infp/Bookworm/Anime fan/BTS ARMY/WoW/Final Fantasy/Pokemon/Kingdom Hearts/SSO/Fate Series/Warriors series/Animals/Art/Piano/Violin/Flute


Days when you hate that you're you, Days when you wanna disappear

Lets make a door in your heart

If you open that door and go inside, this place will be waiting for you

It's okay to believe, it'll comfort you, this magic shop

-Magic Shop-BTS


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I'm changing history to a better one when I have time....

Posting two comments because my phone won't load enough for me to edit my other comment ._. 


Okay, so history: 

Kyrselda was originally found on a small island during one of my Vikings explorations. She had been in the middle of a fight with another dragon, and both were wounded quite badly. Curious and wanting to help, my Viking stuck around long enough to gain their trust bit by bit, doing all she could to help and over time gained her trust as well as the other dragons. In the end she was willing to come with my Viking, though the other dragon left soon after. 


Will change the backstory to something better once I can access my computer.

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Unfortunately, all the spot

Unfortunately, all the spot has been taken currently, Amberleaf :( but I will let you know if anyone decide to give up their spot.

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Oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?

It's okay, I actually couldn't load the entire thread due to slow connection so I didn't know. I seriously doubt that will happen XD  Thanks anyway ^^ Hopefully next time if that ever happens, this one is my favorite of yours personally!

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Subjects? Pfft!!

Awesome dragon! I've made my own HTTYD dragon called the Infertide. Do these slots sometimes open again?? Cause these look really cool!


Drawn by Chameishida



Brodie|18|Any Pronouns | Might Be A Cat







YouTube (Coming soon... [Sent 21 years ago])








Me and the boi omw to walmart for some cheese

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can't say that I have ever

can't say that I have ever brought the dragon back before despite saying so (but I would still love to hear if you guys want it to be back or not for feat back and future reference. Really, I still planning on it but I just want to get all of my fan dragons out of the way first before revisiting the old ones, and with me keep coming up with the new one, that tend to be a problem XD) however sometime the slots will be open again if someone decide to give away their spot, or been reserving it but have not update the form for months. The similar case happened to my Icecrusher dragon where the spot has been closed for month until  I recently open it up again after noticing the lack of response for the person who reserve the spot. 

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

You know what it makes me think of? A cockatrice.



Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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Wow, I have no knowledge of

Wow, I have no knowledge of it until now, have to look it up. Yeah they do share quite a few similarities :3

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The Slitherwing Form

This is my form...


Adult or Hatchling?

Both if it's possible, but if not then I would like an adult


Main color: silver

Secondary color: dark silver/gray

Marking: red


Name: Skarm

Gender: Male

History: StormcutterStar was exploring a large forest with her Timberjack. Suddenly, an unknown dragon attacked them from behind. Its movements were swift, but the Timberjack managed to save the viking from the other dragon by putting a wing around her. From under the wing, StormcutterStar saw that the wild dragon had a deep wound. With a lot of patience and caution, the viking calmed it down a bit and gave it some dragon nip. She did her best to treat the wound and left before the dragon could attack her again. She visited the dragon for many weeks after that, and one day she found that the wound had healed completely. She returned to Berk, but found that the dragon had followed her and wanted to be trained.


Thank you!

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Loving the color! Sorry it takes so long, Internship and Portfolio stuff get in the way. Hope you like him! I like your story! Glad to know that poor Skarm was healed in the end.

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You made Skarm look amazing! Thank you so much! I'm glad you think I made a good color choice and story. Don't worry about taking a long time to finish, this was totally worth the wait!

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Wo, this dragon is great! If

Wo, this dragon is great! If there will ever be more free spots I will definitely take one :D. They look great!


I'm alive again I guess?

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~FORM~((Fhew, sorry this


((Fhew, sorry this took so long, my internet went out for a couple days :P))








Baby or adult?:



Main color:

This pretty red color:


Secondary color:

The grayish white it is now :P






((So sorry for the wait, Clash of Clans has kept me really busy >.<  Hope this is good enough))


“Are you sure?  That seems a bit overpriced to me.”  “Hey, its my business!  Take it, or leave it!”  Ida Barnes tapped her foot impatiently on the hard packed soil of the shop owner’s store.  Since she had been running low on good weapons to use during her patrols around Berk, she’d decided it would be best to go shopping in the northern markets to find some.  Sure, the place was practically crawling with hunters, but she knew she could handle herself.  Plus, she was pretty well known in the markets for being an infamous fighter.  No one would dare attack her.  However, the same was not said for the shop owners, who seemed to raise the prices as soon as anyone stepped in the door.  

“Fine.”  She huffed, laying down the money.  “I’ll take it.”  The shop owner, a fat, beady eyed fellow with a long black beard, smiled gleefully.  “Good good.  Do you want me to package your purchase up for you?”  Ida picked up what she a bought, a collection of unique daggers & a long, double edged sword.  She tucked the daggers carefully in her satchel & slung the sword over her shoulder.  “No  thanks.  I’d rather carry this myself.”  And with that she turned on her heels & walked out.
Outside, people were everywhere, some busy browsing the quaint little shops, others clustered together in little groups.  Ida peered curiously at a suspicious looking group in particular.  It was a small gathering of men with large tunics & helmets covering their faces.  They were talking to a smaller, red headed man who kept wringing his hands.  Long swords hung from the stronger men’s sides, & they were arguing loudly with the red headed man.  Ida scowled in disgust.  Dragon hunters.  The infamous band of trappers always sold their prey at the markets.  Ida always tried to steer clear of them, but they were yelling loud enough for the whole marketplace to hear.  
“Look,”  The tallest of them growled.  “We made a deal.  I give you the exotic bird dragon, you give me my money.  I’ve given you the dragon, but I still don’t have my money!”  The small red headed man shrunk back at the dragon hunter’s angry retort.  “Of course, of course, I-I-I-I know sir, but you have to give me time.  The dragon selling business has really gone downhill lately.  No one seems to be interested!”  the hunter stepped closer.  “I still want my money, you worthless son of a Gronckle!”  The red-headed man winced.  “I know, but just give me until the end of today.  You’ll have your money, I promise!”  “You’d better.”  The hunter snarled.  Then he turned & stalked off, followed by his companions.
Ida contemplated what she had just heard.  An exotic bird dragon?  Interesting.  Maybe she should attend the dragon bidding, at least to see if the dragon hunter’s claims were true.  But she’d bring her new sword.  Just in case.
“Sold for 150, to the man with the missing tooth!”  Ida grimaced as yet another dragon, this one an impressive purple & gold Nadder, was sold into slavery.  “Why did I even come here in the first place?”  She thought grudgingly.  “I need to get back to Berk before sundown for my patrol shift!”  “And now,”  The auctioneer went on, interrupting her thoughts.  “I’d like to introduce a treat to our audience, a dragon that’s sure to turn other’s heads!  Up for auction is, the Slitherwing!”  Ida snapped her head around at the auctioneers announcement.  A Slitherwing?  What in the name of Thor was that?  Ida watched intently as slowly the tent parted & out rolled a cage on wheels.  
Inside was one of the queerest but most beautiful dragon’s Ida had ever seen.  It was about the size of Water Phoenix, maybe bigger, & looked like an exotic bird.  It was a strange yet beautiful color combination of blood red, jet black, & pure white, & on its neck was a strange symbol, one of which she had never seen before.  The auctioneer grinned at all the “oohs” & “aahs” go the crowd.  “The Slitherwing is an intelligent yet dangerous dragon from the sharp class.  It’s unpredictable & relentless, being a primary dragon to have by your side if in need of protection.”
Ida stared at the beast as the auctioneer went on.  The dragon’s narrow red head hung low to the ground, its eyes heavy & lifeless.  It looked like it had given up all hope of freedom & life.  Ida bit her lip to keep from shouting out in a fit of anger.  How could they treat such a beautiful dragon in such a way?  “But enough about what it can do.  Wouldn’t you rather see for yourself?”  At that a scrawny boy, probably a slave came around the side of the cage & unlocked it with a long loop of keys.  He then took it by the chain around its neck & led it out onto the middle of the platform.  The beast didn’t even try to run away; it just stared blankly at the greedy, evil men surrounding it on all sides.  
Two other men pushed a heavy log up onto the platform, then pushed until it was standing straight up.  The boy clicked, the dragon, its eyes widening, let out a shrill shriek & lashed out at the log with its tail.  It sliced effortlessly through, almost as if it hadn’t at all.  Then it tumbled in two pieces to the ground.  There were a few gasps, then cheering.  The auctioneer grinned.  “Now that you’ve seen the quality of the product, its time to start the bidding.  Do i have 200?”  “200!”  A black haired man shouted out.  “250!”  Another.  Soon everyone was calling out bids on the strange “Slitherwing”.  Ida kept quiet.  What could she do to help it?  She didn’t have near enough money to buy the dragon with how high the bids were going.  What was she going to do?
“545!”  The bids had risen so high now that only three people were left, An impressively dressed older fellow, a fat, red haired man, & a tall masked figure who towered over both of them.  Ida couldn’t take it.  She had to do something……but what?  “580!”  Called the red haired man.  “595!”  The older man.  “700!”  Called out the cloaked figure.  Silence.  The auctioneer grinned. “Going once!”  Silence.  “Going twice…”  “1,000!”  Before she could stop herself, Ida blurted out a bid.  Everyone gasped & turned to look at her.  The auctioneer’s mouth hung wide open.  
“Sold for 1,000, to the fine lady in the back row!”  Ida’s mind went blank.  “Wait…what did i just do?”  The cloaked figure stood rigid in the middle of the annoyed crowd, his eyes blazing.  Ida still didn’t know what she’d done when the shop owner came over to greet her.  “Congratulations on your purchase!”  He sang happily.  “If you will come with me to the back, i’ll give you your purchase, & you’ll give me my gold.”  Ida felt her cheeks grow hot.  Great!  She’d just bought the Slitherwing with money she didn’t actually have!  Now what?
Fortunately she was a quick thinker, & came up with something to say.  “Sure thing.”  She told the man smoothly.  “But i’d rather meet someplace…..safer, if you know what i mean.  There are dangerous people around these markets, & i surely wouldn’t want my money or my new purchase being stolen, would I?”  The shop owner looked a little confused.  “No, no, I guess not.  Then where would you like to meet?”  “In the forest, just beyond that large crest.  No one will see us there, so we can safely trade goods & go on our way.”  The shop owner wrung his hands.  “Of course, of course.  I’ll bring your new dragon there.  & you’ll bring your gold?”  Ida smirked.  “You’ll get what you want all right.”  
“Hello?  Anyone there?”  Ida pushed aside the bushes & stepped out into the open.  “I’m here.  Do you have the Slitherwing?”  The shop owner yanked on a chain & the Slitherwing stalked between the bushes into view.  “Yes.  Now wheres my money?”  Ida grinned.  “Look up.”  Before the shop owner could react, Water Phoenix’s long scaly neck shot forward & grabbed him by the shirt collar, then wrapped her tail around him.  He tried to let out a cry of surprise, but her growl silenced him from doing anything of the sort.  “What?  What is this?  Gah, I should have known!  Your one of those no good dragon riders!”  Ida smirked.  “No Good?  I guess its just all a matter of perspective.”  She drew her sword.  “Now i’m taking that dragon back where it belongs.”  The shop owner sneered.  “You’ll never get out of here alive.  There are so many hunters here you’d have to be a Changewing to escape!”  Ida smirked.  “I don’t have to.  I’m out in the middle of no where, remember?  & besides, i’ve got dangerous friends if it comes to anything bad.”  
The shop owner looked distraught.  “But, you have no idea how much I need this gold!  Those people will kill me if…”  Ida waved a hand.  “Thats your problem.  Besides, it looks like you’ve made plenty of gold to go around.”  Ida clicked & Water Phoenix dropped the red headed shop owner to the ground.  “Now if you want you can go tell your friends, but i wouldn’t want everyone to think i’d been beaten by a teenage girl if i was you.”  The shop owner dusted himself off scowling, then stood up & ran faster then Ida had seen anyone run before.  Ida walked over to her Windwalker & pat her gently on the neck.  “Good job girl.  Now lets help this poor dragon & then i’ll finally bring you home so i can feed you dinner.”  She walked over to the Slitherwing.  The dragon stood rigid, its eyes wide, as if it couldn’t believe its capture had finally fled.  Ida took out one of her daggers, & being skilled in lock picking, was able to unlock the chain that hung tightly around its neck.  The chain fell with a loud clang to the ground.
The Slitherwing looked down at it, then looked at Ida.  Ida smiled.  “I bet it feels good to get that thing off your neck.”  She thought for a moment.  “You know what, you need a name.  I think i’ll name you Fate, since fate’s been so good to you & me.”  She held out her hand & waited.  The Slitherwing growled & spread her wings in a menacing way.  She shrugged.  “Oh well, it was worth a try anyway.  Come on Water Phoenix, lets get her back to Berk.  I bet i’ve missed my patrol shift by now.”
The End



Um, do you think you could put this mark in the same color as the markings on her neck?


thanks for your patience & for doing this for me! :D


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Sorry that I couldn't do the marking for you, I don't do additional markings

Thank you for taking your time writng the backstory, I had a nice read. I wonder if it had anything to do with the viking I put in the drawing for size comparison XD I mean now that I look at it the chain and sword doesn't look really well-meaning (it's kind of random, I just look up viking in httyd concept art)

Poor Fate though, being lifeless and hopeless. Glad that she's set free at the end


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May the Purple be with you ;)

Thats fine ^^  Its still looks great!  & i'm so glad you liked it! :D  I'd rather take awhile to write something nice as payment then take five minutes to write a bunch of junk :P  No artist deserves that.  And actually no, the viking in the pic had nothing to do with it XD  I noticed that after i wrote the part XD

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"Make my heart a better place, give me something I can believe"

Version: Adult


Main color: Dark brow

Secondary: Golden-brown
Markings: White


Name: Kyrselda

Gender: Female

History: White clouds drifted slowly across the silent blue sky. Lost in her own thoughts as she watched the sky, Amberleaf was not prepared for the sudden cry that rang out through the forest. Startled, she jumped up glancing around. Her dragon Tanza, was already standing nearby with a look of irritation at the fact she had been awoken. The cry sounded again, a high-pitched roaring sound, and then before Amberleaf could move she felt a gust of wind above her as two dragons flew screeching by.

        The first dragon was unlike any dragon she had ever seen before. It was dark brown, and it's neck was somewhat long, and it has striking markings and a long tail that when it fanned out almost mimicked the tail feathers of a bird, however much longer. The dragon was locked in a screeching frenzy with a Montrous Nightmare. As the dragons broke apart, the dark brown dragon backed rapidly, spinning around in the air to unleash a powerful barrage of flames. The nightmare dodged, and charged with body ingnited in flame barreling into the brown which managed to move just quickly enough to avoid the full blunt of the attack, but still falling several yards before righting itself once more. The brown dragon flew back up toward the Nightmare, and to her surprise, instead of attacking head on glanced the Nightmare with it's right wing. The Nightmare let out a lound cry of pain before retaliating. The battle continued to rage on throughtout the day, with short breaks in between leading Amberleaf to belief the fight had ended, however each time the brown dragon always returned, relentlessly attacking the Nightmare.

          As the day dragged by Amberleaf's dragon Tanza grew increasingly irritated by the noise of the two warriors battling in the sky. She and Amberleaf had been travelling for awhile and had recently settled on the island for a much needed rest, but now that was being destroyed. Finally irritated, Tanza let out a loud roar, and soared into the sky. She flew toward the two battling dragons, unleashing a long shot of lightning between them. Startled they froze for a moment, only to resume battling once more. Realizing this probably would be going on for much longer, Amberleaf decided to leave and find some other place to rest. Summoning Tanza, she gathered up all her belongings and together they flew away from the island later in the day. Around thirty minutes after leaving they were nearing another place that seemed peaceful enough to rest in, however behind them wingbeats could be heard approaching rapidly. It was the brown dragon, apparently having finished it's fight and unhappy about being interupted it was now after Tanza. Great thought Amberleaf, a dragon that holds grudges, just what we need. Tanza let out an irritated growl in reply before turning in frustration to face the threat. Both she and her dragon were tired Tanza's pride would make it hard to avoid a fight. This would be a long night....



I'm horrible at writing and I'm fresh out of ideas so I hope this is okay. I wish my mind would give me better ideas >.<



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Aw, you can't just stop right there XD

I really like your story, it captured the dragon's charateristic pretty well!

Here you go, I hope I got the color the way you want, not sure if the goldish brown look a little too goldy but it might be because of the reflection. Hope you like it!


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 I might continue it when I

 I might continue it when I finish my classes, if my mind gives me some ideas XD


The colors look perfect! Thank you! ^^



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Can I have one thats white

Can I have one thats white body orange underbelly? pink eyes and the underwing is orange with the top being white


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