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Hello everyone,


so recently I was think it would be cool in the future to add weekle quests for everyone. Why so? It dosen't matter if you pay for mambership or not, because you reach a point where all the quests are done from the main story and there's nothing esle much to do, it would be a nice touch to the gameplay. I'm not asking for huge story line but small task's that you can do for each different day of the week.



  • Collect 20 carrots and bringht to Phlegma
  • Ask Astrid something
  • ecc...

It would give to all us a reson to keep playing SOD, without waiting for the next:

  • Events (Dreadfall, ecc...)
  • Expation pack
  • Or a big update

The rewards would be the usual:

  • Dragon EXP
  • Coins

I'm sure the team is capable to implement this change in the game, after all they have changed Toothless model not only as a playable character but also in the cut scenes. 


Let's wait and see.





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Yes I was thinking maybe

Yes I was thinking maybe daily quest featuring a specific dragon or class each time with you needing either that dragon or a dragon from that class it could even come with a new island class island showing off all the dragon classes and the dragons that belong to them and would give tracker dragons the spotlight they deserve


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Oo! I fully support this

Oo! I fully support this idea. I've been thinking about this especially with how other game I play all do this. Both Daily lock in bonus and Daily quest. Say what you will about event vs expansion but event did really have more incense for the player to come back everyday as oppose to having a lot of new contents but once it's done it's done. I think said incense to come back everyday doesn't necessary has to be confine in the event, the event can just have exclusive prize that's all. I think they can go with having 5 daily qust per day.


Of course there must be reward for it to be the effective incense. I'm debating between a dragon exp or a gems. Having gems reward might destroy economy but I think it might have work if it's only 1 gem per quest. or 5 gems per 5 quest (get none if you doesn't finish all the five per day). The other game I play did reward the buyable igc too after all. 1 gems seem little but if it garuntee you'd get 5 gems for everyday you log in and stay for amount of time to finish the quest then. that's 35 gems per week on top of the daily log in gems.  they can even do it like "Member get in extra gem (no extra quest) so you get 6 per day if you're the member"


The 5 daily quest then'd either be similar to the event quest where it's short simple and repeatable. Just snoutlout order to shoot stuff or escort stuff or farm stuff or collect stuff. OR they're not the quest but a task that get you to do the thing that's already exist in game without having to have a character saying new dialouge like

- Fishing for a fish

- Plant ___ seed

- Participate in 1 battle event

- Play 1 battle tactic level

- Play 1 flight club level

- Visit Gothi's hut (or visit ___ place (incense to go to less visited island)

- Play Thunderrun racing

-Feed a dragon

-Harvest from one animal

- shoot one eel

then circle between 5 per day. I think this might be a good idea


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I'd love to have some daily quests to do too, stuff that isn't exclusive to events. I also really like Chame's idea about some of the things being tasks instead of quests. An idea I had combines the two. They could slowly work at getting a few dozen quests and tasks thought up(the stable quests have a lot of different quests so I know they could think up a lot of different quests and tasks for the daily task and quest system)and then when they had enough thought up they could implement the daily task and quest system in game(the reason I'm suggesting a few dozen is so it won't get repetitive as quickly). It would be randomized so you could get all quests, all tasks, or a combination of both and you could get coins, dragon xp, viking xp, and udt from each one you completed and a small amount of gems for completing everything, like Chame suggested. I'd be willing to wait a year or two for something like this so they could give us a good amount of quests and tasks.


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