HYPOTHESIS - Brynjolf's Absence and the Forum's Future

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Hey all!  So this just a quick hypothesis I came up with about where these forums may be headed in the future, based on Brynjolf's absence of late and my own observations.  Do note that THIS IS PURELY A HYPOTHESIS.  We play School of Dragons; we know that a hypothesis is nothing more that an educated guess based on personal observations.  I HAVE NO ACTUAL INFORMATION, OFFICIAL OR OTHERWISE.  THEREFORE, NOTHING I PROPOSE HERE SHOULD BE TAKEN AS FACT.  Got that?  Good.  Now, let's begin!

So, by now nearly all of us have probably noticed that our Admin-in-chief has been missing in action for a while.  According to his userpage, he was last around a little over a week ago, though it seems longer than that since he's posted anything.  Has anyone else been wondering about this?  I know I have.

We also know that, compared to the rest of the School of Dragons website, these forums are outdated (in looks if not in software).  While (most of) the rest of the site recieved a nice, shiny, modernizing reskin a while back, the forums remained in the past, holding tightly to the old look (which, in my opinion, looks fine, by the way).  This too has caused me to wonder.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, Fury, we all know this already.  What's your point?  I didn't come here for a history lecture, you know."  If that's what you're thinking... well, I'll admit, you have a point. XD  BUT, I haven't gotten to the last piece of this really-not-puzzle yet.  There's something more, and here's where things get interesting.  Recently, while replying to a thread, I used the Quote button to reply directly to a user's post.

"Oh, come on. How is that interesting?  We've all done that before. Get to the point already!"  Well, if you'd quit interrupting, I could. ;)  It wasn't the action that was interesting; it was the results.  It did the usual, opened up the reply form with the content of the quoted post in a block quote, but I noticed something:  It wasn't just the content of the quoted post in a block quote.  Said content began with an (unspaced) [ quote = <Username> ], and ended with an (also unspaced) [ / quote ]. Do you recognize that?  If you've been on other forums, you probably do. It's BBCode!

"Ooh, okay, that is kinda interesting.  But I still don't get the point?"  I'm getting there!  My point is thus:  I hypothesize that the reason these forums haven't been updated is that maybe the web design team has been working on launching a new forum, skinned to match the rest of the site, based on the more up-to-date, more standard (and probably better supported) PHPBB software!  Perhaps Brynjolf hasn't been around lately because he, as an Admin, is helping in that process!  Possibly one reason the forums were down for a bit a while ago was so they could transfer user data.

So, that's my hypothesis.  Remember, this is based purely on my own observations, and has nothing official to back it up. But that said, what are your thoughts?  Got anything to add?  Let me know! :D


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Beep beep administrator not found

He's been gone this long before.




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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject.

I kind of hope not. Or if so I hope we've got a bit of time between announcement and they close this one. Moving will be a minor pain in the butt for those of us in the middle of RPs and a much larger pain in the butt for me spesificly because I'd want to save some of said RPs in a document somewhere for re-reading purposes.

Guess I should start doing that soon just in case.



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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject.

Alternitive thought that just came into my head. So....a while ago SOD made an announcment of a site spesificly for bug reporting. If, they want people to go there what if Brynjolf just isn't going to be as active unless he has announcments since that other site now is more important to the SOD team in terms of what they think needs moderation?

The forum has always been pretty loosy goosy anyway. Maybe he's just checking it without even bothering to log on to make sure there aren't any offensive posts and is mostly on that other site.

Or, maybe since the event is coming to its end he's off helping with whatever the next thing there is. After all, we don't know who Brynjolf is or if he does anything other then forum moderate.

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Just stopping by...

IDK why the absence - maybe he's sick of our drama...

But I say, I WANT SNOD BACK! I mean, he's my spoiler man.  We "sneaks" gotta stick together!



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Welp, the forums have finally fallen under anarchy. Not like forum mods and admins were ever present here except for announcements and maybe sneak peeks.


...Or Brynjolf's just sick or something. It's flu season after all.


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Mods are asleep, post anti-dragon propaganda!

This has happened before, maybe he has time off, or he's ill and recovering. Perhaps he's just swamped with more important work. The forum has never been very important anyway. This has happened before, it's nothing new.


You're right about the forum being outdated- it uses a drupal module that likely hasn't been updated since 2013, so there's some really severe vulnerabilities out there, and it's still http, too. I would absolutely not dare visit this forum without my security measures in place lol.


If the forum swapped from drupal to phpbb we'd notice for sure. It's not like a module swap is done in steps like that; you just install the new module entirely (although user content needs to be transfered from module 1 to module 2). Drupal supports bbcode as far as I know, so it's either always been a thing or a module for support was added. If it was added recently, I assume they will stick to this module. I do hope the forum gets an update though, as long as it's not dang-diddly phpbb. if I was the one that could make the choice, it'd be xenforo without question, even if it's not free, it has useful features and it doesn't look like it's from the 90s.


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Maybe Brynjolf just doesn't like us.  I kinda hope there will be an update, 'cause this forums are really old.  Just in case, I suggest that everyone copy their siggy onto a doc.  That would stink if all the work that went into these signature's was just...  Wasted.


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*Takes out Tinfoil Hat*

Ah, theorizing! I've missed this.


I've seen Brynjolf jump in every now and then, which to me, was extremely bizzare. Like you said, he usually comes to the Forums when he wants to post either a new feature added to the game, or (like he and Malkath were doing near the end of 2020), to answer inquiries/suggestions from Forum users.


NOW, if the team were to secretly be working on a new Forum website... On one hand, I feel bad for the people that have ongoing threads in this page, but on the other OOOOH THOR YES PLEASE!!!


Not to criticize the design of the Forums- but oh lawd, does it need a major makeover. The typography isn't as bad (although the style for the "Play Now" button irks me in a way) given Verdana isn't as convolluted and is eye-pleasing; quite the contrary, it resembles Helvetica in the ways modern typography is pleasing to the crowd.


But the colours though. I'm sorry, but I find the colour palettes a bit on the dull side. Certainly doesn't add up to the ambience of, "Come in and have fun! Make new friends! Let's chat!". Alas, this is my opinion.


I really, really, REALLY HOPE they are thinking of remodeling the Forums.


Although I theorize they must be hard at work, given Malkath has been messaging random people in regards to Petitions and such. And consequently, both Malkath and Brynjolf were responding to posts almost simultaneously. Maybe they're both fixing the school? Maybe the dragons?


Idk, but I really liked your theory, mate. Certainly fun to hyphothesize like this!



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