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Hello everybody, once again.


If anyone knows me, they will know that in a film or book, I almost always prefer the villain to the hero. Without them, nothing would happen. And Disney villains are no exception. The best thing about Disney's villainous folk, however, are their songs. 


And so in this thread, I will show you my top five of Disney's villain songs, according to my mind. Fell free to post your own below. Enjoy!


I do not own any of these songs. They were made and produced by Disney Studios Films. 


Number Five - Pat Carroll with "Poor Unfortunate Souls"

This number from 1989's The Little Mermaid really did showcase the evil sea witch, Ursula's power. 


When Ariel is grasping for a chance to go on land, she goes to the octopus-like witch for help. At first, she's uncertain about her decision; however, not long after Ursula begins her song does she come around. Telling the tales of her past expierences with her methods, her pace quickens, forcing Ariel to make a snap choice and sign the paper giving the villain the right. 


This song displays Ursula's deceptive ways perfectly, tricking her 'poor unfortunate souls' into thinking that everything will be better afterwards. 


Number Four - Keith David with "Friends on the Other Side"

This jazzy song from 2009's The Princess and the Frog introduced the magical Voodoo ways of Dr. Facilier.


When Prince Naveen goes to the mysterious doctor, he gets exactly NOT what he was expecting. For when the two enter his Voodoo emporiom, he is introduced to his 'friends on the other side'. They are told to take three cards, all of which change at the touch. All of which tell stories of their pasts and what is suspected for them in the future. They are shown exactly what they want through the cards and almost immediatly shake the 'poor sinner's hand' and as a result are tricked and are shown the true beauty of Facilier's friends.


This number shows why, like Ursula, you shouldn't trust a magical mystery with your life. It was catchy, jazzy, fast paced and so it earns 4th place. 


Number Three - David Ogden Stiers, Jim Cummings, Judy Khun and the Chorus with "Savages"

This favourite of mine (mine, mine) from 1995's Pocahontas showed off the rivalry between the two sides.


When a soldier returns to the British legion's camp, informing them of the execution of one of their men, they decide that they must fight. Discovering the greed of the English, the native Americans choose to cause the demise of one of the oppositions. On a march to the battlefield, both sides sing of how either of them are savages, while Pocahontas tries her hardest to prevent the death of her new-found friend.


This is a great example of racism in the modern day world, displayed in a childrens film. The line "Their different to us, which means they can't be trusted," introduces this. Showing how we think of others. This is what puts this song up to third place.


Number Two - Jim Cummings (Again) with "Be Prepared"

This maniac Scar, from 1994's The Lion King, is more evil than most and this is not better displayed other than here, in his medly.


After years of being unappreciated, Scar finally racked up his strength and chose to at last overule his brother and become King. This song really did show his longing for power, how much he hated the slums with his neighbours, and really did show how evil he was.


This song showcased the true villainy of Scar, and how he knew it, too. It shows he knew his full potential and knew that perhaps the hyenas did too.


Finally, in First Place:


Number One - Alan Menken with "Hellfire"

If you know me even more, you will know my love for this song. This song finds its origins in 1996's The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Moments after Quasimodo's song about his love for Esmerelda (Heaven's Light), clashes this number by Frollo, about his love for her, but his hate for his love. This song in my eyes is just pure beauty. It is sung by a villain who believes they are right, they are not being evil for the sake of it, but becuase he thinks that the gypsies are evil. His mind plays tricks on him, showing him a jury that he must prove himself to. He is doubting himself for he is in love with the devil and is willing to burn down all of Paris to either have her to himself or let nobody have her.


This song can never be beaten, with the orchestral chorus supporting it and the religious background. Along with the fact that he thinks he's doing good yet he is still doubting himself. The number's issues, placement, and general listening is fantastic and so it earns top place in my list.


Do you agree with my choices? Why? What's yours?


Thank you,



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My favorite is definitely "Be

My favorite is definitely "Be Prepared". I am a true lion king fan, but im not too excited about the remake in a few years, it might ruin it.



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Nikora knows about the Krayfin's Corpse

They're remaking it? Woah. Thanks for that bit of info! Be Prepared is by far my favourite bit of that film, and I hope it lives up to that. Any idea when Aladdin's remake is coming?

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No, but they are making "The

No, but they are making "The Little Mermaid" remake. The Lion King isn't coming until 2019 though, and I hope they bring most of the voice actors back. I am setting the bar high on this one, so be prepared!


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