I Need A Few Tips For Fireball Frenzy...

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Like I said in the title I nedd some tips on Fireball Frenzy whenever I go in there I lose 15 trophies I have lost 60 by now I would just like some help with this... So if anyone would like to send me some sticitics i would realy like that! (and please dont say look at the game guide already looked there and nothing there helps me)


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Hello, I am Terri OwO

I don't play so much at Fireball Frenzy...

Have you tried practicing? Usually helps you with your skills, no?

Try using a computer mouse on a huge mousepad. Greatly helps with aiming. I actually use a drawing tablet for some reason (Bamboo tablet). Don't try using the trackpad on your laptop/computer.

Also, here are some tips I would like to share, but I have learned from them. I am not such an expert.

  • Literally fire at everything. Just fire. FIRE. Except at Hiccup and Astrid. I think you lose more points when you fire at Astrid than Hiccup. 
  • The crazy sheep gives you 50 points I think. The mean vikings give you 200, while shooting at the dragon (I don't know if it is a dragon, or which species it is....looks kinda like a Night Fury lol) gives you 500. Try to aim for those. 
  • Be quick when shooting the shields, because you have a limited time viewing a group of targets.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect.
  • Do not go head to head with someone unless you are very confident. 

That is it for today, please do not follow my tips unless you are crazy enough to do so. But...yeah, practice.

- Charme

P.S the game guide is so useless lol


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just fire

shot the farthest targets first and try to shot and aim faster




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ask Terraline she is reallly

ask Terraline she is reallly good


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