I created a SoD YT channel!

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Hi all!

I always wanted to own SoD youtube channel but I was too unsure of my English skills (I'm Polish and living in Sweden) to start one. I ended up with a Polish SoD channel instead but I met a lot of people who asked me to add English text so I decided to give it a try. 

The channel is super small since I posted my first video today just to see how I'll feel about it so if any of you guys could check it out and tell me if my English is well enough, I would really appreciate it! 




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You can find the link in my

You can find the link in my signature or here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJ422iM8rj7AD01yhPQEDw

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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

Subscribed! And commented :3





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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

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Your English is good! And your voice.... Amazing! Im also Subscribed!



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I loved it! Great video :D





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Omg, I wasn't expecting so

Omg, I wasn't expecting so much support, thank you all for all the comments and subs♥ It mans a lot♥

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Great video, your english sounds perfectly fine to me! I've always wanted to make a channel like this too, but my family can't help being so loud all the time xD What did you use to record your audio? Do you plan to ever record yourself actually playing the game?


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Hahahha I can understand it,

Hahahha I can understand it, luckily it's just me and my husband xD You should totally try tho, give them cookies so they'll be occupied for a while xD As for recording, my old mike is completely destroyed so I used my iPhone :) I thought the quality will be bad but people from my other channel seem to think it's actually better. 

Yes, I'm planning to :) My videos won't always be just pictures and talking :D I just need to gather the strength to put make up on xD
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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart.

Same. XD

I've been thinking about doing the same thing for about a year --probably thinking of becoming a gaming YouTuber in general. Reasons I haven't are these following issues:

  • I live in an HOA rental in the southeast and don't wanna deal with noise complaints.
  • I definitely don't live alone. I risk suddenly getting asked questions or somebody barging in my room.
  • Work completely exhausts my energy despite being on part-time. I also don't want to quit an above mediocre salaried job for the smallest chance to make a living off of YouTube.
  • I don't speak perfect English (to clear up confusion, I am an English speaker, it's actually just a speech impediment), and I'm a little self-conchious about it. Not to mention, I'm a bit quiet.
  • Not the only thing I'm self-conchious about, I tend to become monotone even when I try to put life in my voice. It never sounds good on recording for some reason. (Yah, I might get over it if I become a YouTuber for a while and get used to it. But it doesn't really cancel the other issues sadly)

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