I need help with the forums (sorry)

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Hello everyone, I am new here (as you may know) and I need some help with a couple things to do with the forums. 


How do I make it so I get notified when I get a reply to a post I made or a reply I made?

What are points and how do they work?


Thats all I really need help with for now, Thanks.



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- you can moniter your posts

- you can moniter your posts and anything you've replied to on your tracking page in "My Account", but can't filter for specific replies to your comments

- points are a non-functioning feature of the forum that have never worked (as far as i know)



- o { they/she, so full of thoughts, did you know? i don’t } o -

Interested in joining a community clan? I made one :)

i won't be (artisically) active here for much longer so maybe check out my other socials and stay in touch if you like my stuff :3 Commissions handled primarily through Ko-fi or directly through PayPal


Discord: aaaZesty#6436 | Tumblr: @aaa-wyvern-called-zesty | Twitch: twitch.tv/aazesty | Ko-fi: aaazesty

Note: Tumblr and Twitch are 15+

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Toothless stole my subject...

Thank you i needed clarifacation on that as well :3

Also what does the names under our account name mean?


New to forum don't really know how it works! I joined SoD on the 15th of July 2015 and am only now making a forum account. :D

About me:

I'm Claire :P I love movies and drawing. She/her

My Favorite Shows Are:
httyd (obviously), marvel,Star Wars,Harry potter and avatar the last air bender!

Favorite Dragons:
Night Furys-Night Lights,Scuttleclaws,Monstrous Nightmares,Stormcutters,Razorwips and Terrible Terrors :]

All drawings in siggy done by me :>

In Game:

Most active account is 

ClaireHGirl. Code- GCJDQU

First account is

Booffa. Code- DFFOV2


Main dragons on ClaireHGirl are Dart Night Light,Eline sand wraith

Httyd and art instagram account :



Siggy under work all unfinished.

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Blacksand dipped the subject in chocolate and ate it...

Those are user titles, you get new ones the more you post on the forum.  The last user title is Supreme Viking Champion.





Welcome To My Signature!


Hello, im Blue, but u can call me THE QUEEN OF SHADOWS or just simply Blue...



                    Coconut, my Howlain, is my Signature Guardian, and he can kill you with the power of cuteness!

                                                                       Made by Chameishida




                           My other Signature Guardian, the Elder Sentinel, his name is Guardian, and he is the Co-Guardian

                                                 He is too old to be up front, no one wants him to get hurt, but he wanted the job,

                       so he didn't get the up front job, but the Co-Guardian job, and did you know, he is 683 years old!

                                                                        Made by Chameishida



Just to let you know, I am NEVER EVER doing role plays EVER AGAIN

Some stuff about me!

(im a bit crazy, so im just telling you that im human, in case you didnt know...or maybe im a night fury, who knows XD)


Name: cant tell u (no, my name is not "cant tell u", thats just weird)


Fav animal: WOLF




Gender: female


Age: 12


Fav books: Wings of Fire, Pax


Fav movies:  How to Train your Dragon, Spirit, Encanto


Bugs and glitches that have happened to me so far in-game:


i get daily pink blobs in some maps,  also daily my dragons dissapear, (did i spell it right?) and you can't mount them,  also once when i was doing a quest to age up my teen Whispering Death, Sparksaw, i had her mounted and my finger pressed the "show avatar" button, but my viking didn't dissapear, my dragon did!  then i was sitting on nothing and i spun and couldn't control it!  the joystick wasn't working, so i had to reload the game, but when i got back the quest restarted.


Clan:  Isle of Gazoo



Banner by EmeraldHuntress65


psssssst! if you see me ingame, just chase me and shoot fireballs at me, and if i see you ingame, i'll prob do the same...



In-game Info:


Main viking: Fearlessbluedragontheloyal

Second viking: TheAmazingCrystalSky

Third viking: MayaDemHooman

Fourth viking: Falerok

Fifth viking: (just random letters imma write it down later)


Main dragon for first viking: black sand wraith, blueish/purplish woolly howl

Main dragon on second viking: purple flightmare, light blue groncicle, purple snafflefang, black skrill

Main dragon for third viking: (in hatching)

Main dragon for forth viking: black flightmare

Main dragon for fifth viking: green rumblehorn, red zippleback









I have a DeviantArt account!  My username is BlueandBlacksand, plz watch me :3




                                               Meet Coconut's friend, Valor, the Titan Gluespit!

                                                                    Made by Chameishida



My forever growing dragon family:


Strike Class

Frostflake-adult female woolly howl

(spot reserved for Woolby the Woolly Howl)

(spot reserved for CrimsonWolf the Woolly Howl)

(spot reserved for Icicle the Woolly Howl)

NocturnEx-adult male skrill

(spot reserved for Zapp the Skrill)

(spot reserved for Nyx the Night Light)

(spot reserved for Storm the Night Light)

(spot reserved for Cosmo the Night Light)


Sharp Class

Star-adult female stormcutter

Papercut-adult female razorwhip

(spot reserved for The Searing Seathsizzle the Razorwhip)

Pickle-adult male prickleboggle


Tidal Class

Blacksand-adult male sand wraith

Dream-adult female sand wraith

Ocean Star-adult female sand wraith(deseased)

BurntEmber-adult female sand wraith

Wave-adult male thunderdrum

Basil-teen female thunderdrum

Goldrush-baby male thunderdrum

Monster-baby male thunderdrum

Sonica-baby female thunderdrum

Electro-adult female shockjaw

Bubble-adult female shockjaw

Deathinator-adult male shockjaw

WaveStar- adult male shockjaw

Starglow-adult female windwalker


Tracker Class

      Dawnstar-adult female deadly nadder

Duskstar-teen female deadly nadder

Glorystar-baby female deadly nadder

Moonlight-baby female deadly

Ocean Star-adult female deadly nadder

Prism-baby male deadly nadder

Gum-adult female deadly nadder

Grechn-baby female deadly nadder

Indigo-baby female deadly nadder

Bullcrown-adult male rumblehorn(deseased)

Watermelon-adult female rumblehorn(deceased)


Stoker Class

Charcoal-adult male nightmare

Va-teen female nightmare

Shadow-baby male nightmare

Golden Fury-baby female nightmare

Diamond-teen female nightmare

Ignis-adult male nightmare

Venom-adult female flame whipper

Ash-teen male typhoomerang

(spot reserved for Boogles the Abonibumble)


Boulder Class

Plum-baby female gronckle

Mossy-baby male gronckle

Skittles-adult male gronckle

Klad-baby male gronckle

Coldvein-teen male groncicle

Iceberg-adult male groncicle

Sparksaw-adult female whispering death

Snuggly-adult male whispering death

Ella-baby female whispering death

Pendant-baby female whipsering death

Geode-adult female snafflefang

Heartkeep-teen female eruptodon

Broski- baby male eruptodon

Noodle-adult male grapple grounder

Sunstone-teen female shovelhelm

(eruptodon in hatching)

(eruptodon was literally in hatching for over a year)


Mystery Class

Glimmer-adult female flightmare

Ice-adult female flightmare

UltraViolet-adult female flightmare

IronTail-adult male armorwing

Bandit-adult male armorwing

Pinky-adult female armorwing

AirFire-adult female armorwing

Spark and Sparx-teen male/female* zippleback

Sugar and Spice-baby female zippleback

Dude and DJ-baby male zippleback

Red and Sus-baby male zippleback

Trixy and Trickster-baby female zippleback

Sweetclaw-adult male sweet death

NonToxic-adult female slitherwing

(spot reserved for Titan the Chimeragon)

(spot reserved for Nebula the Cavern Crasher)

(spot reserved for Bits and Bobbles the Ghastly Zapplejack)


*Spark is male and Sparx is female







My little pixel dragon army were made by Chameishida!  Beware!  THEY ARE READY FOR WARR! >:D



(yes, i know its not a corner just-uhhh...)







Snow the Night Fury by Dravas



Titan the Chimeragon by Dravas









Ekkar done by Toothless0603





Stardust done by Frost Shards







These two wonderful Ikran-Hybrids are made by the fantastic Toothless0603

Frostflake by DyliehIdol1214








The Guy XD by Joy_The_Terrier



Zephyr by toothless0603


want a skyfyre like this? its my fandragon! get one here:




Nyx the Brawler Stryke by ZestyDragonWing!





Blacksand by LissaFish


Blacksand by Tigerli1y



Blacksand by WoollyHowlEra

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Okay thank you for that! :)

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I do too.

I am also new on the forums.


How do you post picures?


Hi This is a work in progress, Sorry.


If anyone could tell me how to add a picture, that would be great!

Age (in SoD) :1 (I have been playing for a year)




Fav: Turkey (Smitten Hobgobbler)

First Dragon: Garf (lv. 50 Titan Sand Wraith)

Second Dragon: Stormrun (lv. 50 Titan Deadly Nadder)

Third Dragon: Frightful (lv. 50 Titan Flightmare)

All of the rest:

Army Jacky (Armorwing)

Bone Fire (Bonestormer)

Bushy (Changewing)

Landar of Frost (Chimeragon)

Little Foot (Titan Crimson Goregutter)


Deadly Nadders:


Glytch the Fearless

Silver Wing





Big Big Bubbles (Deathgripper)

 Amberlla (Titan Deathsong)

Double Fire (Dramillion)

MultiBlaster (Titan Dramillion)

Bluey (Eruptodon)

Lava Munchy (Eruptodon)

Rocky Big Tail (Eruptodon)

Forest Fire (Fire Terror)

Frozen Grouches (Groncicle)

Happy Grouches (Groncicle)




Fishmeat the Great


Another Dragon - This is the real name =)



Hidious Zipplebacks:

Bread n Butter

Echo n Glory

Frosty n Snowball

Just n Cool

Lava n Rockster

Macoroni n Cheese (I purposely spelled it wrong)

Not n Another

ThingOne n ThingTwo

ThingThree n ThingFour


Pork Chop (titan Hobgobbler)

Turkey (Smitten Hobgobbler)

Frosty (Hobblegrunt)

Moonlight (Light Fury)

Winter Girl (Moldruffle)


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Welcome to the forum

In order to insert an image you must have an image address (image URL). Just open the image in a new tab. And paste into the icon image.

Or use a code

< I m g s r c = " that picture " >

  Welcome to my signature  

Deathsong X Slitherwing Author: Just_Visiting

Youtube - Dračí Pomeranč -  https://youtube.com/channel/UCoFMD9bQfgycKRlyaF0EreQ


Instagram - Marryboron_Garf_CZ

 I am a Czech player, I love the School of Dragons. I'm against hacked in the game, please call me Marryboron :)
I have a Platinum star - 400 000 UTD
I have a 13.000 trophies, but I'm still racing, so theirs the number is constantly changing
Closest friends - Adventuregrumpyasterix, meryllie.
The leader of my dragon pack is Garf - Deathsong
I am the leader of the Czech Riders CZ clan     
  Czech Riders CZ clan Flight suit 
My clan has 71 members and we have 14.000 points 
Dragons who have level 50 : Lovesong, Garf, Light fury, Toothless, Dart, Pouncer, Ruffrunner, Loki, Mischief, Melodia, Lailfaly, Mihrimah, Elsker, Jewelina, Viggo, Atalay, Fanktus, Viserion, Sprite 
05/28/2020 I became a Dragon Rider 
 My past is unknown, but I strive for myself find out information.
My favorite quote : "Every Dragon rider goes through a fight with Dragon hunters, and every fight may not turn out well! But if your friends or dragons remember you, you may not have died at all, and maybe it's not the end!"
Attention !!!!! Viggo is hungry 
                                           My Dragons:
Titan Sand wraith - Lovesong
Adult Deadly Nadder - Deathlovesong
Titan Deadly Nadder - Sabika
Adult Deathsong  - Garf
Adult Armorwing - Palmicka
Adult Slithersong  - Jewelina
Adult Razorwhip - Vetrostiska
Adult Groncicle - Blue
Titan Whispering Death - Simir
Adult Smitten Hobbobbler - Khan
Adult Alpha Light fury  - Altaria
Adult Alpha Night Fury - Toothless
Adult Skrill - Viggo
Adult Eruptodon - Miak
Adult Eruptodon - Velká Ochrankine
Adult Singetail - Mala
Adult Elder Sentinel – Guardian
Titan Dramilion - Alfa
Adult Nightlights  - Dart
Adult NightLight - Pouncer
Adult Typhoomerang - Fearless
Adult Dreadstrider - Loki 
Titan Flightmare - Mischief
Titan Death Song - Melodia
Titan Skrill - Lailfaly
Titan Stormcutter - Toruk Makto
Adult Chimeragon - Shira
Titan Hideous Zippleback - Fanktus
Teen Nightlights - Ruffrunner
Teen Nightlights - Pouncer
Teen Nightlights - Dart
Adult Deathsong  - Mihrimah
Titan Deathgripper - Eimi
Adult Thunderdrum - Kowil
Adult Flame Whiper  - Grimborn
Adult Delivish Dervish - Shadou
Adult Bonestormer - Patch
Titan Woolly Howl - Sisu
Adult Slitherwing - Layllah
Titan Slitherwing - Atalay
Adult NightLight - Ruffrunner
Adult Wholly Howl - Pengu
Titan Terrible Terror- Leaf
Titan Schockjaw - Ammba
Adult Seastormer - Elsker
Titan Razorwhip - Razuler
Titan Triple Styke - Rhapsody
Titan Speed ​​Stinger - Liry
Adult Night Terror - Smidwarg
Adult Skrillknapper - Sayha
Titan Screaming Death - Freeya
Titan Timberjack - Sylvie
Adult Gronckle - Smok
Adult Fireworm Queen - Arriva
Adult Hobblegrunt - Melory 
Adult Moldruffle - Falem 
Adult Snow Wraith - Borron 
Adult CavernCrasher - Griselda
Titan Humbanger - Viserion
Adult Grapple Grouder - Rhaegala
Adult Grim Gnasher - Drogon
Adult Prickleboggle - Tempest
Adult Quaken - Selenna
Adult Thunderpede - Amiamoon
Adult Snaptrapper - Danearys
Adult Rumblehorn - Nikora
Titan Scuttleclaw - Sayfie
Adult Sliquifier - Root
Adult Deathly Galeslash - Arnie
Adult Golden dragon - Nalany
Adult Mudraker - Samaritan
Adult Changewing - Hildr
Adult Boneknapper - Jafar
Adult Shivertooth - Ataly 
Adult Snafflefang - Sammantha
Adult Raincutter - Harolld
Adult Shovelhelm - Petal
Adult Ridgesnipper - Supreme
Adult Hotburple - Machine
Adult Smothering Smokebreath - Anubis 
Adult Sweet Death - Tymeson
Adult Crimson Goregutter - Swapshira 
Titan Scauldron - Nefertity 
Adult Tide Glider - Anonymous
Adult Abomibumble - Velkhana
Adult Windwalker - Dracarys
Adult Buffalord - Taurus
Adult Fire Terror  - Darkwarg
Adult Ghastly Zapplejack - Yahweh
Titan Hobgobbler - Chaghatai
Titan Hushboggle - Aiwayaha
Adult Flightmare - Shen
Titan Sentinel - Lullaby
Adult Zipplewraith - Sprite
Adult Sand wraith - Rayna  ( Dragon of my 2nd anniversary in SoD ) 
Titan Deathsong - Haseki 
Adult Speed Stinger - Nerve
Adult Chimeragon - Khalifa 
Adult Gruesome Goregripper - Sarkath 
Adult Silver Phantom - Rhaenyra 
Update the list of dragons : 07/31/2022
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you have to upload it on

you have to upload it on another site (Imgur, PostImage, etc.[a private Discord server can function as a image hoster]) and imbedd it with the link. Keep note that a lot of image hosting sites will clear out old images after a while if you don't have an account with them, and tend to have come with a bunch of viruses and malware if you're not careful on which site you use

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Upload your image to an image hosting site, copy the direct URL to the image, click the little icon on top of the post editor, paste it in the URL field and click OK.


★·.·´¯`·.·★ arт ιѕ нard ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Neo // Engineer, cabbage slapper, crappy artist exteme

Extra links:


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Jaeger Prime
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Testing, and thank you

Greetings, I've finally fixed my account, and wish to see my signature's appearance, aswell as to say thanks towards others for sharing info about the subject. :>


Also, I wanted to ask if its normal for everything you've edited into your signature, to disappear after selecting save afterwards? (I checked, and all other edits, like more text, along with a gif I've placed are gone) Thx.


Edit: Fixed it! Its the emojis. Do NOT use any... >_>


(Work in progress)

                                ~Welcome, fellow riders..to my signature.~


A fellow veteran of the franchise aswell as this game, I've been playing since 2014, and hope to see it change for the better. Cheers.


    "All nests have thier alphas...but there is only one reigning species..."


Clan name and description:                                     

                                                     ~Hierarchy's Voice~

                                         X~Bewilderbeast's Omen Tribals~X


      'The alpha species.'

      'We stand by the true apex of the dragon kingdom order.'


`May our foes who dare challenge us and neighboring fauna of the land, sky, and

sea, be met with a deserving fate...woe to them, for they have doomed themselves to oblivion...earning the scorn of the queens and kings of nitrogen ice...`


`To tremble at our sight, sign, elusive might...for we watch all who disturb the natural flow...` 


`Hear our call throught the archipelago and beyond! Mount thee bonded beasts of heart! Sisters and brothers in arms...!!`


Dragon(s) pixel art pieces made by/credit goes to Chameishida!

Dragon banners made by/credit goes to Dragonriders Fury!








                                              `Vigilantes...RISE UP!!!`






I'am a Bewilderbeast vigilante/shamaness whisperer (further learning dragonese vocally, using materials for sound mimicry, body language from them along with others), and rider who respects all dragon species, with some being an exeption after the third movie, aswell as a Transformers:Prime Decepticon enthusiast, reasonably and respectfully. I sympathize and empathize, having great open mindedness and inspiration of them, adoring mainly boss con. I grew up admiring the aspect of anti-heroes getting the deserving chance, ones who have every right to fight back, along with gargantuan beings that could decimate and/or control entire worlds, yet choose to find peace, for both speaks vastly.

I also grew up watching Dragon Ball.

I'm a gal thats an odd one out, and love it.

Also spooky ravey fun time. *v*













                                                   Alright, thats it for now! More to come...



I see you scrolling.... :>

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A Monstrous Nightmare set my subject on fire...

Thanks everyone for the help :D

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thanks I might try it soon