Icestorm Island Overview

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I'm going to be making a series of quest lists with plenty of pictures for each of the expansion packs. To specifically see which quests first direct you to or unlock the new areas, as well as which ones let you get clothing items and train dragons, you can read the Master List I'm putting together.


Here are some of the highlights from Icestorm Island. I would encourage you to post some of your favourite screenshots of this snow-covered treasure trove of historical insight.


Gorge II

Level 50

352000 UDT points

Critical thinker; artistic; patient; obsessive over things he loves; absent-minded


Brightslime is all grown up (& reached level 50)


Battle High Scores:

1. Headvord    -  1225

 2. Globstract   -  1203!

3. Streamglide - 1122

4. Sparkflare   -  1070

5. Brightslime  -   980

6. Flingshot     -    900

7. Grimpinch   -    895

8. Bulkshield   -    859

Expansions completed:

      Battle quest    Rtdi icon    Tsol icon 2          



 Sparkflare                        Streamglide

Female titan wing Nightmare                 Male Windwalker           

Level 50                                         Level 50

 Found July 18, 2013                    Rescued July 23, 2016

      Cheerful, ferocious in battle,               Caring & comforting, dragon rescuer,

distracted, excitable, reckless                        brave, stealthy, nimble     



Globstract                                  Flingshot 

Female Death Song                           Male Singetail    

Level 50                                         Level 50

Adopted Nov 11, 2016                   Bonded Feb 12, 2017 

      Reclusive, disobedient,                       Sociable, co-operative, curious,

showy, artistic, cheeky                              lively, protective of me




Persistent & focused; mature; outgoing; confident; short-tempered



 Bulkshield                        Brightslime

    Male Rumblehorn                     Female Flame Whipper

Level 50                                        Level 50

  Hatched Jan 1, 2015                  Adopted June 11, 2017

Friendly, stubborn & determined,             Adventurous, likeable, observant,

      moody, tough, heroic                        has quick reflexes, poisonous



Headvord                          Grimpinch

   Male Sentinel                            Male Deathgripper

Level 50                                         Level 49!

Befriended Oct 10, 2018              Befriended Aug 30, 2019

Dignified, benevolent, tenacious                Dangerous, touchy, submissive 


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Icestorm Island Quests
  1. Johann’s Icy Problem
  2. Into the Wild
  3. Homely Habitat
    Baby Groncicle's Nest.jpg
  4. Glacier View
    Flying by the Glacier.jpg
  5. Delicious Diet
  6. Makeshift Shelter
  7. Fellow Explorers
  8. Settling In
  9. Lay of the Land
    Mapping Out Icestorm Island.jpg
  10. Dragon Mystery
  11. Speed Stinger Safari
  12. Helpless Predator
    Baby Speed Stinger.jpg
  13. Surveying the Night Sky
  14. Frostbite-Free
    Thermal Coat.jpg
  15. Defend the Island!
  16. The Return of Mildew
  17. Frozen Fungus
  18. Where’s My Beloved Friend?
  19. A Gift for Astrid
  20. Catching Daylight
  21. That Sky is on Fire!
  22. Strength Smoothies
  23. Slippery Slope
    Riding Speed Stinger.jpg
  24. The Mystery Box
  25. X Marks the Spot
  26. Clue Snatcher
  27. Tea Time
  28. Kindred Spirits
  29. A Smelly Matter
  30. The Dormant City
  31. Hunting the Hunters
  32. Digging into the Past
  33. Family Ties
    Baby Groncicle's Mother.jpg
  34. Geothermal Oasis
  35. Sonar Power
    Toothless Finds Fossil.jpg
  36. The Treasure Hunter
  37. The Headmaster’s Wild Ride
  38. Dirty, Rotten Thieves
  39. Pots and Plants
  40. Under Construction
  41. Hiccup, That Slacker
  42. Water Worries
  43. Trail of Destruction
    Ruined Groncicle Nest.jpg
  44. Fixing Mildew’s Mess
    Rebuilding Groncicle Nest.jpg
  45. Cracking the Mystery

    (I'm still not clear on what mystery was cracked. This quest was just a dead end. Oh well.)
  46. Unicorn of the Sea
  47. Unwanted Visitors
  48. The Secrets of the Ancients
  49. The Golden Room
  50. The Coming Threat
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Ice Caves Scenery

After completing this actic expansion pack, I took pictures of the main areas involved. I have one distance shot of the outside, but I'm sure that's already very familiar to many of you.


This was paradise in the middle of the iciest rock in the Archipelago.


From here I could see the Ice Caves, including the areas that were originally blocked off.


Of course, I was careful not to get a good look at the Ancient Ruins or the Treasure Room from up here until I had unlocked them. Now it has been a year and a half since I first discovered the ruins. (I embarked on this expansion in May two years ago but didn't receive the thermal clothes from the quest "Frostbite-Free" until [edit] three months later.)


Not counting waiting time for glitch fixes, these 50 quests took me [edit] two months to complete. Sorry, I switched the numbers.

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Three months to complete?

Three months to complete?


Thanks to Archery and Dragons.

Under construction!

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Two months, but spread out

Well, I played through it for three weeks before encountering the glitch, then had 8 more quests I could do during the three months when I was waiting for a fix.


It was finally resolved at the beginning of September 2015, just before I went off to university, so I couldn't pay attention to the expansion until the end of the month. By the end of October I had done all the quests.


Even in those two months (May and October) in which I did over a dozen quests each, I still didn't play every day. If I only count the days when I progressed, it took about 33 days in total.