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This took forever to get to.  When finals came, I put this aside and when I had some time I worked on The Crimson Storm.  But here we are, here is the next chapter.  These first few chapters are a little dry, compared to my other books, but if you look back at the first few chapters of The Clue of the Missing Socks, compared to what I write now, they are a little dry too.  But there is always the start of something, lay the groundwork, foundation, then from there, the story can take off.


I hope you enjoy the chapter.


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Chapter 3 - Friends and Enemies


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Destiny in the Dark


Chapter 3

Friends and Enemies


(Word count for Chapter: 5,146)

(Word Count for Book: 9,968)


         Walking into our house and into the living room, Eyla and I set our helmets on the table to the left of the door.  I turn to my crew to say something, but as always, then say something back to me.

         Dreki speaks up first, “See you guys later, I am out to go get some grub.”

         “Don’t burn the city down,” Vann adds.

         “Meh,” Dreki shrugs his shoulders.  “I’ll keep it to a couple blocks or so.  Don’t want to get too much attention.”

         Dreki walks out and Vann continues, “I’ll go keep an eye on the big guy.  We may need some water nearby.”

         Vann also sings and plays in the local restaurants and hangouts.  So, he is also going to be singing while keeping an eye on Dreki.  Sometimes, people’s focus is on Vann while Dreki is trying to pick a fight or something.  Usually, Dreki will make short work of anyone that tries to pick a fight with him.  Vann’s singing is so captivating, that Vann can distract while Dreki is either winning or losing.  Dreki is getting better at picking his battles, although he often cannot stop himself from a fight.

         After the two guys start on their way to their destination, Shamira states, “I will be out with the animals.  I know.  Shocker, right?  See you two later.”

         It is just me and Eyla.  What we do, if we are not working, is always different.  Everyone else usually does the same thing while the two of us have a hard time doing the same thing for too long.  However, the one thing we have committed to doing the same thing for a long time is each other.  I am biding my time, but it will be very soon; should be pretty plain what I am referring to.

         Each crew member has their own quarters that is “office” space, living space, sleeping space, space for space… Really, a crew member’s quarters is an all in one housing that is all one needs.  The rest of the house is to build comradery with cooking, gaming, and information, also known as the television and the inter-webs.  Oh, and memes.  I believe members will outlive us all.

         I wait for Eyla outside of my room.  The space suits we wear are mainly for spacewalking, flying, and while on the islands.  We can wear them out and about on the station, or we can use our more informal suits we wear underneath.  These suits are light suits with their own abilities much like our normal suit, but are not as powerful to the degree as the regular suits.  For the theme each crew picks, the light suits look more like the theme they picked.  In a sense, they are like pants, shirts, vests, and so on, but they are enveloped into a single suit.

         Once Eyla is done, I walk down with her.  We sit down on the couch and I put my right arm around her.

         I say out loud, “Alfred, could you turn on the TV, please?”

         “It would be my pleasure, Master Karl,” an elderly voice on the intercom said.  Alfred is our AI butler.  Technically, his name is Fred, but with the listing of the AIs his name reads as follows:  AI-Fred.  Though the “I” is capitalized, depending on the look of the lettering, the “I” could be seen as a lower case “L”.  Alfred rather liked the play on words there.  He is amused at my skill with taking words and lettering literally as well as my jokes and puns.  In the back of my mind though, I feel as though he see’s my humor as some interesting human analysis study.  But of all the AIs out there, Alfred is one of the earlier versions.  He picked a voice he thought matched his age.  Alfred is also into a lot of old, cheesy superhero TV shows from way back in the day.  He seems to gravitate towards things humans do to create humor, says it fascinates him that humans would do things that are stereotypically look weird and or awkward.  Then I remind him of the times he was learning how to make a bowl of cereal.  He then quickly changes the subject.

         Alfred is not an AI that can walk around, or at least that was not his design.  He can pilot a body, but then says he would rather stick to being an AI that gets to talk to people.  Sometimes, I wish he would be less talkative.

         As he flips through the channels for us, he starts preparing supper.

         “Go to the news,” I tell Alfred.

         The channel then goes to ASNN, “Arcadia Station News Network.”

         The anchor is in the middle of a report, “…the one-year anniversary of our arrival to this galaxy after the historic trip through the unknowns of space.  All Elders will be in attendance at the dedication ceremony two days from now.  The proceedings of the ceremony will last a few hours while the celebration will start thereafter and continue for a week.  In other news…”

         “Oh yeah,” I comment.  “That is coming up isn’t it?  Finally, something different to do.”

         “You have plenty of other things to do,” Eyla points out.  “You just don’t do them.”

         I shake my head, “No, I mean something other than the normal things anyone could do every day.  One of the reasons I volunteered for this trek out here was because of the grand adventure we were going to take.”

         Eyla interjects, “That and because I joined and you found out about it, you joined too.”

         I give her that one, “Yeah.  Coming out here, I wanted an adventure of a lifetime.  What this has turned into was the exact same things I was doing before I left.  I knew we would have to make our life sustainable once we did get here, but when do we get to explore?  When do we get to delve into the mysteries of this galaxy.”

         She looks at me and smiles, “Be careful-.”

         I finish her thought, “-what I wish for.  I know.  I don’t want anything terrible to happen, but give me something to do.  What good is a Language and Mystery Expert if he is not deciphering any clues to the secrets this galaxy has?”

         “Don’t worry Master Karl,” Alfred says a bit worried.  “I’m sure you will have a mystery, very soon.”

         Catching on to his tone, I ask, “Alfred?”

         “Yes, Master Karl?” Alfred replies.

         “Have you burnt the supper again?” I call him out.

         Alfred stutters for a few moments trying to think of something, but then sighs and answers, “Yes.”

         Eyla facepalms, “You’re an Artificial Intelligence.  How can you burn food when you have countless archives of how to properly cook human food?”

         “Yes, this is true,” Alfred says but then defends.  “You people are always commenting on the fact that you want authentic, good old, earth food.  So, when I turn off my cooking directives… I seem to lose all control and not pay attention to what I am doing.”

         I quip, “Maybe you should just make us some cereal.”

         “Very funny, Master Karl,” Alfred chuckles but does not sound like he is laughing.  “I could whip up some of your favorites really quickly.”

         “It is alright, Alfred,” I assure him.  “I kind of what to get out of the house anyway.”  I stand up and stretch; Eyla goes to the door and grabs my helmet and hers.  The helmets that we wear can fold back in on themselves to transform from our space helmets to traditional looking helmets.

         “I see,” Alfred thoughtfully states.  “Eyla.  Our boy seems to be getting itchy feet.  Should I go get the foot powder?”

         Eyla can only sigh, “Even when you two are arguing, you never cease to sneak in a pun or two.  Karl, you are a bad influence on him.”

         “Me?” I react.  “He’s the one that wanted to start this pun war.  I need to show him who’s the Master and who’s the tadpole learner.”

         Alfred then turns off the television and then displays his voice line.  It is a straight line but then as Alfred speaks, the line changes.  He can manipulate the line into various images to visually represent what he is saying.  Alfred sticks to stick figures.  Yet, the majority of the time he just uses fluctuations in the line to match the tone he is using in his voice.  If he is exaggerating something, the line amplitude is drawn out.  If he is talking normally, the amplitude lasts for as long as he says the sound.

         Eyla hands me my helmet and then puts on hers, “We’ll just go out to eat.  I am really not that hungry actually.  But I do appreciate the work you do, Alfred.”

         “Why thank you, Miss Eyla,” Alfred draws a heart on the screen.  “Though we have out banter, Master Karl, I thank you for giving me a chance to be your butler, even if I am a terrible cook.”

         I smile, “No problem, Alfred.  We’ll be back before the bedtime… Don’t stay up for us.”

         Alfred gave a thumbs up and then went off to do other work around the house among a billion different other things he is probably doing at this moment.

         Eyla and I walk out the door and into the city, with no real aim in mind.

         And the thing Alfred was referencing is a very important moment in his lifespan.  When he was created, not being able to make a bowl of cereal was one of many different things he could not do right.  Comparing him to other AI’s, in the earlier days and especially now, he might be considered an inferior AI meaning that he has several flaws that other AI’s are nearly flawless.  But Alfred, he is perfect for me and my friends.  His flaws make him perfect.

         Over the course of his development, he did solve a lot of his problems, yet his reputation among his peers and his creators were that of disbelief and disappointment.  Everyone wanted to scrap him, but I gravitated towards him for some reason.  My friends say I am always the first one to help someone regardless of what species they are.  With AI, that is not the most popular thing to do because most everything “has” to be flawless about them; even the AI’s think they should be flawless.  They mainly think that way because the creators and programmers’ program them that way.  Alfred is one of a kind.  Whoever made him was also unique because his flaws seem to be intentionally programmed that way.  This is another thing that Alfred tries to figure out about himself.

         When it came time to pick an AI for my crew, I picked him.  It was like bringing home a pet that you hoped your family would allow you to keep, after you had several pets already.  Alfred is more than a companion, he is a friend.  I see the potential in people that others may over look, I see the potential in everything.  When someone thinks something will not work, I will try to make it work.  In some cases, this can get me into trouble as well as danger, but Alfred’s help and my crew’s help, we are a force to be reckoned with.  I just wish we could showcase it to be an example to all.

         Though Eyla and I did not have a place in mind, we usually gravitate towards I normal hangout outside our home, The Skyward Well.  It has everything anyone would want.  Most people here eat out anyway, we are some of the few who will eat at home.  But since there is now a galaxy full of autonomy, it is more convenient to go out to eat and have someone else cook your food.  The restaurant is due east of our house and on the main drag on the corner.  It is a smaller place than others, but is a popular hangout because of that for a lot of crews come here to unwind after a long day of mining.  The Skyward Well is also where we found Dreki and Vann.

         The building is on the first level and only has one level.  The whole building area is a hundred feet long and seventy-five feet wide.  Except for the main capital buildings which are unique in their design, the rest of the buildings are packed in quite close to each other as well as stacking on top of each other like simple rectangle scensoredcrapers towering over the city.  But the capital buildings are the tallest on the station with the political building being the tallest.

         Back to The Skyward Well, it is also a throwback restaurant.  Take the ancient malt shops of the twentieth century and mash it with a cyberpunk style and you have The Skyward Well.  The look of the malt shop but with the bright and bold design with neon colors and lights.  The dining area is half the restaurant to the left of the entrance with an arcade room to the right of the entrance.  There is a dance floor in front of the arcade room and to the right of the dining area.  The dance floor is not often used, for most just come here to eat, though the jukebox is always playing famous hits of the twentieth century with a remix flare.

         Eyla and I go over to the counter and sit down.

         The owner, who often doubles as the order man, came over.  He is a human, stout in stature, but tall, about six foot, four inches.  He is also Italian.  Any human, but only human, will find that a bit odd.  An Italian the runs a 1960s malt shop from America that has a cyberpunk style in the twenty-fourth century selling both malts and pizza.

         “Ah,” the owner declares with a thick Italian accent.  “It’s a my favorite customers, Mr. Karl and Miss Eyla.”

         “How’s it going, Ralph?” I ask the man.

         “With you two here, what could go wrong?” he laughs.  “Shall I get you two the usual?”

         Eyla replies, “Yes, please.”

         “Comin’ right up!” Ralph declares and then turns to yell back to the cook.  “One a pizza, half of its pepperoni with da cheese, the other sausage and pineapple.  One malt, chocolate and vanilla, two straws.”

         The AI replies with a woman’s voice, “Eh oh, coming right up!”

         I call back to her, “How’s it going Sally?”

         Sally comes over to the kitchen counter to talk through the window, she has a southern draw, “It is cookin’ alright.  How are you Eyla?”

         Eyla responds, “Couldn’t be better.  Though, grumpy face over here wants to see some action in the form of a mystery.”

         Sally, who is a normal AI with a body that is about six feet tall and the average features of a human woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, “I am sure something will come.  If not, you have company in the meantime.”  Sally proceeded to wink at me before going back to work.

         Eyla shook her head and looked to roll her eyes… I also saw a blush come across her face, but she tried to hide it by lower her head.  A few moments later we had our malt.  I got my vanilla side, she got her chocolate.

         Ralph commented, “Keep in mind, Karl, the way to a woman’s heart is to give her chocolate.” He winked, patted me on the shoulder, and then back into the kitchen, towel in hand, and then helps toss the pizza dough into the air to start the process of crafting the pizza.

         Over the course of the next hour, we drank our Malt and ate our pizza.  Though Eyla orders her pizza with pineapple, all she does is just eat the slices off the pizza and then eats the pizza.  She must just want a side of pineapples.

         The rest of our crew, Dreki, Vann, and Shamira soon came in to relax.  Dreki played some pinball in the arcade, Vann jammed out with the jukebox and his guitar, and Shamira ate her supper.  Eyla and I played some Lazerball and Table Hockey before going back to the counter to drink some pop.  I had Root Beer and Eyla had a Cream Soda.

         More crews came into The Well as the evening rotation rolled on, but a specific crew that I did not like came in as well.  They are a crew of humans that picked a motorcycle gang of all things to be the theme for their crew.  They wear the stereotypical gear that a group would have worn during the 1960s, leather jackets being the most prominent piece.  On the back of the jackets there is their clan symbol, a golden phoenix.  The crew walks around like they own everything in sight, yet do not treat it like they own it.

         On the other hand, in a sense they do own everything in sight.  The leader of the crew, his father, is one of the elders that run Arcadia Station.  Tommy, the name of the crew leader, does the exact opposite that his father tells him to do.  His father wants him to follow in his footsteps as a politician, be professional, and be of high regard.  The son rebels against the father and trailblazes his own path.  This creates a rift in the family that keeps widening the chasm between the father and son.  The mother did not make the trip as she had to stay on a climate that did not make her condition worse; she had to stay behind on earth.  But, she both wanted them to go, hoping that the adventure would bring the two of her boys together.  It has done everything but that.

         In Tommy’s crew he has all guys.  He himself is blonde haired and blue eyed.  Strutting over to the counter, Tommy slaps his right hand a few times on the tabletop and demands to be served.

         Ralph hesitantly comes out from the kitchen to take Tommy’s order; he orders a Root Beer Float.

         While Tommy waits, he notices me and Eyla.

         “Well,” he says in a mocking tone while sliding over to the seat on my right; Eyla is to my left.  “If it isn’t the best crew on the station.  I mean, they are the best crew on the station.  I know you are really busy, but could you solve me this mystery?”

         He taps me on the right arm with his hand on that side, “What good is a Mystery Expert when he has no mysteries to solve?”

         Tommy laughs and Ralph implores, “Knock it off.  Here is you’re a Root Beer Float”

         “It is true,” Tommy holds up his hands.  “It’s true and facts are facts.”

         Tommy leans back down next to me, starts to drink his float.

         Talking with his mouth full of ice cream, he continues, “I mean, if you are here to be a Mystery Expert and there are no mysteries to solve and even if you also a Language Expert, the only language we have seen out here is our own.  No ancient language or hostile enemies to be seen.  When push comes to shove… You are pretty useless Karl.”

         The dinner had gotten quiet after that.  Tommy begins to repeat what he just said loud enough to demand an audience.  Eyla’s pulling on my left arm and wondering if I am going to put up with Tommy’s remarks.  I just sit still, not saying a word and drinking my own drink.

         Tommy continues, “But I will keep this between you and me.  Your friends, we all know they were the last ones left and you barely got in as a crew.  With your useless skills, you probably would have been better off just being a citizen.  Though, even then, you’d still be useless.”

         “Pipe down, pip squeak!” demands Eyla.

         I grab her right arm with my left hand and try to restrain her.

         Tommy finishes the rest of his drink, leaving the ice cream for a minute, “That’s right sister.  Listen to your boy.  He knows best.  After all, he did recruit a broken AI, an ex-black hat hacker, an arsonist, former card shark, and a girl who has more animal friends than she does actual friends!”

         All along, I knew Tommy was trying to get me to react to his comments and start a fight.  He wants me to throw the first punch to say it was my fault.  I will still give him what he wants, but first…

         “Oh, you seem to have not finished your float all the way,” I state, picking up his drink and dumping it in his lap.  Tommy jumps back, wiping the ice cream off his suit.  “Oh, come on, it is just ice cream.  It won’t stain… Not as bad as the stain you are to your family.”

         Tommy froze and slowly looked up at me.  Others around me knew what is about to go on and slowly backed away, including Eyla and Ralph.

         “That’s right, Tommy,” I nod.  “You are a stain to your family that has only gotten worse with age.  Though your father technically owns everything, the only thing you own is a family name you pander off as if you made it what it is.”

         Tommy is at the boiling point, I push him over, “While those things you said are true, they don’t matter in the sense you are portraying them as.  My crew and I are the best crew on the station, and you know it.  We have mined the most Atmos of any crew, explored the most islands, made the most discoveries, and yes, are better than you and your crew.  You are nothing but a know it all brat who thinks he can get away with anything and will force your way on anyone!”

         Tommy throws a right cross that lands!

         It was a good punch, so much so that it knocked me down.

         “NOW STAY DOWN!” Tommy demands.

         I take my right thumb to wipe some blood coming off my lip, then I start to get up.

         “You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” Tommy questions as he prepares to hit me down again.

         “I am a viking,” I smile.  “I have stubbornness issues.”  Instead of trying to fight him there, I abruptly censored rush him, tackling him to the floor, and I call out, “I can do this all day.”

         After that, a fight breaks out between my crew and his.  The only one loving this is Dreki, everyone else is merely trying to survive.  Only a few minutes go by before the entire restaurant is filled with an all-out brawl among everyone!

         Tommy and I crash into tables and chairs, knocking some over, breaking others.  Throwing Tommy to the side, I stand up to block a random alien’s right cross with my left arm.  I then send a haymaker to the alien’s jaw, making him fall backwards on to its back.

         Sound of glass breaking behind me!  Whirling around, I see Eyla breaking a bottle over the head of one of Tommy’s crew.

         “Subtle, Karl,” Eyla grins.  “Real subtle.”

         Vann adds as he gets pushed back from an AI male, “This is not what I expected from the way you handle things.”

         “Hey,” I respond.  “He threw the first punch.”

         Dreki flies over and runs over the AI going after Vann, Dreki adds, “But you had to coax him to do it… I love it!”

         A few minutes more and then someone yelled the authorities are coming.  As if the parent was coming to discipline their children, we all like siblings hurriedly tried to straighten everything up as it should be and sat down just as a human patrol of four officers entered the establishment with their batons in hand.

         Things are noticeably messy, so hopefully the authorities will not think much of it.  Tommy, Eyla, and I went back to our original places where we sat.  The captain asks Ralph what the mess is about, Ralph replies that they were just getting around the clean up the mess.  After saying that, Ralph eyes Tommy and his crew but also glances at me and my crew.  Ralph enlists Sally to start cleaning it up right away.  Once the authorities had looked around, not saying a word, they seem satisfied.  But as they were exiting the premises, a few of them said some mocking things about Sally and AI’s in general making a mess of things, not referring to the mess in here.  I started to get up, but Ralph, who had gone back behind the counter, grabbed my left wrist and kept me from going.

         The authorities are well on their way to their station and so Tommy came back over, “You even have to let someone else to keep you back.  Better get that anger under control.”

         I look back at Ralph and is about to ask him to kindly remove his hands so I could knock Tommy back to earth, however, Ralph demands, “Both of you stop!!”  When Ralph gets serious, his accent is barely noticeable.  “I have had just about enough of you two going at it.  Both of you could do so much more if you could get along.”  Ralph shakes his head and Tommy looks justified, folding his arms.  Ralph continues, “Though you both had a hand in it, you started it Tommy.”

         Tommy unfolds his arms and is about to return some comment back to Ralph.  Tommy stops, flings his right arm and exclaims, “Pfft!  You’re not worth it.”  Tommy leans slightly down and forcibly pokes me in the right shoulder, “This isn’t over.  We’ll be seeing you around.”

         I just stare down at my empty plate of what used to be pizza.

         Ralph sighs again, but in relief, “Karl, you are a good a kid.  Don’t a let that no-good Tommy get in your head.”

         “It’s hard sometimes,” I release.  “I want to help everyone, but when I try to help those around me, I get myself in trouble.  Then if I am in trouble then I can’t help my friends.  So, I try to play it cool and do what I do best.  I did make Tommy take the first move.”

         “I did see that,” Ralph puts his hands on his side, then shakes his finger at me.  “But you didn’t help any.”

         Eyla then replies, “We probably all could have helped some more.”

         Dreki chuckles, “Yeah, I could hit the guy a little harder.”

         Vann jabs his elbow in Dreki, Vann shakes his head.

         Taking in a deep breath, I stand up, pay for the meal, and ask, “How much for the damages?”

         The owner smiles and replies, “Nothing, I needed a new stuff anyway.”

         Sally came out from the back to stand next to Ralph, she says, “There’s plenty of people that don’t like AI’s and merely put up with them.  It doesn’t help that most AI’s are too ‘high on their horse’ as your people used to say.  It is all good.  Because there are also plenty of people that like AI’s too.  But thanks, nonetheless.  And for the mess…”

         Sally closed her eyes, making a few calculations, and… All the furniture suddenly materialized into new tables, chairs, and the like!  It was like a transporter from many of the old science fiction television shows.  While transporters are used now, for such things as this, with the discovery of portals and the ability to harness them, we use them.  Transporters are for objects while portals with any thing that is self-aware, to be politically correct.

         Also, transporters are only a few seconds and portals are nearly instantaneous over short distances.  Tweaking the portals, they can be stacked a few times to travel over great distances to several lightyears away, even across an entire galaxy.  All that one has to do is to plot the destination in their mount or vehicle and the portal will do the rest.  Transporters have everything to do with math and calculations while portals deal in just points of space.  Transporters are very finicky and can still malfunction, that is why we left them up to the AI’s.  Portals have never failed, as soon as we figured out how to use them though.

         Ralph just looked at Sally, “You didn’t have too.”

         Sally starts to go back to the kitchen, “I know, that’s why I did it.  Eyla, take care of your man.”  She then winks.

         My crew and I walk out, returning to our home.  Once out, I offer my right arm to Eyla, who then reaches around it and holds on.  Not much was said on the way, none of us were down… Because we were talking about what a fight that was.

         “Welcome home, Master Karl and extinguished crew members,” Alfred greets.

         Dreki chuckles, “Too bad we did not have an extinguisher there.”

         Quickly reporting on what happen, Alfred then said, “While I am sure you would want to relay to me with tales of the grand fight, you all look tired, you’ve all had a long day, you should all just go bed.”

         “You know us too well, Alfred,” I answer.  “Thank you.”

         “No problem, Master Karl,” Alfred stated… Then sighed.  “I’ll just be in the house… Alone… By myself… I’m kidding.  Goodnight Master Karl.”

         “Goodnight Alfred,” I say.  “Goodnight Eyla.”

         “Goodnight Karl,” Eyla returns.  “Goodnight Alfred.”

         “Goodnight Miss Eyla,” continues Alfred.  “Goodnight Master Vann.”

         “Goodnight Alfred,” Van replies, shutting his door.

         “Huh,” Alfred adds.  “It was his serve… Goodnight Master Karl… Wait, I already said that… Uh… Oh, yes… Goodnight Miss Shamira.”

         Shamira shakes her head and calls out as she goes into her room, “Goodnight Alfred.”

         “Hmm,” Alfred sighs again.  “Am I just shooting aces now or is some there something wrong with my delivery?  Goodnight Dre-.”

         “I ain’t doing this again,” Dreki thumps his door closed.

         I just shake my head and say, “Goodnight everyone.”

         “Who’s everyone?” Alfred asks.

         “Just go to sleep,” I laugh.

         “AI’s don’t go to sleep, as you humans would think of sleep,” Alfred starts debating.  “But I can see that you are in no condition for an exhilarating discussion, so I will go into low-power mode.”

         Laying down on my bed, I turn on the sleeping shield that block out any outside noise.  Looking up, I select the setting of a clear, night sky in the western plains of the United States back on earth.

         Hearing the outdoor sounds of what it would be like there with the rustling of the grass, occasional cricket and owl sounds, I think to myself, “What a crew.”

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Lack-ing compassion...and Pizza.


Nice chapter.  I'm glad to see that, in your future, there's still pizza and memes.  All is right with the world.


Heads up, there are two censored words and one or two misspellings.  Unfortunately, I can't point them out since I read this in multiple sittings.


I have a list of questions; some for fun, some for actual info.


1.  You mention that some songs from our age are still being played in the future, but in Remix versions.  Are there any songs from our time that future generations decided not to Remix because they are just too good already?


2.  If this story went by D&D standereds, what would all the main characters' classes be?  (Bard, Brawler, Ranger, and so on.)


3.  On the same line, what are their alignments?  (Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Good, so on)

(Note: I don't even play D&D)


4.  If Jarl and Karl got into a full on fight to the d.eath, who would win?  


Thanks and happy writing!







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Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


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The mathematician needs glasses. He keeps saying "Pi R Squared."

Pizza and Memes will outlive us all.  I would say Twinkies, but as Hurly would say (from lost), they are good for hundreds of years, but Twinkies now days are not the same as they used to be.  So, maybe only at most a hundred years.  XD


Alright, thanks, I will come back and check.  What do you mean misspellings?  The misspellings are apart of my style… *clears throat* I mean… I will check those as well.


1. Yes.  I love the malt shop songs of the 50s and 60s.  A lot of those songs, I believe, will stand the test of time.  The swing songs of the era are coming back today in the form of Electro Swing.  I have a whole playlist of Electro Swing songs with a few Remix Electro Swing Songs.  Anything from Jamie Berry, Gavin Luke, or Jules Gaia are pretty much awesome songs.


2. Karl is an Archer.  Eyla is a Ranger and Duelist.  Dreki is a Heavy.  Vann is Ranger and Bard.  Shamira is a Support.

I have played a few sessions of DnD, but I don’t know the classes either.  Although, I have played a few true Role Playing MMOs.


3. Karl is Neutral Good.  Eyla is Neutral Good.  Dreki is lawfully bad, in the sense that he has a short fuse and quick to anger.  But with the help of the rest of the crew, Dreki is bad at being good but worse at being bad… He just gets into trouble a lot.  He would defend his friends at any cost, but isn’t completely reckless… Or reckful… ;)  But if his enemies will try to kill him, they are as good as gone.  Vann is just cool… XD   So, Neutral through and through, I guess.  Shamira is lawfully good.


4. Annabeth/Eyla




What would the terms of the fight be because Karl has advanced technology with a jet pack, a sentient AI, a bow that can shoot arrows a lot farther than a normal bow, arrows of all types, and a sentient mount that is half robot and half organic.  Basically, on the terms of weapons and gear only, Karl is Hawkeye and Iron Man put together.  Jarl is just Jarl with a dragon that shoots sound waves.


Karl:  I am basically Hulk to you.  What do you have on me?


Jarl: Annabeth.  But seriously speaking, I have 6 books, currently a 7th in the works, planning for an 8th book, character development… And I already asked my girl to marry me.


But to seriously answer your question, they would first figure out why they have to fight each other.  Once they figure out that mystery, then they would fight, but not to the death.  They could do much more if both were alive.  But if it was for a competition and to have both on equal level and ground, if it was a fifteen-round fight, it would go all fifteen rounds.  Karl has age and muscle on him.  But Jarl has knowledge of every move he would make because in the battling sense, they are the same character.


If it were only one fight and this is frankly what I simply thought about when thinking about your question the first time, Karl would win.

If it were a series, best out of three, Jarl would win.  Karl would win the first one, it would be close but Karl would win.  Jarl would win the second one, but it would be extremely close.  Then Jarl would win the final one.  It would be close until the end, as much the first one played out, but Jarl would win sooner than Karl did the first time.


Thanks, and same to you… if you are writing… Because it wouldn’t make sense if you weren’t.  XD