Intro, and a question about the bugs!

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Hello! Just thought I'd introduce myself here. I love HTTYD and mmos, so I couldn't pass this game up. :) I started playing two days ago, and while I'm enjoying it, I already seem to be running out of things to do. What do most of you guys do while playing here?


Also, from what I've read, it looks like there is something going on with the Thunder Run Racing and Fireball Frenzy mini-games...bugs, perhaps? Could anyone explain to me what exactly is wrong/different than before? (since I wouldn't know any better). Thank you!

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well, yeah it's a bug, a HORRIBLE bug

yeah, after the arrival of the new update there has been so many bugs need to be fixed. Like theres a little problem with flying with my dragon to. Its glitchy :(


Fireball Frenzy got this bug that our dragon turned black, and worst Thunder Run Racing. You can't race, If you do could race someone told me that you'll lose trophies even though you win, and for singleplayer mode of Thunder Run is fine but the speed of our dragon turned into a bug to. 


I have got really bored and feeling annoyed of this bug, and I decided to stop playing the game untill all this bugs are fixed






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Greeting's as Explod has

Greeting's as Explod has already said the glitches with Fireball Frenzy and Thunder racing i wont comment :)


There's a lot of things to see/do such as Farming, exploring the Wilderness, berk or the school, oh and if you fly outside the school there is a fishing spot which is known as the Icy Fishing spot :)

also you can explore glitches in berk, the school and the wilderness. 

I would say the wilderness has most glitches. 

Also why not try out the new mini game called Elemental match? its pretty fun and easy to play, and it also gives your viking XP, the higher your score the higher XP it gives you :)


But you can also make friends, or search for players in the top clans.