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Hey guys! soo i am bored so i thought i would make a random subject to reply to! what fun! feel free to have random convorshations in here or you can reply to the sudject i put in here



The sudject its........ GRIFFINS! do you think they ever exsisted? whould you want one if they did? what whould you name it? what color whould you want it? do you think we could ride them if trainned?

thing like this





HAVE FUN!!!! Snow Griffin




 Our Monsters Are Different, dealing with bird/mammal hybrids. While not as popular as Dragons or Unicorns, Gryphons, also known as Griffins or Griffons, with Alces and Keythongs being archaic alternatives, are still prominent beasts in modern …











Under construction



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Griffins are just like real animals. There are so many different subspecies of the creature.

Art trade - Cat-Bird Griffin (Gif!) by wolfycatty on DeviantArt



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I would hope that we would be

I would hope that we would be able to train and ride them, like in the book series Tuesdays at the Castle (By Jessica Day Geroge)  I would defaintly want one but i don't think He or She would be allowed in the house (It would half to be well trained first)

and if for they exsisted I have no clue, but we have no idea what does exsist somewhere out there. 





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Did someone say...

Gryphons? :D  Would you like to meet Yrrotik?  (Yes, Speedyleaf, I still have the art, and I still love it! :D)


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I would love to see it DragonRiders Fury!

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Alright, here he is!






*Looks around*


... Er, just a moment.  He likes disappearing at the most inconvienient times.  YRROTIK!!!  Where are you?!? *Runs off to find him and pull him out of whatever mischief he's almost certainly gotten himself into*




*Returns nearly an hour later looking rather flustered, with a positively-beaming gryphon happily chittering while perched with its back paws on my shoulders and its front feet drawing lines in my hair*


Ergh, FINALLY found him.  Here.

Yrrotik, created by Speedyleaf

Say hi, Yrrotik. 

*He doesn't, and continues to beam*

Whatever.  In an alternate universe where I don't exist and he has wings, here's his story:

Backstory:  Yrrotik alone hatched from the sun-warmed clutch of eggs on the mountainside.  Shortly after he left the nest to hunt for his first meal, an avalanche, loosened by the spring snowmelt, swept down the mountainside.  It took the nest and Yrrotik's five yet-unhatched siblings with it, leaving him alone in the world.  Although self-sufficient from hatching, baby gryphons instinctually crave togetherness with their clutchmates for protection.  Thus, as he grew, Yrrotik always had a nagging feeling that something was missing, although he didn't know what and didn't understand it.

One day, while he was hunting over the ocean, a storm struck.  Being not yet fully grown, Yrrotik was quickly overpowered, and exhausted his remaining strength trying in vain to escape the cold, blinding grasp which both held and carried him, long after he lost consciousness.

When he came to, cold, dirty, hungry, and injured, he found himself on a rocky beach he had never seen before.  Once he had regained enough strength, he limped inland through the infuriatingly incessant drizzle, eventually coming upon a dry cave.  Too tired to care that it might be claimed territory, Yrrotik entered.  After doing his best to clean and tidy his bedraggled feathers and fur, he fell into the dreamless sleep of one at the very end of his strength.

When he awoke quite some time later, he was startled to find himself surrounded by three others of his kind.  As it turned out, he had unknowingly invaded their nest, and they weren't particularly happy about it.  However, after explaining the situation and some debate, they agreed to take him under their collective wing.

All in all, those were pretty happy days for Yrrotik. They taught each other much, and the sense of missing something was lessened somewhat.  They hunted, played, prowled, and explored together, and Yrrotik quite enjoyed himself.  However, deep down, he knew that he didn't quite belong, and though the feeling that something was missing was partly reduced, what of it remained was ever made slowly more acute.  Finally, the sensation grew too strong to be pushed down any more.  Bidding his friends of the past two years farewell, he set off, determined to find his nest and any of his family, or perish in the attempt.

Personality: Yrrotik is rather reserved, tending to be somewhat distracted and aloof, but quite ready to trust those who can penetrate his emotional shield.

Fun facts: The first food a Gryphon ever eats (at least in my headcanon) sets up a life-long preference, so Yrrotik has always been very partial to crickets!


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I remember reading somewhere

I remember reading somewhere ages ago that there was a theory that griffins were inspired by beaked dinosaur fossils, so could count as one of the oldest forms of paleo art/reconstruction. They were often written about and drawn as actual animals (unlike dragons that were objectively seen as magical/symbolic), and the 'head of an eagle, body of a lion' description loosely fits some herbivorous dinos like ceratopsids(triceratops family). For real though imagine being some farmer in like 5000BC and digging up a giant cracked eagle skull from your wheat field, wild.



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Speaking of Paleoart and myths....

There are probably Hundreds of Thousands of myths- at least- that are at least partially attempts at paleo-reconstruction. Multiple of examples of early paleo-art (as in before Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkin's Crystal Palace Dinosaurs) also exist. The earliest definite example comes from 14th century Poland- the great hall of a town (I forget what the name of the town is) was in possesion of a Wooly Rhinocerous skull, which they believed to be the skull from a dragon slain near the location of the town before it was founded. They commisioned an artist to build a statue of the dragon, which is now commonly cited as one of the earliest known attempts to reconstruct a prehistoric animal. The statue is still viewable today.


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My subject is-is ATCHOO!*sneezes*

I doubt griffins existed T_T

They're a lion/eagle hybrid so the first griffin should be born less than 57000 years ago, since that was approximately the age of the oldest lion fossil. 

The stone age was 70000-100000 years back, so this was after the stone age. People in the stone age did cave drawings and stuff and since there were no griffin drawings, I'm assuming there weren't any (likely)or the griffins had some secret society(unlikely). The first griffin wasn't spotted during any of the ages until recently(ish). People claimed they'd spotted griffins but this?

This is a shame to photoshop! I'm not sure but the rest of the griffin images were probably edited by someone more talented. But y'know, maybe some images aren't photoshop. I'm hoping so, since I SOOO want a pet griffin.