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how to upload photo can you give the tutorial ???


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I'll see if I can explain this clearly enough.


If you want to upload images directly to this site, there is a way to do it beneath where you type out your messages. It doesn't always appear though, so I don't find it very reliable.


The other means of doing this is by uploading the image to an image-hosting website. For example, I use Photobucket for my icons and such that I post here. Anyway, after uploading onto such a site, it will create a URL that you can then use to Copy/Paste onto another site such as this one. Within the little options panel above where you type your posts, there should be a little icon that resembles a square with an image inside (if you hover you mouse over it, it should say Image). When you click on it, a seperate window will pop up titled Image Properties. In the URL section, you Paste the copied URL from another site and then click OK. It should then place the respective image within your post so that you may arrange/scale it however you deem necessary.


I hope this helps!


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