I have got a problem with an achievement

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Hi there. I bought a dragon egg from store and I checked the Dragon Shelter achievement where I recieved my award. 

And then I saw that I had 1 gold dragon symbol out of 3. Then I got 2 mystery boxes of dragon eggs from the store. When I saw the achievement, I saw a 50 % on the bar which was now half full.  And after some days, I bought a Monstrous Nightmare egg. Then when I saw the achievement and got my award, I saw I got a box called 'Multi - D' and some UDT.  I do not know what the box had coz I could not see it in my backpack. I want that box coz I think that it had a dragon egg/eggs. 

Another thing. 

My brother was playing on my account a few weeks ago, he said that he got a fireworm queen egg from a quest whose name he could'nt remember. I want that egg back(even though I have one).   Administrators help me.


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