Humanized Dragons!

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Also known as Gijinka

I figured my own art thread is long dea.d and kinda turned into request thread, and since these stuff's a lot and deserved its own thread! where I can post future Gijinka here. The art will be post bellow the first post in case I wanted to edit something.

This is not a request thread! You can comment on the pics or have a discussion of your own ideas of how you think the human version of each species would look like, also heads up I treated each species as an individual character...(except if the known characters come with family in the show) so don't think too much about it(like don't think about there be more than one of each species looking exactly the same)

I guess since there's no one do a thread like this before if you have your own httyd dragon Gijinka you can also show it here :) The second post are going to be up soon!


I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! If you see a Clanless Viking named 'Tahno' with obscured face like Snow Fury head or Whispering death head or Skull masks and maybe riding a Black and White Thunderdrum. Come say Hi!

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Ok first batch, don't worry

Ok first batch, don't worry there's a lot more especially main dragons like toothless, stormfly, bewilderbeast....I got most rtte dragons like deathsong and carvern crusher too but didn't finish them yet, these are all I able to get out during this breaks

wow we can totally make a rp out of this


Triple strke/ Sleuther 

-those kind of character everybody love/hate, he got kind of underwhelming first appearance but then when he pulled out a helmet and go all out everyone's all over him(also when he let his hair down)

-He's a over confident, no chill guy that just love to fight a good battle. Got raise in a pit and everything, he instantly regret his freedom since there's no one to pick a fight outside

-His breads do nothing but distracting, his claw do all the poisoning now

-his cloth and armors are inspired by Mala beause they shared the same color palete, don't they


-Not sure if a lady with weird hair or a pretty looking old man with beard

-Do waterbend and poison bend, also a healer

-Look like a cinamon roll but can actually ki.ll you


-rarely speaks, no one ever saw her face but she must look very pretty

-her whip can launch out smaller spike like the tail, it can also strike a blus flame out. It can be straighten into a spear/lance as well

-Got razor sharp cape but usually pull it out for better manuevability


-I imagine him to be quite younger than Stoick.

-Like windshear, he speaks rarely, mostly just grunt

-He's very loyal and follow Stoick's order

-He used to live alone in the woods and good at tracking

-When stoick di,ed. He's offering Hiccup comfort until Eret came, then he must have slapped his shoulder and be like "Hey, good work out there"

-He mostly just used his brute, nothing special


-Lips game too strong

-like to go fast

-He kicks  fire now...and also can shot fire out of his chest(.....)

-just a impulse crazy guy

Cloudjumper(and toothless)

-no hands but is more than capable

- a wild handsome man

-.....okay in this version he kidnapped married woman to live with him for years....I know it's questionable

Eruptodon/ the great protector

-I think she's pretty, in a wild babric way

-Look like she could k.ill you but actually is a mom everyone want.


UPDATE! Second batch The main dragons aren't here yet as I've expected, maybe I will get them done in the next one.

Death song

-not carnival in this version, though still kill a lot, either hired or on the regular basis.

-A bard, uses music to mind manipulated other, then formed ambers around them then slit their throat.

-Overdramatic, love to show off

-love tiger stripe

-Don't insult him or sing off key/having bad music trait

-Horrible parenting/ terrible with kid and by that I meant Inredeemably bad, probably hit a child if they sing off-key


-Charming, Danger-daring twin

- They're not conjointed but they're inseparably close also they're kinda tired by the tails of their sword for some reason, thankfully it's long enough that it won't be a problem for them.

-A mixture of knight and bandit

-They're to be feared together but if something happen to one of them the other wouldn't know what to do.


- The original popular edgelord that come before Sleuther and everyone love him

- 30% Rock star, 30% Emo teen, 30% Sasuke Uchiha, 10% that guy from skrill's concept art

- Toothless' Vegeta, probably going to joined his side and become the awkward friend (tm) later

- Not really calm, kinda have that hot-tempered Berserkian quality

-Eye liner on point


Screaming death and Whispering death/Groundsplitter

-SD's smiling in the picture but normally it's nearly impossible to see him like this, most of the time he's angrily yelling about everything

-Did I mentioned angrily yelling about everything?

-Used his brute to solve problem 100% of a time

-A literal man child, Love his mom

- Rapidly puching fire as fast as a machine gun

-Forgetful or perhaps just really angry

- WD/ Groundsplitter is also Toothless' nemesis in this universe to avoid confusion.

- She's probably some kind of hired assassin/killer. So at the end once she owned Toothless she's hateful toward him anymore, it's not personal

-She's born without arm and blind but is able to fire bending and launch deadly spike excellently, her fire make a beutiful ring. She's really strong and cool assassin

-She has triplet of son too, they wear helmet instead of having bun but their hair's similar to their mom, they have arms too, and probably got that skrill-style goatee.

Cavern Crasher

-Underground raider, a bit of a weirdo

- Love dirt, digging, chemical, explosion, raid loot

- nice mustache

-Can form a drill out of green spiraling flame, always carry a fire hazzard chemical in the bag on his back.

-That's not his head, it's some sort of....swiming suit hat/ thief hat???

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Love it!

These are awesome! You are so creative! Love them, especially the jester deathsong he's my favorite




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These are really good!   I

These are really good!


I love the diversity so far. It's nice to see humanizations that aren't just generic scrawny white dudes




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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

May I just say, I fr**king LOVE your humanized T.S!!!! :OOO (censored it just in case)

He looks so good.... I love the hair. ;3;


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This is absolutely fantastic! I love these designs a lot.


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These are awesome

Definitely tracking!


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OMT These are amazing!! :D :D

OMT These are amazing!! :D :D


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These are so gorgeous I might *-* 


Image result for fangirling gif


Keep up the good work!






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Scoulper the nadder pinned down my subject!

OML those are really good! Thst is electronic art, yeah? I love the triplestryke and the scauldron! You have talent. If you started painting on canvas and drawing on paper you can sell the for a few bucks! I've been selling my art in my local area and I have earned about $500 on doing what I love most! It's a good way to earn money. Or to earn more you can put them on amazon and esty! Again I love your art!

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Tracking! The Razorwhip one looks fabulous!


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Wow! These are really good!

Wow! These are really good!


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Hi! :)

Wow I love all of these! So cool! Can't wait to see some more. Tracking! :D



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Eclipser                                             Eclipser                            Baby Eclipser

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WOWZA These are amazing!

I really like them!
Windshear kinda reminds me of Genji (∩_∩)

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*sweating nervously*

*actually used Genji as a reference*

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Go go Genji rangers

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Whoa these are definitely cool-especially the triple stryke one!



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Oh, these are absolutely amazing! I adore your Scauldron's design.


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May the purple be with you ;)

Again, excellent work Chameishida!  Love the Razorwhip + Scaldron one ((But I couldn't seem to decide weather the scaldron was an old guy with a long beard or a lady with a weird outfit.  Just decided it was a lady with a weird outfit XD)).  The Razorwhip/Windshear drawing is my favorite, especially since I'm creating another oc at the moment who wears Razorwhip inspired armor.  Hope this will be a great inspiration in the future ^_^

And you know, this is interesting, because I was thinking along the lines of something like this awhile back, but in reverse ((Rider's as dragons)).  I started drawing my rider's as dragons, but I never finished :P  Oh well, enough about me.  I love the drawings Chameishida, really great stuff.  Keep on drawin'! ;)


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Aw Dragonized human is

Aw Dragonized human is actually much more challenging in my opinion, especially if you used httyd may have noticed already, most of the main riders are color coded to their dragon, Astrid, fishleg,Stoick, Heather, Hiccup in httyd2 for example...I can do it with other characters from other series though but they need to look really unique, like video game or anime characters.

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I love gijinka! I often see them in pokemon nuzlocke comic. They are always fun and creative!!

I love the tripple stryke one!


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I actually tried to make a

I actually tried to make a fireworm for this, but after all the labor I end up cropping half the line work off like an idiot -.-

This is why I don't do digital, ugh I'm too distraught to replace my smol child just go on without me

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The Triple Stryke is definitely my favourite and I really like the Scaldron! Can't wait to see more! 



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le bloop

The diversity in these are great. Nice job!


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Kyew Kyew...?

These are amazing. Like, I have no other words for them. 


Etc, etc. 

Dude, if we started an RP out of it, I would sooo play. 

*wink wink*

But in any case; the differences between all of them are amazing. (Gee willikers, I used that word a lot). The Singetail cracks me up. He's adorably weird. 

The Eruptodon is... At first, I was like; woa, weird. Now I'm like; wow. That's cool. 

The triple stryke is absolutely well done. I mean, I don't really like the Triple Stryke as a dragon, (Because I'm one of those people) but I kinda have a crush on the human version. He's cuuuutttteee. 


Anyway. Love it. Draw mooooorrrrrreeee~!



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So beautiful! o.o

So beautiful! o.o

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Not my type though

"those kind of character everybody love/hate,everyone's all over him"

*smirked* Man I'm so good at predicting how people will reacted to Sleuther...I didn't expeted to be this right

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Starke Raving Madmen
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Oh wow

Suddenly feeling the urge to humanize Minty. These are spectacular! Great job!








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Second batch!

The second batch is here! I decided to update it on the first post together with the first batch so they can be easy to find if there will be multiple pages in the threat in the future. But also post this too so that people will notice.


A little fewer dragons this time around but I figure I should get something out before this thread died, I still haven't done the main dragons like I've expected yet, but they will probably come next in the next update. For now enjoy, Death song, Cavern crasher, Whispering/Screaming death, Seashocker and Skrill!

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Kyew Kyew...?


Loving the WD and SD design.

Those are like, two of my favorite dragons. 

You are so good at this.


Whenever I do humanizations they all turn out like skinny guys.

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Jade queen
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*cough* Speed Stinger *cough*

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really packed schedule right

really packed schedule right now but I will get too it! I want to get to it, there're so many design I want to share but it took a long time to finish a drawing and my schedule's are packed! :'0

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Tracking! You should so do a


You should so do a a thunderdrum.


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On the road for a great adventure

Tracking! These are really good! ^^


Main Dragon:

Clover-Prickleboggle (female)

Racing Dragons:

Luna-Flightmare (female)

Solaris-Titan Flightmare (male)

Sirius-Sand Wraith (male)

Dusk-Scuttleclaw (female)

Berry-Sand Wraith (male)

Dawnlight-Sand Wraith (female)

Other Dragons:

BlueJay-Titan Deadly Nadder (female)

Freyja-Deadly Nadder (female)

Gaia-Whispering Death (female)

Ember-Monstrous Nightmare (female)

Souran-Monstrous Nightmare (male)

Iris-Titan Stormcutter (female)

Lily-Scauldron (female)

Vulture-Scauldron (male)

Flare-Skrill (male)

Heilagr-Titan Skrill (female)

Nightingale-Night Terror (female)

Breeze and Burst-Titan Hideous Zippleback (female)

Dayspring-Tide Glider (female)

Phantom-Titan Boneknapper (male)

Felix-Titan Sand Wraith (male)

Theo-Sand Wraith (male)

Blackheart-Snow Wraith (male)

Cyclone-Thunderdrum (male)

Nevermore-Smothering Smokebreath (male)

Cosmos-Titan Gronckle (male)

Stormbane-Woolly Howl (male)

Thunder-Titan Woolly Howl (female)

Selene-Speed Stinger (female)

Snowdrop-Groncicle (female)

Ziggy-Flame Whipper (female)

Icarus-Silver Phantom (male)

Fang-Screaming Death (male)

Forest-Changewing (male)

Totem-Triple Stryke (female)

Asger-Triple Stryke (male)

Sly-Shivertooth (male)

Ake-Timberjack (male)

Puddle-Raincutter (male)

Mercury-Fireworm Queen (female)

Bastion-Sentinel (male)


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Tracking but I would love request of this






Skrill is my most fav :)


Im Main an Strike Class!


My First Dragon is Skrill his name is TalonClaw and he is titan :)

(Name from Inspector Gadget 2015 and he like purple lol)




Credit by: OutsiderBlack

Credit by: Orcawave101


Phantom Shadow & Lord :) ROAR!




Credit Artis: Wutend Bonfire (Titan Skrill)


Credit Artis: Nessie (TalonClaw Gif ^_^)




Edit credit: Frytha (I love it!)



Credit Drawing: ScarfyWings (Talon and baby Skrill)

Drawing credit: Vanilia Viking (Tysm I love it!)




Credit Drawing: Umbreon027 (omg I love it!)


Dragon Skrill Gif







This is Rainbow Skrill and his name is Rainbow :)



Rainbow Skrill! (Credit Artist: Chameishida)


(This is Maxwell my Oc)


Artist Credit: Zikta (TYSM I LOVE IT)



Talon and the Skrill (credit: Lilystark)(TYSM!)


Credit Artist: FireFlash (OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH TYSM ;-;)

(Talon as Titan Skrill Artist Credit: TosiLohi)

Credit Artist: Madoka Miyazono (Moon The Light Fury!)

Credit Artist: Fireflash (I love it!)

Credit Artist: ImDerpySheylaYT (Love it!)

Credit Artist: RedHoodJason (wow)

Base Credit: ??? (New Oc YinYang)

Credit Artist: ZestyDragonWing (LOOK GOOD!)

Credit Artist: ImDerpySheylaYT (Ricky the Mirage Fury)

(This is Male Light Fury His name is Drake)

(This Is Male Light Fury His Name Is Eclipse) 

(Eclipse Headshot Artist Credit: Kaydejesus)

(David The Nightlight Artist Credit: StellaMontague)




Credit Artist: Dyliehldo1214 (Thx u! And this is spike)


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hmm.. Sorry this is not a

hmm.. Sorry this is not a reuqest thread, i mean you can suggest what dragon i should do next even though i will get to them eventually but i mostly already know what they look like in my head.

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Night Terror! I love that dragon

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Hi! :)

May I give a few suggestions? 

  • Bewilderbeast
  • Timberjack
  • Sentinel- I just love their eyes
  • Or maybe a Woolly Howl


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. . .

*cough* Tracking a few months too late *cough*




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Shiny the Night Fury and my viking, Audra. Thank you so much, chameisida!!!


Drawn by the wondefully talented, XxSilver.NightxX, this is my main viking, Lightning Storm my skrill, and Einar my triple stryke. I am eternally grateful!


Drawn by the amazing Alicornbrodie. Thank you so very much!


Midnight Sun the Sinistrous Woodreaper by the talented chameishida! Thank you so much!



The Ravers roleplay cast by S-Ham. That was so thoughtful of you!


Shiny again, by the awesome nightfuryatom! Thank you!


Emerald, drawn by the super talented DyliehIdol1214!


Darkmoon, also drawn by DyliehIdol1214!



Viking Name: MysticLunarPegasus

Friend Code: N/A






Hiccup= me and Toothless= HTTYD 3


Related image


Just a lil bit about me: I'm a Christian, a college student, a writer, and a Star Wars nerd.


Still Under Construction. Please Hold At The Moment. :)



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DECEIT! *cue screaming*

Tracking! These are really amazing :O

(Sorry if you didn't want anyone posting on this. I noticed it's rather old but was bumped ^^; )


if you knew me before no you didn't

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things i like

  • how to train your dragon
  • rise of the guardians
  • she-ra and the princesses of power
  • kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts
  • avatar the last airbender
  • sanders sides (kinda. on the fence with the creator atm)
  • and more! to be added later! fun!


i promise i'm a lot nicer than this signature and my posts probably make me out to be :c

all art belongs to me unless otherwise credited. current icon is double trouble from spop © dreamworks


will this work as a basic signature for now until i can get back on my art program? hopefully lol

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A wild post appeared!!!

Not too late to track?

I wanna see a Nightfury one!

These are amazing and if you do make that role-play, sign me up!



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pretty late but eh

oh I'd want to rp the heck out of these -- awesome job!


i have a strange love for edgelords becoming awkward friends so I love the skrill lmao


i was in middle school when i posted here please don't clown on me 

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same tho

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We must bring the thread back

We must bring the thread back to life!



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Did you see that the last post in this thread was made in 2018 or...?

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Yes, I did. But it is too

Yes, I did. But it is too awesome to not bring back to life!