I Did A Dragon List Speedrun, And Here's What Went Down-

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Nope, you didn't read the title wrong. 


Someone in this planet thought the brilliant idea of speedrunning through her Dragons List as a means to see how many dragons she'd trained over the years, and how fast she could be at writing their names down.


Yeah, that girl with too much time in her hands is me. I'm the weirdo. Hi.


I decided to try this fun (and utterly useless) challenge using the following criteria:



· I'd start on a blank sheet. No Dragon Classes or Species written down to make it more challenging.

· I had to write down the dragon's name and species.

· When I've gone through every single dragon in my list, I had to place them in alphabetical order according to the name of their species.

· No errors allowed! Dragon species must be written in between parenthesis, and there can't be spelling mistakes.

· To spice things up, YouTube videos (or other distracting media) were to be played on the duration of writing and organizing the document. 

· No copying-and-pasting! (It's allowed when organizing, but not when writing down their names and species).

· It didn't matter if I don't have all dragons available in School of Dragons, just 100 or more dragons on my list.

· Having the game on another device different from the one I was using to write down the info is allowed.



Taking all of that into account, I managed to write, correct, organize and finish a five-page document containing 142 dragons (my hands hurt) with a final time of:


Those are 32 minutes of my life that I'm never getting back.


Anyone else wants to try spending their precious time in something so useless, but surprisingly fun? It'd be cool to see if someone else tries this out. In the meantime, I'm laying down. I had a headache trying to run my ABCs when organizing everything lol.



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Oh wow, that is honestly terrifying. Too much organizing for me and I would mess it up along the way, but you did it fast. (:
I think you should try your hand at doing your dragon species and names by memory and see how many you get correct, may be a fun extra tid bit to see how well you remember your dragons. I would try if I had the free time.


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