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soo hi guys yesterday i read this topic about httyd 3 :

and sleep and when i woke up for school for the first time i was thinking of httyd 3 ending and here is my thoughts :

that hiccup found night furies and toothless was very happy but in the ending they was going and hiccup say : go it ok and (  Thanks Buddy, See You in the Vahalla.) and he goes 

2- all the dragons Disappeared and hiccup trying to know what happend to them and after years Lost hope finding the mystery of the dragons Disappear and he just said ; There were dragons when i was a boy ....

please share ur opnion





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dont worry toothless :)

leave him alone :-)





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My hopes are that no matter what, toothless lives. I don't care that much about Vikings but all I care about is toothless survives the 3rd film :3


((yes, it may sound like I hate hiccup and every Viking on berk, but I just have more interest in toothless/other night furies))



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like me all i want is toothless alive


and i added one more thing 

3-all the dragons die

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my thoughts

Heres my opinion..

1. Idk if that soundtrack was real, and if is real i read it was intended to be in HTTYD 2 but was cut, so it couldve been met for Stoicks death rather then Toothless, but then again Hiccup is always seen calling Toothless bud or Buddy.


2. I dont believe Toothless is gonna die. i believe they stated HTTYD 3 was less dark then HTTYD 2, but still have the darkness there but not so...bad i suppose. Now back to Toothless and Hiccup, I dont believe either will die, i believe Nightfuries will be found. Hust because Toothless is seen as the last doesnt mean he is, it possible further out beyond Berk are more furries, remember Berk is NOT the only place where dragons can thrive. Prehaps the furies are hiding from something that is killing them, and one day while on the move a storm came in and its possible toothless was seperated from his group, its known in ROB/DOB that Toothless did fear lightning for a short time, irony at its best, and he fled to Berk for safety, its known that the Red Death couldnt control him, to the night Hiccup shot him down is possible that he was fending for himself to get a meal. Its possible when they met said nightfuries, Hiccup recreates the Gift of the Fury Tail for him to fly on his own and simply tells toothless to stay with his family to make him happy again, and like Astrid said in HTTYD2"Id have to fly toothless more cause you'll be busy being chief" its possible both are busy and Toothless just wants to fly free as he does get irratible being on the ground too long.


3. All Dragons disappear. Like Birds that Migrate in my opinion. The condition on Berk isnt the best, its possible food runs out or they simply was their time to go. As sad as it sounds its possible the Dragons simply said their goodbyes and left migrating to more better suitable places, and Hiccup could easily think the dragons died off because he cant reach them because he no longer has Toothless. It is on his deathbed, because hes old, that he simply states see you in Valhalla Buddy because he know Toothless wouldve outlived him no matter what and its possible Hiccup wouldve wanted Toothless free rather then have Toothless witness his best friends health slowly decline. The Dragons migrational pattern, and im not talking about their breeding one where they go the dragon island to lay eggs, could be a long one, by the time Dragons return to Berk it could be hundreds of years because they could be either Island Hopping for food on the go, or flying around the world a few times, and in the end its possible they come back to Berk it could be Berk in a state of decay or in a state of great health, no matter what its possible when the dragons return, if they even do, Hiccup might have a kid thatll be willing to pull out the old dragon riding legacy to another couple of years before that cheiftain passes on to the next and so on and so forth. So in easy words..the dragons moved on for better conditions...hiccup waits years and years for a sign or something...nothing comes he assumes the worse,


thats my opinion its probably wrong, though it will break hearts of Many. I also dont think there will be a HTTYD4.


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