I'm eating meat today ("a god bless america" parody short :P)

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I don't even...  XD


The following parody is not intended to offend anyone. Especially vegetarians or animal-rights activists. It is a parody, and is intended to be funny, and should not be taken seriously. If this makes you angry, you may want to seek a type of help I cannot give you over the interwebz. :/ Sorry about that.

The following parody is meant to be sung to the tune of the final verse of "God Bless America" (You know. THat OTHER American national song that everyone messes up on the lyrics of in front of a stadium full of people XD If you don't know it because you're not American and have never heard it ever, I apologize. And yes, I realize the game is national, and no, I don't expect you all to know it.)



Now that that's over with, I hope you get a kick out of this short diddle. Because I am far too lazy to make up more verses. Although, if you have a few, feel free to respond with them. =D



Cuz I'm proud to be a meat-eater~
And at least it's trans-fatty~
And I won't forget the things that died
To bring this meat to me~
And I proudly eat it next to you
When veggies ruin your day~
And there ain't no doubt about these words~
I'm eating meat today~ (I'm eating meat toda-a-ay~)









May the valkyries welcome you
and lead you to Odin's Great battlefield.
May they sing your name with love and fury
so that we might hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla,
and know you've taken your rightful place at the table of kings.
A great man has fallen.
A warrior, a cheiftan, a father... a friend.


I'll swim and sail on savage seas...

                                         With ne'er a fear of drowning...

                                                                               And gladly ride the waves of life...

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SING IT AGAIN PLZ PLZ I LIKED IT! (i like steak & bacon)


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XD I love steak. And

XD I love steak. And everybody loves bacon. :P Glad you liked it.