I just don’t like nightlight name/gender

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While they got name and gender I feel like I became hateful them so bad 

it just I don't like name and gender 

I was hoping blue eyes is male but they making ANOTHER female blue eyes it just nothing news always same boring I want something different rather then same same repeat over over like 'oh another new baby nightlight let make blue eyes another female again' this is my opinion 






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At least they didn't make the
At least they didn't make the only white Night Light female, like this Lady and the Tramp effect where clones of the mom are automatically female and clones of the dad are automatically male... or give them cringy "cool" moon names. I thought it was a nice change from the norm actually, not sure why you would call it boring? Since the only thing Dart has in common with her mom is the eye color. X3

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Yeah, I agree with you.






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because blue eyes is an exclusively female trait. /sarcasm


i don't know where you're going with this, but like 99% of the guys in HTTYD have blue eyes. it's not like the girls automatically get blue eyes? i'm just confused, i guess. how is eye color relevant at all?


on the other hand, i was pretty happy to see the white night light was a boy, actually. given the franchise's tendency towards stereotypes, that was a pleasant surprise for me.


i don't know why everyone insists the night lights are given these ridiculously edgy names like "luna." that doesn't fit the httyd universe at all. besides, with names like rumpus, schmoozer, and scally-slander, i think the night lights are pretty well off name wise :")









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Subject no

Most people want light fury name is Luna or moon 

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The llamas are summoning me...

Actually I don't mind the genders I was fine with it either way- besides I think we all assumed either Dart or Pounce would be female... My issue is the names... They're just eh.... I feel like they're kinda weird and not really matching personality wise.

But then again you can change their genders and names to your liking! So you could have Dart male and have a different name... 


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*Grabs popcorns*

Yeah, same, actually. I actually don't consider those canon, i invented the genders and the names myself.


Coral: black with blue eyes, female


Obsidian: Black with green eyes, female


Cristal: White with green eyes, male.


I'm tired of the stereotype "OhHhH FeMaLeS ArE wHiTe AnD MaLeS aRe BlAcK bEcAuSe LiGhT FuRy Is WhiTe AnD ToOtHLesS Is BLaCk AnD FeMaLeS ArE CuTe AnD FluFfY" and blah blah blah. it is just so annoying and childish. I admit my names aren't the best, but i avoided calling one of them with the name of a stranger thing's creature. Everyone has his\her opinion. For the blue eys thing, snotlout has blue eyes (we see it in the series) and, like someone else said here, there are plenty of male vikings with blue eyes in the movies, and valka has green-ish eyes, so, you got it.

EDIT: For people who actually wanted pouncer to be a female, i'm *not* trying to offend you, but i would just prefer the white one to be male. I was talking about the people who think females are white and males are black, so the white one has to forcefully be a female, and here aren't black females or white males in fury dragons. You may have decided to make it a female for your own preference, just like i made the black ones females, just for prefeference, and, personally, i have *nothing* wrong against that.


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-insert cool subject here-

When I clicked on this thread, I thought you said the Night Light name as a species pretty dumb. But if I'm honest, I think it's pretty stupid —It just sound like a pocket-sized light bulb that you plug into the wall that sometimes have lamp shadings. Ironically, I have pretty creepy personal experience with those things. But you don't see a dragon species named Butter Knife or Ceiling Fan or even Light Bulb! That's why I call them Hybrid Furies instead. I would call them Dawn Furies or Moon Furies, but I want people to know what I'm talking about.

As for the individual names, Ruffrunner is fine with me. Pouncer is a little meh. But finally, I would look for a better name than Dart. It's just a little off-putting in the franchise compared to the other dragon names. But I agree with a few people here, it's better than the edgy night-based names the fandom (in general) tends to call their night fury OCs.


The only thing I disagree with you on is the genders. Personally, I am fine with it. It's a nice refresher compared to the clone mother being female and clone father being male. I'll say as an example, I was raised in a big family: All female.

My mom has brown eyes while my dad has blue eyes. I have a sister who looks like her father and has brown eyes, and another sister who looks like her mother and has blue eyes.

Sometimes, you can even have traits from your grandparents and have their eyes/face/hair color. Really, what gender you are gonna be isn't really proportionate to which parent you're gonna look more like. It's the matter of which genes are dominant or recessive, and the probability of the two. (not saying the same to me. I look like the exact clone of my mother apart from the wavy hair gene. I'm also female. But mentally, I happen to be a clone of my Father)


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Catra stole my subject

i have to disagree with you on most of what you said since most people i seen (including me) has pretended the nightlights have different names and sometimes different genders


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It's really not that big of a deal tbh, it would be odd if they made one of the nightlights with brown eyes when their mother or father has green and blue. It makes no sense, if they did it that way it would be way more fanmade than it would be original. They inherited those traits from DNA. It was passed down from both toothless & the light fury. Which is also the reason why they are black and white mixed.





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I don't think their gender really matters, personally. Does it affect them at all that much?


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My advice is that if you don't like the canon names and genders for the Nightlights, give them your own names and genders. A lot of people, including me, have done that. I came up with names and genders for the Nightlights when I saw THW in theaters so despite what Dreamworks has revealed about the Nightlights' names and genders I'm using the names and genders I came up with for them. Here's a link to a post where I shared the names, genders, and personalities I came up with if you're interested in looking at it. Remember, nothing says that you have to use the names and genders Dreamworks gave them. If you'd rather them have different names and genders, then go for it. From what I've seen there's a lot of people who have done that. That's what imagination is for after all. XD


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Exactly ^, rather than complain about htty'd official names for the nightlights...create your own. Just like H stated. Like toothless, I call her Hunter and instead of the blue alpha glow, it's bright green. 

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Honestly I love their design and names. They look like a realistic blend of their parents. Also, I get that the community named the babies diferenlty, but I prefer these names instead. Dawn, Dusk and Twilight are extremely overrated names, there is literally thousands of characters across movies, games, books, cartoons, etc. that have those names. They are not unique and are quite a cliche for characters that have black color/fur/clothes/style/etc.

But to each his own of course. :)

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omg i named the white one

omg i named the white one with green eyes dawn and the black one with green eyes dusk but the nightlight blue eyes is midnight when i chose the names for them

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I have no subject

If I pick my own head canon and everyone be like 'no go use official name/gender' stuff like that and I explain them why I don't want use official name/gender cause it suck and now I'm stuck with them who force me use official name/gender but I like my head canon 

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No one can force you to use the canon names and genders. If you look through the replies on this thread and the one I linked you to in my first post on this thread you'll see there's plenty of people who have given the Nightlights different names and genders. If you don't like the names and genders of the Nightlights, just pick out new ones for them and disregard what anyone tells you about not being able to do that. It's your imagination after all. You can do what you want.

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And Light fury is wild cause she got no name too so nightlight would be same thing but fandom jump in and want them get name 


when they got name but light fury doesn't get one? 

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I do feel like that Dawn, Luna and all those galactic names are a little overused... But if it's something cool like Void then thats new :3 Actually I might use that... But yea my names for the nightlights are pretty weird... 

The white one: Burnt Marshmellow

The blue one: Hope

The green one: Scruffy

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Hi! :)

I actually like the names. They are short and simple like most of the dragon's names in the films. Gender doesn't change their personality or species. Besides there's finally partial Night Furies that you can call your own and fly around with in the game. Be grateful for having them in the first place. :) 



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       Exactly!!! They were kind enough to bring them in the game and they made sure everyone at least has one Night Light! I made up my own names for them! Nyx (Dart) and Hypnos (Ruffrunner, I am trying to get him before the event is over). 



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Sorry but I disagree with this. I actually kind of like the names, I think they fit the franchise much better than those over-used edgy names like Luna, Dusk, Eclipse or Dawn. As for the genders I think they match the personality very well, especially since in HTTYD Homecoming Dart is compared alot to Zephyr (Hiccup's daughter). She is also like the unnoficial leader of the three, while her siblings play the role of the two ruff and tumble brothers.


Also I'm kinda confused with the whole 'all girls have blue eyes' statement. If this was refering to the dragons then pretty much every species, male and female, actually posess amber/yellow eyes, besides Light Furies. Both male AND female Light Furies have blue eyes so it is a case of the entire sub-species not just the girls.



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I don't care about the genders at all and really don't care which is which. But I do find the names to be very fitting and perfect, they suit the HTTYD universe exactly as they should.

Out with them "edgy" and "cool" names like Luna, Eclipse, Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, just no. These are.. awful. These are so overused, so cringy, and not in any way good names. Dart, Pouncer, and Ruffrunner just go very well, I love those names.



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they're fine

the names are fine, I think they are cute, even if I'm pretending them to be named differently case of my viking but yeh ( I don't think luna is an edgy name but dat's just me probably lol)



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It's not just you. I like Luna and all the other names that people have mentioned on here that they don't like(Dawn, Dusk, Twilight, Eclipse). Have those names been used a lot? Absolutely, but for me that doesn't mean they're not good names. I still like them and think they're really cool names.

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Saving people hunting things family business

It doesn't make sense to me that the Light Fury doesn't have a name yet their kids have names. That's why I still call them Night Light #1 #2 #3.
Anyway. I have noticed that the female has less ears(?) Around their head unlike the males. I'm thinking Night Light #2 (Dart) is a female. I'm gonna have to look again lol but that is my theory.



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I checked screenshots from people who have all 3 Nightlights and they all have the same number of nubs that Toothless has: 2 in between their ears and 2 on either side of their head. It's been revealed that canonically Dart is the female while Ruffrunner and Pouncer are males.