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This is a long shot since l think it's likely that there are less than 5 person here who know and play inscryption since it's mature theme horror in hidecard game invovling demonic sacrifice. However for those who do, or just like arts or cards. I made a httyd theme custom cards for that game!

There are 17 species but most of them are picked on a whim so there might be some unexpected addition or someone important missing. Most of the arts are also traced, some on my own art, it’s done intentionally to create the specific feels to the cards. Also balance? i don’t know her.

Please excuse the lighting in some of these! it's the horror game after all.


Card game lingo: Cost Attack/health, skills, tribe, rarity


Thunderdrum: 2 cost 3/3 waterborne, reptile

Toothless: 2 cost 3/2 Pack leader, sniper, reptile

Triple stryke: 2 cost 1/3 death touch, trfurcated strikes, reptile

Zippleback: 2 cost 1/3 bifurcated strikes, reptile

Zipplewraith: 2 cost 1/2 Double strikes, sniper, reptile




Quaken: 3 cost 3/5, Heftly, mighty leap, burrower, reptile



Slitherwing: 2 cost 1/2, death touch, sharp quills,  reptile

Swiftwing: 1 cost 1/2 flying snipper, reptile



Sand wraith: 1 cost 1/1, waterborne burrower, reptile

Scauldron: 3 cost 4/2, death touch waterborne, reptile



Bewilderbeast: 4 cost 5/5 builder, pack leader, Moon strike, reptile, rare

Boneknapper: 8 bone cost, half the bone you own/7, reptile

Deadly nadder: 2 cost 2/2 sharp quill flyer. reptile

Death gripper: 3 cost 1/3 death touch, double strikes blo.odlust, reptile



Golden dragon: 1 cost 0/3 bellringer, parasite, mighty leap, reptile, rare

Gronckle: 1 cost 1/5 mighty leap, reptile

Light fury: 2 cost 2/1 snipper, flyer, waterborne, reptile



And that's it! just a little fanart? show case. However if you do own the game, play the game mod the game and want this cards, feel free to PM me! be warned though that it require other mod to install! (on top of the card being pretty unbalance but hey fantastical dragons)


If you have any cards suggestion feel free to let me know!



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Ooh very nice! I've personally never played that game, nor have I really heard of it. Nice job making an httyd version, though! :)



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I actually do know this game hahaha. These are really cool Cham, look almost indistinguishable from the style used in the game. Super neat.



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Woah! I love the details and the whole idea of this :) I had Inscryption for a while on my computer but I haven't touched it at all, though this might just get me to try it again.
Thank you for bringing this to the forums, a really good addition I might put in my game.


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Oh wow these are awesome.


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It's been a while since i

It's been a while since i made this thread but the update is an update and I have a few news stuff to show!

New cards add:








Red death: 4/4 4 cost Moonstrike, blo.odlust, rare, reptile

Bubblehorn: 1/1 no cost fecundity, undying, annoying, rare, reptile

Baby Nightlight: 1/1 1 cost fledging sniper, reptile. Growing up to be the Nightlight in one turn

Nightlight: 2/2 2 cost sniper, waterborne, pack leaser, Hidden card reptile

Monsterous Nightmares: 3/3 3 cost moonstrike, reptile

Sentinel: 0/8 5 bone cost, mighty leap, sentry, guard dog, reptile


Some cards are also glow now after the upgrade! The glow is based of hidden world glow. It was harder to show case since I need to wait to get them in game so this is not all of them