I have had a thought about Cloudjumper...

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 I was just thinking about Httyd 2, and it hit me! You know how before they started training dragons, dragons were attacking Berk? And they were all under the control of the red death. Cloudjumper seemed like he was attacking Berk at the time, but he belongs to he bewilderbeast. Does that mean the bewilderbeast was bad? Because we know that when cloudjumper kidnapped Valka, he brought her back to the bewilderbeast nest. Did you think the bewilderbeast sent dragons out to attack Berk? 





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I don't think so. From what

I don't think so. From what we could see, he didn't hurt Hiccup, well besides that scar, but he didn't mean to and he didn't hurt Valka as well. 



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I've thought about this as

I've thought about this as well. But I think it's easily explained.



Toothless was under the Red Death's control as well. However! When he bonded with Hiccup, he no longer served the Red Death Queen. I think that the Red Death doesn't use the mind control like the Bewilderbeast because there is the scene where Hiccup, Toothless, and Astri fly to the nest and see the Queen. Toothless isn't under control there. I think that rather the Queen uses brute force and threat of death to control the dragons: evident when the one Gronckle fails to bring a lot of food back for her and is eaten. This intimidates the others into serving her. 


I think the same goes for Cloudjumper. He served the Red Death out of fear that he'd be eaten, but once he bonded with Valka, they flew away from the Queen. Knowing that she could never come back to Berk with Cloudjumper, she instead journeyed with him. Maybe she found the Bewilderbeast's nest and the dragon sanctuary. 


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I think the vikings started

I think the vikings started to threat dragons,that's why dragon started to attack....




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