#####I'm sick and TIRED of this quest bug not being FIXED#####

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Hey I have not been able to get into Snotlouts Sentry Station EVER SINCE IT WAS RELEASED. I'm tired of not getting this quest done! Its starting to annoy me in my quest list!!! Please, please, PLEASE do something about it!! I'm tired of being ignored by the Admins!


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dont blame them

i have done the quest but than again i done with very thing untill the new expantion pack.


-viking name in the gameQueen water girl

    -dragon- icy water


   hair and eye color are blue

i love to read, paint, draw, fold paper, weave, study all animals in the word, i love greek stuff, i play rise of berk i read percy jackson books and i lke how to train to dragon



     What you should know about me in the game i am kid of poseidon. I have 41 dragons most of them have a name that means water.



    icy water-snow wraith (male)

    rocky water- gronkle (male) 

    Aquamarine-gronkle (female)

    water spikes- nadder (male)

    water of the dark- nadder (female)

   james-monsterous nightmare male

   seaweed-nightmare male

   nightmare water- nightmare female

   aqua fire-nightmare female

   water and snow-zippleback female

   death and water-zippleback male

   toothless male

   water blaster- thunderdrum male

   ultra water- thunderdrum male

and a lot of other dragons to





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Me too, my quest list say's i

Me too, my quest list say's i dont have any, and no one is offering me quests even though i didnt do them all, and i used to have some in my quest list


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Let's start with some of my dragons B]

This is Magma, my chilling horror; adopted from goldenfury (lineart by nightmarerebuff)

This is Psychoblast, the eruditious shadowscorn by nightmarerebuff:

This is Ampora, my Tridenttailed Melodious Sirenvapor by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!

This is (The great) Maxie, my legendary Volcanic Woollyflare, by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!


This is Strider the Sidereal Sentinel by Varku!




And then I became Gravity falls, Steven Universe, and Homestuck trash. 

The end.