A Hybrid Shot Limit Suggestion

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I've noticed that some of the hybrids have shot limits that are slightly off compared to what an even mix of their parent's shot limits would be. Like the Titan suggestion thread, this doesn't need to happen asap. It's just there as a suggestion to work with over time.

Here are two examples:

1. Even Mix

Monstrous Nightmare- Shot Limit:10

Gronckle- Shot Limit:6

Abomibumble- Shot Limit:8

This checks out as being an even balance between the shot limits of the two parents.


2. Uneven Mix (or no mix)

Whispering Death- Shot Limit:10

Snafflefang- Shot Limit:6

Humbanger- Shot Limit:6

This does not balance evenly. The Humbanger appears to inherit its shot limit from the Snafflefang's side of the family only.


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The List: To be updated as New Hybrids arrive


Gronckle Shot Limit:6

Monstrous Nightmare Shot Limit:10

Abomibumble Shot Limit:8

No rebalancing needed



Boneknapper Shot Limit:6

Stormcutter Shot Limit:8

Bonestormer Shot Limit:6

Needs +1 shots to balance out the parents shot limits


Chimeragon (similar, but has genes from 3+ dragons)

Bewilderbeast Shot Limit: 8

Unknown Fury(like dragon?) Shot Limit: presumably 6, 8 if specifically a Sand Wraith

Sentinel Shot Limit: 8

Unknown Lightning Spitting Dragon Shot Limit: 4 (Skrill, possibly Brooding Boltstamper), 6(Skrillknapper or Grapple Grounder, possibly Brooding Boltstamper), 9(Shockjaw), 12(Seashocker or Seastormer)

Chimeragon Shot Limit:6

Deapending on the full genetic makeup of the Chimeragon, its Shot Limit may need to be rebalanced...


Deathly Galeslash

Deadly Nadder Shot Limit:6

Stormcutter Shot Limit:8

Deathly Galeslash Shot Limit:6

Needs +1 shots to balance out the parents shot limits



Flightmare Shot Limit:4

Speed Stinger Shot Limit:1

Dreadstrider Shot Limit:6

Needs -3 or 4 shots to balance out the parents shot limits



Snafflefang Shot Limit:6

Whispering Death Shot Limit:10

Humbanger Shot Limit:6

Needs +2 shots to balance out the parents shot limits



Razorwhip Shot Limit:10

Snafflefang Shot Limit:6

Ridgesnipper Shot Limit:10

Needs -2 shots to balance out the parents shot limits



Seashocker Shot Limit:12 (6 x2)

Shockjaw Shot Limit:9

Seastormer Shot Limit:12 (6 x2)

Needs +2 (1 x2) shots to balance out the parents shot limits



Boneknapper Shot Limit:6

Skrill Shot Limit:4

Skrillknapper Shot Limit:6

Needs -1 shots to balance out the parents shot limits

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Ignore this post, I

Ignore this post, I accidentally clicked "reply" when I meant to edit the above post.

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I agree with this. It just makes sence, unlike the Dreadstrider having 6 shots. (also Skrills have 4 shots, not 6, therefore the Skrillnapper should have 5 :])


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Oops... :0

Thanks for pointing that out! I accidentally typed in 6 because that's the "baseline" we're given for shot limits in dragons. I'll edit that part now.

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Oooh, that's a good idea! Tracking!


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The Chimeragon reminds me a lot of the Dramillion because it has a lot of different shots. Its possible that a Bewiderbeast and (titan?) Dramillion are the parents of a Chimeragon.



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Well, apparently the Chimeragon has a mix of Bewilderbeast and Sentinel.