If you're having trouble finding the Summarhildr Story Quests, read this.

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The first quest is "Kick The Nadder's Nest" from Astrid, which requires you to comlete Wilderness Training. To complete Wilderness Training, first complete the Branch Quests (button between the map and store icons on the right side), and make sure to complete the Mini-expansion; Flight Quest. If you have trouble finding the second quest for the Flight Quest expansion, head to the Expansion Board at the School, and it'll lead you the way.

After completing the tutorial and the Fligth Quest expansion, talk to the Headmaster and complete Wilderness Training. After that, talk to Astrid, and you should see "Kick The Nadder's Nest" as a quest you can start.


If you're playing through the story and are having trouble finding the quests, here are the quest names and their quest givers.

"Kick The Nadder's Nest" from Astrid
"A Viking’s Berk is Never Done" from Hiccup
"Hope for the Nest, Prepare for the Worst" from Hiccup
And "Scalebreak" from Eret.

The story quests are short. You'll know you've reached the end when you capture Griselda, while the other two warlords flee on a boat. (Highlight to reveal the spoiler)

Just remember, you have until around August 25th, 2022 (or September 1st, 2022) to complete the quests.

Hope this helps!


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Event quest

Would completing the wilderness training cause Astrid to have the summerhildr starting quest?
I can't figure out how to get ahold of the game devs, the last few story events never have the starting quest for me. The respective quest givers don't have their exclamation points over them and when i talk with them they give the program response of someone who has nothing for you.
Any help would be swell!!!

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That's exactly what this post

That's exactly what this post says. After you complete Wilderness Training, you'll see Astrid's quest. You can only complete Wilderness Training if you complete the tutorial missions, and the Flight Quest expansion.