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How to train your dragon 3 is coming either next year, 2015 or 2016. Apparently they are planning to tie up the endings of the book and the movie, sadly in the book... All the dragons dissapear :(

This soundtrack was recently found called "Thanks Buddy, See you in the Valhallas"


it is a really sad sounding soundtrack...

my theories on the ending:

Hiccup will no longer have time for toothless and feels its best to let him go

They will find an island full of Night Furies and toothless will be released there

Hiccup will hidesaving toothless/toothless will hidesaving hiccup

All dragons will leave forever and go in to hiding 

Something will kill them all


Toothless may get a new tail allowing him to fly on his own just like in gift of the night fury


I don't know about all of you but I'd rather have a really good but sad ending than a rubbish or really cheesy happy one.


If they do decide on ending the movies, I hope they will continue making the Series or something.


what I am worried about is How to train your dragon dying a death and nobody will like it anymore :c


Feel free to post your theories or info you find or anything :D


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I am 99.9999999% sure that

I am 99.9999999% sure that that music is fanmade. The score is the last thing added to a movie and since HTTYD 3 is not finished + won't be for a while, John Powell wouldn't have made the music already. Also that title would be a huge spoiler, the writers would not want something like that to be spoiled this early. 


Also the release date of HTTYD3 was pushed back from June 17th 2016 (the same day Finding Dory is going to be released) to June 9th 2017. Rumor is they changed it because of Finding Dory but Dean Deblois recently said they need more time to make it perfect and 2016 would be too soon. I don't mind the change since it will be a shorter wait than the wait for HTTYD 2 was!  Also he said that HTTYD 3 will be more centered around Toothless and other dragons. And apparently it won't be as dark as HTTYD 2 (so maybe no major deaths?).  I can't wait for it and have faith that the writers will make a beautiful movie.


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I think you're on to something

I'm sure the ending will be sad for us fans.  No one likes to see a story end.  Anyway, I liked what you said. :)


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Another issue with this post:

Another issue with this post: It will be release, according to Dean Deblois himself, in 2017. Spring sometime, I think. Or summer. Might be later. I recall somewhere he mentioned an exclusive idea he had when it came to the trilogy's completion: Hiccup, Astrid, and the others standing on a cliff looking out over the vast ocean and Jay Burchell voicing over saying "There were dragons when I was a boy..."


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Theres no chance Hiccup dies

Theres no chance Hiccup dies because in the books he is an old man retelling his adventures - unless they speed up time or something, or decide to go completely against the book, we will not be seeing him perish.

    Toothless on the other hand....yeah there is the possibility, but I extremely highly doubt he will die. Its a children's movie, they aren't going to kill him off unless they want to scar them for eternity. XD (kids balled bad enough from the second movie)


I think if anything, we will see Hiccup and Toothless part ways, and most likely it will be due to the discovery of other Nightfuries who possibly will be in danger. We do know from the books, that dragons become more scarce in the world of Berk. The author did this to make the books more realistic - to make children wonder if the world of Berk was real, or if dragons really existed long ago.


It will be sad - but it will be a good way to end the triology.



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“I saw Dean in Cannes, we had a premiere of the film there, and he was very merry and a bit drunk and he sort of knew about [How to Train Your Dragon 3] and I think it was mentioned to him by Jeffrey that maybe they would do ’4.’ And that was definitely, I think, a real kind of eye-opener for Dean and for me because it’s like, ‘Hey, I thought this was a trilogy?’ (Laughs.) So I don’t know, and it might be good because he’s got a lot of story left to tell, so maybe splitting it into two will work, but I just don’t know about that yet. I’m supposing that at the moment, Dean has an idea for the third one and he isn’t telling any of us yet.”
"...I think what I was really inspired by was Cressida [Cowell]’s ambition to explain what happened to dragons and why we live in a world where they no longer exist. I think it adds a little bit of credibility to them to try to explain that. Did they hideout? Did they go into hiding? Did they disappear? What happened? I love the mystery of that and I love the ambition of it. When I think about it, when I think about Hiccup as this grown Viking chief standing on a cliff surrounded by Astrid and everybody else and they’re now staring out over a horizon that’s no longer teeming with dragons. Over that, you hear the opening lines of Cressida’s first book... 'There were dragons when I was a boy'..."


"It's part of Hiccup's continuing his coming of age... getting to that point where he's the wise viking chief, but standing on his own in the end. I love stories where characters cross paths and they impact each other's lives in magnificent ways but then inevitably need to peel apart again... and there's a bittersweetness to that, but it's also very reflective of life." 
Although DeBlois makes no direct reference to Toothless, his words can be interpreted to mean that Hiccup's companion is not present at the end. Does he suffer the same fate as the other dragons? Does he die? Is he forced to part with Hiccup for some other reason? We're not sure what Cressida Cowell has in store for Toothless, since the book series is not yet complete.
Sadly, it seems like the most popular way to handle a close friendship in film and literature is by breaking it apart at the end. Writers and filmmakers often use the ending of a friendship as a way to force the growth of the protagonist. Many examples can be found in children's literature and films. It is especially common when the protagonist's best friend is non-human (a dragon, alien creature, robot, wild horse, loyal dog, etc.). Other popular dragon films, including Pete's Dragon and Dragonheart, have featured variations of this ending. Many children's books and films such as The Water Horse, The Black Stallion Returns, E.T. The Extraterrestrial, The Iron Giant, and more have also had similar endings.  While these endings can very emotional and touching, they are also getting a bit cliche.
It doesn't have to be that way. The first two HTTYD films had original, touching endings with plenty of character growth, while keeping the bond of Hiccup and Toothless intact. It's because of their bond with each other that both characters were able to grow into who they are today. The films have always stressed that the two complete each other and are stronger together, so we feel there is no logical reason to break that special, symbiotic bond, no matter how satisfying it may seem from a Hiccup-growth perspective. We don't think fans want an ending where Hiccup is alone, and we don't believe Toothless should be considered more disposable than Hiccup. DreamWorks has the talent to create a satisfying ending without sacrificing Toothless, who many fans view as just as important as Hiccup.


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More Possible Plots
Toothless Finds Another Night Fury
During The Events Of The Second Film, Hiccup And Toothless Are Dragged To A Strangely Constructed Ice Cave In The Middle Of The Ocean By A Mysterious Dragon Rider That Is Revealed To Be Hiccup's Mother, Valka. The Cave Is A Sanctuary For Dragons, And Is Home To Thousands Of Dragons Of All Species, But Even With The Sheer Number Of Creatures Inhabiting The Space, Valka Tells Hiccup That She Believes Toothless To Be The Last Night Fury In Existence. The Idea Of Toothless Being The Last Of His Kind Is Brought Up So Frequently Throughout How To Train Your Dragon 2, We Figured A Subplot Featuring The Lost Species Of Dragon Would Materialize At Some Point During The Film, But The Credits Rolled Without A Night Fury In Sight. We're Guessing The Filmmakers Are Saving The Idea Of Another Night Fury For The Third Film.
Hiccup Struggles To Become A Good Chief
A Major Theme Of How To Train Your Dragon 2 Is The Notion Of Responsibility, And Hiccup Spends Much Of The Movie 
Dodging His Responsibilities As Heir To The Throne Of Berk. But After His Father's Untimely Death (At The Hands Of Toothless, No Less), The Role Of Chief Is Thrust Upon Him And Hiccup Has To Step Up And Defend His People. Hiccup Performs Admirably In His Battle Against Bludvist And The Alpha Dragon, But There's A Lot More To Being Chief Than Just Flying And Fighting. There's So Much Responsibility Involved With Running And Managing An Entire Village, And Hiccup Definitely Wouldn't Have The Time To Leisurely Fly Around With Toothless. It Would Be Cool To See The Young Leader Struggle With His New Duties As Chief In A Third Film.
Too Many Dragons In Berk
The Events Of
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Introduces What Looks To Be Thousands Of Extra Dragons To Berk, A Village Where The Inhabitants Were Already Up To Their Eyeballs In The Creatures. Is Dragon Overpopulation A Thing? It Would Be Interesting To See If The Next Film Addresses The Possibility That There Might Be Too Many Dragons Crawling Around Berk For Comfort. Maybe An Expedition Where Toothless Finds A New Home For All The Extra Dragons Would Be A Cool Little Diversion For The Sequel.
Toothless The Alpha Dragon
Toothless Bests Bludvist's Alpha Dragon And Becomes The New Alpha, But We're Not Sure What That Means For Toothless And The Other Dragons In Berk. Does Toothless Now Have The Ability To Control The Other Dragons Like The Old Alpha Could? And Could There Be Other Contenders Waiting In The Wings To Take The Tittle Away From Our Favorite Dragon? 
Hiccup's Relationship With His Mother
During The Film, Hiccup's Mother Valka, Thought To Be Long Dead, Is Revealed To Be Alive And Has Spent The Past 20 Years Rescuing And Caring For Lost Dragons. Once Valka Is Reunited With Her Family, She Is Prepared To Go Back To Berk, But She Isn't Keen On The Idea Right Away. Valka Has To Be Convinced To Return To The Village, Thinking Her Place In The World Is Out On The Skies, Saving Dragons. What If The Next Sequel Deals With Valka Wishing To Return To Her Old Life While Hiccup Wants Her To Stay In Berk To Support Him As Chief?
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hm this is a really difficult guess to me, but I am not very into the saying that more night furies are found that caused Toothless to separate from Hiccup or die. 


After watching the two films for so many times, and reading the books, my guess is that in the third movie could be very much alike the original story. 


For the time between 2nd and last movie, as Chief Hiccup confronts many different tribes or even Romans and shared his knowledge about how to train dragons with them.  Sadly, bad guys started manipulating and slaving dragons to do many bad things (probably at the begining of the last movie). As Valka said, when good dragons are being controlled by bad guys, they will do bad things. By time more and more dragons are becoming bad and finally war broke out (either between Romans and Vikings or Dragons to Human). When Hiccup and Toothless tried to stop the war, they got defeated or exilled or captured. Bad guys and bad dragons are taking control over the Archipelo (forgot the correct spelling Orz), with Hiccup saying "This is not the end, I will be back" just as the he did in the book.


While Hiccup and Toothless are struggling for a fight back, or at least trying to take control of the situation, they finally discovered the mystery of Night Furies, and why Toothless is the only one left. I guess it is also something related to war. Maybe Night Furies are those who lead the war against human? Or are they being manipulated by bad guys as alpha to control other dragons? Maybe Hiccup also learnt about the other 2 Hiccup Horrendous Haddock? (He is the Third so there must have been two other Hiccup before). I guess the other two Hiccup must be related to the wars in the past and those night furies too. Hiccup and Toothless finally understand how special they are and their ancesters have been. They have the unique responsibility to stop this war. (Afterall it is Hiccup who indirectly caused these by teaching the wrong people how to train dragons) They know that the war can be and only be stopped by Hiccup and Toothless. 


After a lot of hardship and fight, maybe Toothless summoned ancestral dragons to stop everyone from fighting, in exchange Toothless and other dragons must be separated from human world forever until human learnt to be kind enough. Hiccup and Toothless resisted at first, but they know this is their last resort. Therefore they relucantly agreeed. Upon stoping the war, Hiccup and Toothless saw countless human and dragons suffered and died in this war and understand that both dragons and human are not really ready to live together yet. At last, Toothless, as the leader of all dragons now, lead the dragons to their mystery world, in which they stayed dormant there or at least live there peacefully, waiting for human to learn to be kind. Here comes the most touching scene that everyone stand beside the cliff, watching their dragons leaving, and Hiccup's voice saying "There was dragons when I was a boy".


Just my random guess XD Honestly speaking, when I first knew that dragon and human will be separating (at least in book series, I really cannot accept this fact T_T. However, upon reading the series, I just have the feeling that it has to be so (please don't be angry with me T_T I don't want it too but I feel like this is the most natural way to end the story T_T).  Afterall, in the first movie, human finally understand Dragons, not fighting with them; in the second movie, people are living with Dragons, but bad things and troubles started to occur; maybe in the last movie, human has to find a way that both species can live peacefully, a temperal separation?  separating forever? We don't know yet.


Don't be sad just yet;) Afterall the last book has not been finished, everything is possible. Maybe right after Hiccup finished his memorial, he spotted Toothless, and followed Toothless to Toothless' world in which they can finally be together forever (in other words they enter Valhala forever) Who knows? XD


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We will totally just have to wait and see. No matter what the ending is I bet they will produce an amazing, fun to watch movie c':